Meet AOMG’s Charismatic Rapper and ‘Show Me the Money 6’ Contestant Woo Won-jae

Not Only He is Charismatic but Rapper Woo Won-jae Can Also Steal Your Heart!

Woo Won-jae is a rapper from South Korea who made an appearance in season 6 of Show Me The Money as a contestant and gained a lot of popularity after that. Later, after the show, more precisely in October 2017, he signed with the label AOMG, the same label that represents Jay Park, Simon D, Loco, Gray, Ugly Duck, etc. He also released a single album, titled Anxiety, not long after signing with the agency. Let’s get to know Woo Won-jae from season 6 of Show Me The Money better!

Woo Won-jae’s Profile and Facts

Real name: Woo Won-jae (우원재)

Nickname: Woo (우)/Munch (뭉크)

Date of Birth: December 23rd, 1996

Height: 169 cm

Education: Hongik University

Label: AOMG

Instagram: @munchinthepool

Interesting Facts:

  • He participated in season 6 of Show Me The Money and ranked third.
  • He’s currently dating someone and his fans know about it.
  • He’s part of a Korean street art crew called Plutonic Seoul.
  • He’s got a lot of tattoos on his body.
  • He appeared on the KBS variety show titled It’s Dangerous Beyond the Blanket with Kang Daniel and Mark of NCT.

Woo Won-jae’s Discography

Extended Plays


  • We Are/시차 (2017)

  • Loop (2017)

  • Paranoid (2017)

  • Balance (2018)
    • With Loco, prod. by Code Kunst

  • Cash (2018)


  • Mirror/거울 (2017)
    • Black Nine feat. Woo Won-jae, Ann One

  • Run It
    • Jay Park (feat Woo Won-jae and Jessi)

  • Not At All (Prod. by Groovy Room)
    • VINXEN feat Woo Won-jae

  • Unbreakable
    • Swings feat Woo Won-jae

  • Venus
    • Ja Mezz (feat Woo Won-jae, MRSHLL)

  • Bastard (후레자식)
    • Giriboy feat. Woo Won-jae

  • How Do You Feel/그대들은 어떤 기분이신가요 (2018)
    • VINXEN feat. Woo Won-jae

    • NO:EL feat. Woo Won-jae

    • Code Kunst feat. Loco, Woo Won-jae

  • 11
    • Code Kunst feat. Woo Won-jae

  • Mully/멀리
    • The Quiett feat. Hash Swan and Woo Won-jae

  • Hate You (Prod. Code Kunst)
    • pH-1 feat. Woo Won-jae


  • Nostalgia (Prod. by Woogie) (Prison Playbook OST)

Wo Won-jae in Show Me The Money

Woo Won-jae was a contestant in season 6 of Show Me The Money, in 2017. He went to the open audition with a beanie and a backpack on his back, his style was pretty much that of a student. But he succeeded to impress the judges with his raw rapping style. His beanie then became a signature of his style in the show since he always wore it.

At the end of the show, he finished on the 2nd runner-up or position (third place). This means that he did an amazing job at every performance he made on-stage for the show. Let’s see some of his performances!

  • Chopstick (젓가락)
    • With Maniac, Black Nine, Asol feat. Tiger JK, Bizzy, Ann One.

  • Again (또)
    • feat. Tiger JK, Bizzy, MRSHLL

  • ZINZA (진자)
    • feat. YDG and Suran


Woo Won-jae’s Awards and nominations


  • Korean Hip-Hop Awards
    • Category: Hip-Hop Track of the Year
    • Song: “We Are” (시차)
      feat. Loco, Gray
    • Year: 2018
  • 7th Gaon Chart Music Awards
    • Category: New Artist of the Year (Song)
    • Song: “We Are” (시차)
      feat. Loco, Gray
    • Year: 2018
  • 15th Korean Music Awards
    • Category: Best Rap and Hip-Hop Song
    • Song: “We Are” (시차)
      feat. Loco, Gray
    • Year: 2018


