Known as an Idol with a Tiny Waistline, What’s the Actual Size of AOA’s Mina’s Waistline?


Everything You Need To Know About South Korean Beautiful and Multi-Talented Idol-Actress, AOA’s Mina

Kwon Min-ah was born on September 21st, 1993, in Busan, South Korea. She is better known by the mononym Mina and is a South Korean singer and actress. She is best known as a member and rapper of the South Korean girl group AOA (Ace of Angels) under FNC Entertainment. Mina has acted in many television dramas, including Modern Farmer (2014) and All About My Mom (2015).

She graduated from Jaesong Women’s Middle School in Busan. She auditioned for FNC in 2009, and her family moved from Busan to Seoul soon after. Her father died of cancer on November 29th, 2014. Due to his death, Mina took some time off from career activities and did not participate in some promotions for “Like a Cat.”

On July 30th, 2012, Mina made her debut as a member of AOA on Mnet’s M! Countdown with the song “Elvis” from their debut single album, Angels’ Story. She is also part of the band subunit AOA Black, established in 2013.

In 2013, Mina debuted as an actress by appearing in the KBS2 drama special Adolescence Medley, where she played Yoon Jin-yeong. In February 2014, she played the younger role of Kim Hee-sun’s character, Cha Hye-won, in the KBS drama Wonderful Days. Mina had her first leading role in the SBS weekend drama Modern Farmer, that aired from October to December 2014.

On February 26th, 2015, Mina appeared in the music video for solo singer Shade’s song “Bad.” In May, Mina made her debut as an MC in Y-Star’s variety show Gourmet Road. In August, she was appointed as co-MC on Weekly Idol with Apink’s Hayoung and VIXX’s N, starting from September 2nd. On September 9th, Mina and Nam Joo-hyuk appeared in the music video for solo singer Kangnam’s song “Chocolate.” On December 5th, she joined the cast of the KBS weekend drama All About My Mom, starting from episode 33. She played Go Aeng-doo, a pretty and innocent, yet mysterious young lady.

In March 2016, Mina starred in the seven-part web drama Click Your Heart, produced by her agency FNC Entertainment, where she played a cheerful, but clumsy, 18-year-old high school student who forms friendships and love triangles with four boys. In 2017, she was cast in the remake of the 1986 horror movie Woman’s Wail, and in the hospital drama Hospital Ship as a nurse. She compiled an essay collection of quotes and wisdom that are personally meaningful to her titled Stars Don’t Lose Their Way at Night that was published on November 1st, 2017.

Mina won the Hallyu Star Award at the 10th Korea Drama Awards for her role in Hospital Ship. In February 2018, it was revealed that Mina will also join the cast of KBS weekday drama Queen of Mystery 2 as police officer Shin Na-ra. The same year, she was cast in the web drama Wind-Bell and in Loss Time Life, the remake of a Japanese drama of the same title.

Surprises the Netizens, AOA’s Mina’s Waistline Defeats Goo Hara’s ‘Ant Waist’

AOA, who recently came back on the Weekly Idol variety talk show enough to make many fans know many things that are still hidden from its members.

One interesting fact that was successfully revealed in the episode of Weekly Idol, at that time, was about AOA’s Mina’s waist circumference which turned out to defeat the idol record dubbed the ‘ant waist’ of KARA’s Goo Hara.

This was evidenced directly by Defconn and Hyung Don and his colleagues who were also present at that time. When they measured Mina’s waist, with the help of Choa, the meter showed a surprising number of 17.9 inches or 45.5 cm. This number beats the record previously set by Goo Hara’s waist circumference, which was 21 inches or 53.3 cm.

This fact suddenly shocked many netizens who did not expect that there would be an idol who would beat Goo Hara’s ‘ant waist’ record.

“17.9 ???? Are all the organs safe there?”

“Is that possible?”

“That’s crazy! Is she a human … I want a waist like that.”

“Wow. Even Goo Hara has a waist circumference of 20 inches … 17.9 is crazy …”

Meanwhile, AOA recently returned with the release of their new song titled “Heart Attack.”

AOA’s Jimin’s Slim Waistline


Beautiful South Korean artists are known to have slim bodies with small waistlines. The smaller the waist size is the more the body of the artist is considered sexy. The slim waist is known as ‘ant waist’.

No wonder, when the Weekly Idol program had members of the girl group AOA as guests, they were looking for members who have ‘ant waist’. This program was trying to find out the waistlines of the rising girl group members.

One by one the group members measured their waist circumferences. When the results were revealed, it turned out that Jimin has a waist circumference of 19.5 inches or 49.5 centimeters.

When it was Mina’s turn to measure her waist, Choa helped her in measuring her body assets. The results were very surprising. Mina’s colleagues at AOA also looked surprised. Likewise with the host, the audience in the studio and also at home. They were amazed by the waist size of this long-haired artist. Mina’s waistline is 17.9 inches or 45.5 centimeters. With the size of her super small waistline, Mina won the title of the artist who owns ‘ant waist’.

Meanwhile, the ideal waist size for women is 80 to 85 centimeters.

Defeated BlackPink’s Rose, AOA’s Mina Turns Out to be The Owner of the Smallest Waist Among Idol Girl Groups?


Before this, BlackPink’s Rose was admired for her 19-inch waistline. But when she appeared in King of Masked Singer, the singer of “Playing with Fire” revealed that the actual size of her waist is 24 inches.

