Did AOA Yuna Undergo Plastic Surgery? Before and After Debut Comparison


AOA Seo Yuna Plastic Surgery

Seo Yuna, famously known as Yuna, is a member of AOA and its sub-units, AOA Black and AOA Cream. She was born in Busan on December 30, 1992. When she was 18, she traveled from Busan to Seoul to pursue her singing career. She transferred schools and lived in her uncle’s place, so she could practice singing, dancing, and music. She mastered piano and keyboard in her training with FNC Entertainment.

With the rising popularity of AOA, Yuna began to get noticed by many people. Her most notable features are her plump lips and large eyes. However, when her past photos resurfaced, many people began to speculate that these features were achieved through plastic surgery. Yes, plastic surgery is a famous practice with many idols. But can we really say so for everyone? Let’s compare Yuna’s past and present photos to find out!

Yuna’s Double Eyelid Surgery


There have been many debates regarding Yuna’s eyes. Many have claimed that she has undergone surgery for her eyes while many others say otherwise. However, in the photo, Yuna’s eyes seem to look larger than before. This can either be caused by her eye make-up, or double eyelid surgery, or both. Her eyes have been large ever since she was young, but the upper lids did not have any depth. They were the typical Asian monolids. Before debuting, Yuna probably had double lid surgery done. In the after photo and the photo below, you can clearly see that her upper lids are rather deep and doubled instead of flat and mono.


Yuna’s Lips Injection


Who doesn’t like women with plump lips? But, having lips that are plump often leads to speculations of lips injections.

Yuna has quite the healthy and proportionally thick lips. It seems that she actually has always had such lips. In her predebut photo, you can see that her lips were already that way. And in her AOA days, the plumpness of her lips is even more emphasized with the help of make-up. Sometimes, her make-up even makes her lips look thinner. Either way, I believe that Yuna’s lips are naturally plump.


Is It Surgery or Natural Beauty?

With that being said, we cannot completely say that Yuna achieved her features through plastic surgery. There is a large chance that her eyes underwent a surgery, but as for her lips, she seems to have been born with it.



The power of make-up is also helpful for idols like her. Make up can emphasize or reduce any features that we like or dislike. There is a large chance that the make-up artist applies make-up on parts of Yuna’s face that should stand out or be de-emphasized. For example, there has also been speculations of rhinoplasty, but there is truthfully not many differences in her nose back then and now. It is probably just the shading of the nose that makes it look like as if she has had her nose done.


Growing up is also another plausible reasons for facial feature changes. When we grow up, our facial features naturally change. For many people, they lose their ‘baby fat’. And so did Yuna. She lost baby fat around her jaws and cheeks, giving the area a slimmer look by the time she debuted. The structure of the bone around the area barely changes, so there is not really any surgery happening there.