Accused by Netizens of Getting Plastic Surgery, Let’s Compare AOA’s Jimin Before-and-After Looks!

Is AOA’s Jimin a Natural Beauty?

Being the leader of FNC Entertainment’s first girl group, AOA’s Jimin has been making her name known as a rapper after being a semi-finalist of Mnet’s Unpretty Rapstar which was followed by a collaboration with other singers such as EXO’s Xiumin in “Call You Bae” (2016) and Lim Seul-ong in “Good Start” (2015), as well as her solo singles titled “Hallelujah” and “Hey.” Despite her talent in songwriting and rapping, Jimin has been accused of undergoing procedures in order to fix her facial features. Thus, in this article, we will dig around to see whether the accusations of plastic surgery are true or not. So, keep reading!

Jimin’s Before-and-After Plastic Surgery Transformation

Many netizens suspect Jimin of plastic surgery after her past photos surfaced on Internet forums. The accusation may not be considered shallow since Jimin indeed looks different compared to her past appearance as you may see below.

We can see that Jimin’s eyes were naturally big but not as big as her current eyes, hence the alleged double eyelids surgery. In addition, she is suspected to have undergone lateral canthoplasty surgery and blepharoplasty in order to make her eyes horizontally longer.

Not only her eyes but Jimin also notably fixed her nose bridge as it looks longer and higher now. Many people believe that she inserted a silicon implant to increase the height of her nose bridge.

Jimin’s face shape has also changed as her jaw which used to be a U-shape is now the ideal V-shape. Notice that her face bone has been shaved and makes the overall of her face look narrower.

In 2017, Jimin shocked the public after being seen at an airport looking like a completely different person. In the beginning, netizens could not point out the difference between her usual and new appearance. Later on, they concluded that she must have had fat contouring.

The fat contouring made her face look more youthful as there are no wrinkle lines on her pale face. Other netizens also believe that Jimin got fillers in her smile lines, decreased the amount of aegyo sal (tiny fats under eyes), and fixed her underbite so that her smile looks even more pleasing to see.

Despite the obvious plastic surgery that she has gone through, we believe that beauty is not the only aspect which made Jimin attractive as she is still a talented female rapper in South Korea’s music industry. Plastic surgery or not, she will always have her spot as a talented and aspiring female rapper and songwriter.