AOA Seolhyun Appearance on Running Man, Dramas, Movies and TV Shows


AOA Seolhyun on TV Shows

Kim Seolhyun or Seolhyun is the Visual of Ace of Angels, or AOA, girl group which debuted since 2012. Seolhyun, who was born on January 3, 1995, has managed to steal the attention of netizens with who she actually is. Even before Seolhyun’s debut, she already looked like an idol. She was recruited by FNC Entertainment for winning the SMART Model Contest to-8.

Not only is she good at dancing and singing alongside AOA, Seolhyun proves herself to be great in acting. From 2012 to 2015, Seolhyun successfully filled in various variety shows, dramas, and even dared to show her acting skills in movies. With her beauty and skill in acting, she was able to steal the attention of netizens and gain praise from them.

AOA Seolhyun Drama List

Seolhyun performed in drama from 2013 to 2015. She dared to test herself by performing several characters in her dramas. She has been in three plays with different characters and Seolhyun has been able to quickly adapt to the characters she plays.

Come on, let’s see what drama Seolhyun has conquered!

2012 – My Daughter Seo-young

seolhyun jungshin

Seoyoung My Daughter is the first drama starring Seolhyun in 2012. Seolhyun does not play much because she only has a supporting role. Even though she only has a supporting role Seolhyun was able to steal the attention of netizens by acting when she had just debuted with AOA the same year. Her ability to act cannot be doubted.

Seolhyun collided in acting with CNBLUE’s Lee Jung Shin. She played the role of Seo Eun So, who plays as a private private teacher Sung Jae (CNBLUE Lee Jung Shin) and the woman that Sung Jae is secretly in love with. Eun So also has some secrets that Sung Jae does not know.

Seolhyun appeared for the first time as an actress on the 15th episode of Seoyoung My Daughter. Seolhyun, said, “Everything is unfamiliar to me, but the writer and director explained to me about the characters in detail, so it really helped me. Including Lee Jung Shin, all the crew gave me a lot of help. I think I can do it well. “


Seolhyun eventually became the girlfriend of Lee Jung Shin. Even Jung Shin said he was amazed at the charm of Seolhyun.

“I’m really happy to be cast in ‘My Daughter Seoyoung’ because I watch it all the time. I’m really happy because I got good results. I’m nervous because it’s my first drama, but I feel safe because I’ll be with Jungshin sunbaenim. “I’m going to work hard and practice a lot.”


On her character, she said, “She’s a fun and charming character. She’s got her own charming twist.”

Not only is AOA supporting Seolhyun’s inaugural drama, but netizens also recognize the greatness of Seolhyun in acting with Jung Shin.

The girls tweeted on Twitter, “Ba-dump, ba-dump @ We’re watching ‘My Daughter Seoyoung’ .. hehe ♥ Seolhyun, fighting! Everyone, watch it at the regular time ♡♡”

The netizens commented, “I was surprised by her acting skills because she is a beginner”, “until she really gets her role”, and “I watch this show for her character”.

Hearing this, Seolhyun replied, “I am very happy that I was able to make my acting debut with interesting characters like Seo Eun Soo in ‘My Daughter Seoyoung’. It’s my first time acting, but I’m working hard to be good. Even on the site, everyone pushed me and told me I did well, so I worked harder. I want to show people that I’m improving even more. “


This family drama tells about the broken relationship between Seo-young and her father, who then reunited with the help of her twin brother. The television series is broadcast by KBS2 from September 15, 2012 to March 3, 2013 on Saturday and Sunday at 7:55 pm for 50 episodes.

2013 – Ugly Alert


Successfully acting in My Daughter Seo-young’s drama, Seolhyun is believed to be the lead role in the Ugly Alert drama. She plays the character of Gong Na Ri, a bright girl who dreams of becoming an actress.

Seolhyun stated, “I’m nervous about doing a new project, and I’m also burdened. I want to work hard again by thinking of it as another learning experience.”