Apparently, there is another girl idol group who has a waist size of 17.9 inches, which is AOA’s Mina. With this waistline, the 1993-born singer could be the owner of the smallest waist size among the idol girl groups.


Mina had revealed her body weight and waist circumference through Instagram posts and the show Weekly Idol. It was revealed that the singer of the song “Excuse Me” weighed 42.7 kg with a waist circumference of 17.9 inches.

Even Mina’s height and weight had recently become the topic of conversation. According to the netters, for them, it is almost impossible to have a thin body and a slim waist like Mina’s.

“I’m sure Mina’s weight is also lighter than Rose because Rose is taller. Personally, I think weight is just a number,” commented a netter. “But Mina looks healthy. The thin body does not mean that it is not healthy,” said other netters. “Having a small waist doesn’t mean it’s not healthy,” added another.

The Beautiful Korean Idol with the Slimmest Waist


It’s no secret that being a Korean star requires having a perfect appearance. Especially, for female stars, a diet seems to be the thing that should not be absent to have a slim dream body. Members of several idol girl groups in South Korea are considered to be the women who have the most beautiful bodies because they look slim. Let’s check them out!

Girls Generation’s Yoona

Girls Generation’s Yoona has a waist size that makes many women envious, which is less than 58.5 cm.

T-Ara’s Hyomin

Kpop Chart

Same with Yoona, T-Ara’s Hyomin also has a waist size of around 58.5 cm with a flat stomach.

DIA’s Jung Chae-yeon


Idol rookie DIA’s Chaeyeon also has a waist measuring only 58.5 cm.

A Pink’s Naeun

A Pink’s Naeun never disappoints us with her beautiful body; she is noted to have a waist size of only 55.9 cm.

Blackpink’s Rose


Surprisingly, BLACKPINK’s Rose actually has a waist size of 48.3 cm, which is certainly very slim.

Twice’s Momo


Same with Rose, Twice’s Momo also has a waist size of 48.3 cm.

Cosmic Girls’ Bona


Cosmic Girls’ Bona has a slimmer waist size, which is only around 45.7 cm.

AOA’s Mina

Almost the same as Bona, AOA’s Mina became the Korean idol champion with the slimmest waist size of 45.5 cm.

AOA’s Mina Shares Her Diet Secrets and The Truth Behind Her 17.9-inch Waist


AOA‘s Mina confessed that she didn’t even drink water during her diet for her solo stage during their first official concert. “There’s a dance move where I have to get on top of a backup dancer’s shoulders, and I suffered a bit. So, I dieted without even drinking water.”

Upon hearing the news, fans commented on how she already had an extremely thin waist and low weight and expressed concern for her health. Below are photos of Mina prior to her extreme diet.

Dehydrating oneself can be a fast way to shed a couple of pounds of water weight temporarily, but it is extremely unhealthy, and can have terrible side effects. Below are photos of Mina’s performance after her water diet. Mina’s extreme diet was likely supervised by a professional dietician, and immediately following the performance she, no doubt, rehydrated to avoid any dangerous side-effects.

A fan commented about Mina, “It’s not a human waist. Please share how to achieve a 17.9-inch waist~” Mina confidently shared that she is on a diet for 365 days a year. “I’m the type that swells (or bloats) easily.” Tip number one is “No salty [food]. No spicy [food]. Instead, I eat a lot of sweet pumpkin and other types of squash,” because pumpkin can reduce swelling. Mina’s second tip is to avoid eating after 6 p.m.

The third tip to prevent or reduce swelling for the face is to utilize a cold pack or a cool pack directly on the face. Mina also revealed the importance of acupressure and applying pressure in-between the index finger and thumb to improve blood circulation.

Netizen’s Reaction To AOA’s Mina Waist Revealed to be 17.9 Inches


Source: Star News via Naver

  1. [+7,106, -94] 17.9 ???????? Are her organs all safe in there??
  2. [+4,671, -91] Daebak… she must literally be skin and bones…
  3. [+3,985, -85] Is this even possible??
  4. [+3,247, -582] That’s crazy, is she even human; I want a waist like that.
  5. [+495, -20] That’s why you shouldn’t look down on celebrities… they eat once a day to manage their weights, talk about torture…
  6. [+486, -40] 17.9 inches… it’s nothing to be proud of, she’s starving her body. She should cut back on the dieting.
  7. [+453, -17] The number’s still amazing even if you consider that she sucked in her breath.
  8. [+449, -29] This is nothing to be proud of… I assure you it’s not good for her health…
  9. [+422, -37] This is possible??? I’m thin and have a small waist but I’m still 23 inches… she’s 6 inches thinner than me ㅋㅋ how is that even possible ㅋㅋㅋ
  10. [+354, -23] I don’t think this has anything to do with dieting, her waist is just abnormally thin; imagine her body line in tight clothes.
  11. [+330, -9] Wow, even Goo Hara is 20 inches… 17.9 is just crazy.
  12. [+321, -43] I’d rather Seolhyun’s body over someone too thin.
  13. [+236, -12] Isn’t this Guinness record worthy?
  14. [+233, -10] Maybe she never eats… that’s a waist size that you can’t get no matter how hard you work out.
  15. [+121, -6] 17.9 is past the point of being surprising but worrying… does their agency not feed them?