  • 19th Mnet Asian Music Awards
    • Category: Best Hip-Hop & Urban Music
    • Song: “We Are” (시차)
      feat. Loco, Gray
    • Year: 2017
  • 9th Melon Music Awards
    • Category: Top 10 Artists, Best New Artist, Kakao Hot Star Award, Best Rap/Hip-Hop
    • Song: “We Are” (시차)
      feat. Loco, Gray
    • Year: 2017
  • 32nd Golden Disc Awards
    • Category: Top 10 Artists, Best New Artist, Kakao Hot Star Award, Best Rap/Hip Hop
    • Song: “We Are” (시차)
      feat. Loco, Gray
    • Year: 2017
  • 27th Seoul Music Awards
    • Category: New Artist Award, Popularity Award, Hallyu Special Award
    • Song: “We Are” (시차)
      feat. Loco, Gray
    • Year: 2017
  • 7th Gaon Chart Music Awards
    • Category: Song of the Year – September
    • Song: “We Are” (시차)
      feat. Loco, Gray
    • Year: 2017
  • 15th Korean Music Awards
    • Category: Rookie of the Year, Song of the Year
    • Song: “We Are” (시차)
      feat. Loco, Gray
    • Year: 2017


After seeing the entirety of his work, from extended plays to single albums, let’s see how well he raps in a live concert.

He performed at the Song For You event on November 24th, 2017, where the concert was held in Yeonsoo Art Hall. Look at his awesome performance!

Aside from performing at the event, he has also performed on some concerts featuring many other artists.

He was featured on Korean singer, VINXEN’s 2nd solo concert on October 27th, 2018. The concert was held in Blue Square Eye Market Hall in Yongsan-gu.

He was also featured in AOMG x Gray x LOCO x Woo Won-jae x DJ Pumpkin in London.

Woo Won-jae’s Tattoos

Woo Won-jae has a lot of tattoos on his body. Almost every part of his body is completely covered with tattoos. He has got a tattoo on his neck, on his hand, on his arm, and more.

The photo above shows his hand tattoo which is really popular because it can be seen whenever he raps or holds a mic.

He has a tattoo on his neck, made by the tattoo artist Dok-go or @Dokgoloco on Instagram. The same tattoo artist who also made the tattoos for Zelo, Dean, and other celebrities. Dok-go shared the raw design of Woo Won-jae’s neck tattoo on his Instagram account, along with the design of Dean’s tattoo.

It looks like a nerve drawing at first, but if you take a closer look, it is actually a thorn. And it looks very beautiful on Woo Won-jae’s neck.

Woo Won-jae’s Girlfriend

Unlike other artists, who usually keep their romantic relationships private, Woo Won-jae has actually talked about his girlfriend, while being a guest on the variety program titled Radio Star on MBC. He admitted that he has a girlfriend at the moment. He was asked whether he had a girlfriend or not in the past, but he denied it saying that he and his girlfriend actually had problems and had broken up in the past. But then, they made up and the relationship is going well now, which is why he revealed publicly, on TV, that he’s dating someone right now.

Seeing his great courage, the MCs were wondering whether it’s alright or not for him to publicly announce that he has a girlfriend since usually, fans are against it. But Woo Won-jae said that it’s better to be open up about it rather than lying to his fans. This way, he won over fans’ hearts and they keep supporting him even though he hasn’t revealed who the person he is dating is.

Woo Won-jae’s Instagram

He shared moments of him and his friends in Tokyo.

Woo Won-jae posing for a magazine? Woo Won-jae as a model? He nailed it!

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ㅋㅋㅋㅋ^_^~ @ellekorea

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He asked fans about what’s their favorite song from his latest album, af.

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What’s your fav song from my album [af] ?

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If you want to get to know more about him and see more posts of him on Instagram, just follow his real account, @munchinthepool!

Woo Won-jae’s Latest News

Recently, Woo Won-jae released a song called “A Fence” and uploaded the official MV to the AOMG official YouTube channel.

He was also nominated at the Korean Music Awards in the Best Hip-hop Track category with the song titled “We Are” feat. Loco and Gray. Other nominated rappers are Jay Park with the song titled “V,” Loco feat. Colde with the song titled “It Takes Time,” Simon Dominic feat. JINBO the super freak with the song titled “Home Shit Home,” and Zico feat. IU with the song titled “SoulMate.”