Even netizens are fascinated by Seolhyun’s acting in the Ugly Alert drama, as she can change her character from her previous parts to being an ambitious girl.

He commented, “The director has pushed me by saying I’m the right person to play the characters, so I keep giving my best to meet expectations,” he added, “The AOA members were surprised by my personality change. Everyone around me was surprised at how I had entered the character. “

Ugly Alert aired by SBS from May 20 through November 29, 2013 from Monday to Friday at 7:20 pm for 133 episodes.


Ugly Alert tells about Gong Joon Soo (Im Ju Hwan), who is a jerk and has no rules. He used to live rough, and he is very unattractive. He even went to jail for murder. Ironically the murder victim is his own brother.

But the prison made him aware and finally he repented. During his time in prison Gong Joon Soo learns a lot, including skills and other things, and he understands the rules and goes through many changes. Immediately out from the prison, Gong Joon Soo goes to work for his brother in a fashion company, which belongs to his grandfather.

He also manages to change all the people around him until he can prove that he is worthy and can be someone else. Gong Joon Soo’s father (Im Ju Hwan) is married to Jin Joo’s mother. The two families end up united and learn to understand one another.


Fans especially admired her innocent charm and cute outfits, and netizens commented, “I keep noticing Seolhyun,” “She looks so innocent in the school uniform outfit, but she looks lovely in these clothes too,” and “This is what you call pure.”

2015 – Orange Marmalade

orange marmalade

Orange Marmalade is the third successful drama starring Seolhyun along with Yeo Jin Goo and CNBLUE’s Lee Jong Hyun. They successfully steal the netizens’ attention with a unique storyline. Orange Marmalade, broadcast by KBS2 on Saturday at 11:40 pm starting on May 15, 2015 to July 24, 2015, has 12 episodes. The drama Orange Marmalade is lifted from a webtoon comic.

Seolhyun is trusted again to be the lead role in the drama Orange Marmalade, and she plays the role of Baek Mari. Baek Mari is a girl vampire who grows into a lonely teenager and has no friends. She’s not just shunned because her friends know she is not human, but also because she tries to cover her identity.

Until one day she meets a guy who happens to go to school with her on the subway. This guy is named Jung Jae Min has a sweet blood – according to Baek Ma Ri’s smell – and she is tempted.

Asleep on the subway and beginning to enter the dream world, Mari is lulled by the smells of Jung Jae Min sitting next to her. All of a sudden, her lips press against Jae Min’s neck without him even knowing it.

seolhyun jinggo

According to his own comics, Seok Woo says that this scene is the most epic of the whole story in ‘Orange Marmalade’. At the same time it also gives him more confidence that the vampire and human stories in ‘Orange Marmalade’ will be so well liked.

The scene of Baek Mari kissing and almost biting Jung Jae Min’s neck is also a very sweet opening for the television drama ‘Orange Marmalade’ which aired on KBS 2TV. Seolhyun ‘AOA’ revives Baek Mari’s character in the right portion. Jung Jae Min is played by talented young actor Yeo Jin Goo.

Webtoon ‘Orange Marmalade’ was greeted by comic readers in Indonesia. Unfortunately, many were disappointed when the webtoon was adapted to a television drama because there are many differences in the stories.


Seolhyun shared her feelings as Baek Mari, “I decided I would do well to make me feel determined, but when I saw the script I felt the drama would be fun and I was looking forward to it so I would try to be Ma Ri, keep following this news yes.”

A representative of the drama production team said, “Seolhyun is beautiful, feminine, and her character is liked, and she is also full of spirit and cheerful.”

Seolhyun Movies and TV Shows

After succeeding with her starring drama, Seolhyun dared to show herself by playing in a movie. In fact, some variety shows often invite Seolhyun to be their guest star like Running Man or 2 Days and 1 Night. Let’s see a successful movie and variety show starring Seolhyun.

Seolhyun Movies – Gangnam Blues (2015)


Gangnam Blues is a drama directed by Yoo Ah, in this drama Seolhyun paired with renowned Korean actor, Lee Min Ho. “Even though we have a considerable age difference, he always jokes with me and keeps me well, so I really feel comfortable,” she said.

Gangnam Blues became Seolhyun’s first film and she immediately plays a leading role. Seolhyun was able to show the public her acting skills coupled with Lee Min Ho. She acts as Kang Seon Hye. In addition to Lee Min Ho, Seolhyun also competes in acting with Kim Rae Won, Jung Jin Young and Kim Ji Soo. Set in the 1970s, Gangnam Blues tells of Gangnam district in Seoul that is undergoing development for real estate amidst the rampant socio-political turmoil and terrorism. On its first day of broadcast, the movie’s ticket sold more than 150,000.

Because of Gangnam Blues, Seolhyun made it into the Baeksang Arts Awards nomination for Best Newcomer Actress category. Before getting the role as Kang Seon Hye, Seolhyun auditioned and beat 500 competitors to get the role. It proves that Seolhyun’s acting ability is very great.

Seolhyun felt awkward to be coupled with Lee Min Ho in his first movie. “I was really close to Min Ho Oppa during [the Gangnam Blues] filming. He took good care of me,” she explained. “He even brought a mosquito net. So, we waited together inside the net. But after filming wrapped up, I met him again at the film screening and it was a bit awkward.”

Lee Min Ho also feels he should get closer to Seolhyun to build a good aura when competing acting later, like talking about each other’s family and others things. “I think it was the day that made me smile brightly for six months. The effect is very good. She (the character) is a dark character but on that day, I can finally smile. She is very beautiful,” he said.


Gangnam Blues tells about Seoul’s elite area of ​​Gangnam in the 1970s. Gangnam was then filled with political corruption until many mafias came to power. Jong-dae’s childhood friend – played by Lee Min Ho – and Baek Yong-ki – played Kim Rae Won – watches their shabby house destroyed by local thugs.

Desperate to get money, they finally get involved in the mob group until there is a clash. Three years later, Jong-dae lives as an honest person. Meanwhile, Yong-ki has joined the most powerful criminal organization in Seoul, Myeongdong-pa. As a gangster, Yong-ki is caught in a terrible battle.

Seolhyun Movies – A Murderer’s Guide to Memorization (2016)


After successfully playing Gangnam Blues with Lee Min Ho, Seolhyun was challenged to play the 2nd movie with A Murderer’s Guide to Memorization. Seolhyun is again believed to be the lead role. Seolhyun plays the character, EunHee.

A Murderer’s Guide to Memorization tells the story of a man named Byeong-Soo, played by Sol Kyung-Gu. In his past he was a serial killer. He now suffers from Alzheimer’s disease (memory loss). Byeong-Soo has a daughter named Eun-Hee, played by Seol Hyun. But the child is not his biological child, but a child he took from one of the victims he once killed.

One day, Byeong-Soo remembers Eun-hee’s boyfriend Tae-Joo, played by Kim Nam-Gil, and approaches Eun-Hee to kill him. To protect Eun-Hee, Byeong-Soo fights to remember and then he plans on killing Tae-joo.


“There are many things I have never tried. It’s really fun doing new things,” she said.

She also said, “I’m trying to change myself. I put the things I’ve done before and I always try to do new challenges.” Seolhyun garnered attention by showing another look in a movie to her fans.


She completely embodied her role in the movie. The director Won Shin Yeon complimented Seolhyun on her ability to act. He said, “Kim Seolhyun is a natural born actor who instinctively knows how to portray emotions. If you lose that image of Seolhyun as a sexy icon, you will see the real actress, Kim Seolhyun in the movie.”

Seolhyun TV Shows – Cheongdam-dong 111

Cheongdam-dong 111 is a reality show broadcasted by South Korean television channel tvN between 21 November 2013 and 9 January 2014,  on the daily life and work within FNC Entertainment, a record label and talent agency. The title of this show describes the location of this agency in Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul.


Seolhyun went on a strict diet and vigorous exercise schedule. FT Island’s Choi Jong Hoon and Lee Jae Jin also taught AOA members weight training.

Juneel showed a desire to work on her song. Juniel goes to director Han Sung Ho’s room and tells him, “I need to release an album before I’m forgotten by the public.” Afterward, she suggested to CNBLUE’s Lee Jong Hyun to release a carol album, and the two went into songwriting.

Seolhyun TV Shows – 2 Days and 1 Night


On the 2 Days and 1 Nights variety show, Seolhyun was invited on the 3rd episode of the 28th episode. During this episode, she appears as the ‘morning angel’ guest on the show. Seolhyun has the chance to eat ramyun by being on Kim Jun Ho, Kim Joo Hyuk, and Kim Jong Min‘s team, but decides to skip the opportunity to eat and chooses another team instead.


Kim Jun Ho, who had been chased out of the room, begins to talk about AOA’s Choa out of “annoyance.” He jokingly says, “I hear that when other members are sick, Choa takes care of them and cooks food for them. We should ask Choa to guest on the show next time.” 

Cha Tae Hyun follows Kim Jun Ho’s footsteps and is also chased out of the room when he mistakenly mixes up the names of the AOA members. He calls out Choa’s name by mistake when he’s trying to get Seolhyun’s attention.

Seolhyun in Running Man Variety Show

Seolhyun is also often invited to appear as a guest star on Running Man. Let’s see a successful running man episode starring Seolhyun!

Running Man Episode 210

seolhyun in RM

In Episode 210, members of Running Man participated in an Alk-tournament. Alkkagi is played by 2 players. One player holds black and the other holds a white color. The two players, black and white, fight to maximize the territory they control, milling through large areas on the board with their stones, trapping the enemy rocks that infiltrated the area, and protecting their stones from capture.

Running Man members are welcome to select their own team members by picking up an envelope that will take them to meet their own team members.

Suk-jin will be swinging by FNC Entertainment, which manages the occasional RM guest Jung Yong-hwa from CNBlue. Chances are, he’s probably swamped with Three Musketeers right now. Kwang-soo gapes to learn that he’s heading out to JYP Entertainment. Gary seems happy about his model agency assignment, but gets his bubble burst when Jong-kook reminds him that all the ladies there are taller than he is.

Jae-suk is not worried about visiting CoKo Entertainment, since the notable comedians there (including Lee Guk-joo, who dropped by not too long ago) are all his hoobaes. Ji-hyo reminds herself to smile and be polite to the rock stars stars she’ll be seeing soon, while Jong-kook practices flicking motions in the car.

Haha is excited about meeting the basketball team Seoul SK Knights.

Over at FNC Entertainment, Suk-jin runs into CNBlue’s Lee Jung-shin and actress Kim So-young, who are busy going over their lines for SBS drama Temptation. Unfortunately the two has to head over to the drama set soon, but Suk-jin is not willing to let Jung-shin go that easily.

At the mention that girl group AOA is probably free, Suk-jin is instantly interested, and finally he brings Seolhyun with him.

seolhyun in RM

When playing the game, Seolhyun is up against Lee Hye-jung, and both ladies have similar yet different setups. The picture within a picture informs us that Gary won the first match, so it’s to model Lee’s advantage to secure this win.

Lee Hye-jung has the advantage after Seolhyun loses two pieces, then the latter makes another grave mistake, bringing her baduk pieces down to two. Suk-jin takes the tough dad approach with his teammate, reminding her how difficult her trainee days were. “How far have you come that you can not overcome this obstacle?!”

The words help her focus, and Seolhyun knocks off two of her opponent’s pieces. Are we to witness a reversal in this match? Perhaps we are because another attack ties it up at 2: 2.

The following attack ties it up again to 1: 1, and Lee Hye-jung takes her time before she flicks her piece which flies off the board. Seolhyun breathes new life into her team, who still has another shot to advance.

Running Man Episode 255


Seolhyun guest starred in Running Man Episode 255 along with ex-SISTAR’s Bora and Soyou, A-Pink’s Bomi, and comedian Lee Gook Joo.

On a hot summer day in Gyeongju, our guys get excited by the blind date setting for the opening. Reading the cutesy messages left for them by their teammates builds up the anticipation, and we see the ladies take their respective seats.

Jae-suk pulls up the blinds to see SISTAR’s Soyu, while Jong-kook is paired with Apink’s Bomi, and gets too excited too early about Gary’s teammate, AOA’s Seolhyun.

He’s told by the other guys to lay off his teammate this time, so Sukjin pulls up his blinds just enough to see our Jihyo on the other side. Haha high-fives his partner, SISTAR’s Bora. But the real surprise is for Kwangsoo: comedienne Lee Gook Joo, who tells him to be super excited about this. He does, then runs to beat up Taek PD.

seolhyun jihyo

While playing the game, Gary’s speediness works to his advantage in the first round. Jihyo has ski gloves while Seolhyun still has the scrubbers gloves, and even though both ladies are frail-looking, Jihyo does not use too much force against Seolhyun. Gravity works in her favor too, and despite the simultaneous tear-off, Jihyo wins by a hair.

seolhyun gary

The team that comes in last place will be divvied up between the other two teams, which means Gary could be separated from Seolhyun. “You think physically separating us will separate our hearts, too?” Gary said.

After determining the order through rock-paper-scissors, Seolhyun’s team is up against Soyu’s in the first round. Everyone gets into a groove, then the real battle begins. Jaesuk is pulled from opposite ends before another dance break is inserted.

Running Man Episode 278 and 279


An X-man event 10 years ago was featured on Running Man Episode 278 along with a Christmas theme. This episode is a must-watched episode because of its classic cuteness. Opened with the introduction of each team member, Kim’s team consists of Kim Jong Kook, Chae Yeon, Lee Ji Hyeon, Stephanie, Kim Jung Nam, Haha, Andy and Lee Jong Soo. For Ji’s team consists of Sukjin, Seol Hyun, Bobby, B.I, Song Ji Hyo, Gary and Lee Kwang Soo.

The introduction is very funny and the presence of Seol Hyun always attracts the attention of male members. Gary is even caught continually looking at Seol Hyun. But what about Ji Hyo? The male members are also increasingly fascinated when Seol Hyun does a little dance from Like A Cat song.

This first game is Go-Fight, where the two teams are linked by a small bridge and the winner is a team capable of dropping all the opposing team members out of the arena. The first round is immediately won by Tim Ji because Kim Jong Kook from Team Kim is torn down powerless by Seol Hyun’s beauty.

The second and third round is won by Tim Kim with the power of Eagle Eye, Lee Jong Soo. Even Lee Kwang Soo is thrown by Tim Kim without a fight and defeated.  The winner is Tim Kim.

The next game is the determination of the couples by wooing using their respective talents. On the men’s side, there are Ji Suk Jin, B.I, Gary, Bobby and Lee Kwang Soo. For the female’s side there is Ji Hyo, Min Ji and Seol Hyun. Many seductions fail to happen, ranging from Gary with Break Dance who fails, until Kwang Soo who gets the song with a high note. And the result of the couples is B.I with Ji Hyo, Bobby with Min Ji and Gary with Seol Hyun.

Seolhyun is really a multitalented idol, right? Since Choa left from AOA, FNC Entertainment said AOA will comeback soon with six members, so let’s see Seolhyun soon on the stage! Fighting, AOA! Fighting, Seolhyun!