Take a Look at AOA’s Jimin’s Drastic Weight Loss That Drew Concerns From Fans

Jimin AOA

Learn More About Ji-min!

Shin Ji-min, better known by the mononym Jimin, is a South Korean rapper and singer. She is best known for being the leader and main rapper of the girl group AOA, which debuted in 2012 under FNC Entertainment.

Jimin has recently shared some photos of herself on Instagram that have caused a lot of discomfort and concern among her fans regarding her health. Which photo made the fans shocked and extremely worried about Jimin?

Let’s find out about the photos!

AOA’s Jimin’s Drastic Weight Loss

Jimin AOA

On February 12th, Jimin posted photos of herself and tagged the brands she was wearing in the caption. In the photos, however, Jimin was looking much thinner than during her promotions with AOA.


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Jimin was always on the petite side, but when comparing to her appearance during AOA’s latest promotions with “Bingle Bangle,” she does look noticeably thinner recently and that has made fans worry about her health.


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Fans’ Concerns About Her Health

AOA's Jimin

It is not uncommon for K-Pop girl group members to go on diets for their promotions but with AOA’s promotions already having come to an end, fans have been voicing their concerns for Jimin’s health and have been encouraging her to maintain her health.

Moreover, many fans have been suggesting that she eat more to gain some weight and flooded the comments column on Jimin’s Instagram account by showing their concern for Jimin.

“Stay healthy.”

“Jimin I love you, you are so pretty, but take care of your health.”

“Please gain some weight.”

“Please eat a lot of good food.”

“Please stop dieting.”

“You’re so skinny! Are you ok?? Be healthy! Please.”

“We love you, honey. Please eat more and be healthy.”

“Jimin please eat well for us.”

“Jimin I love you and I want you to eat more please.”

“Please eat well, baby.”

And mostly, they told her to eat a lot and stop going on a diet. Realizing that she has made fans worry, she quickly posted a photo with a simple caption saying, “I’m healthy.” But the post was later deleted by her.



FNC Gives a Statement That Jimin is Healthy

Jimin AOA

Before Jimin posted a brief response to concerns on her own Instagram account, her agency, FNC Entertainment, also released a statement in response, stating that she does not have any health issues.

“Jimin does not have any health problems. In fact, she is consistently working out and is very healthy.”

Even though it has been denied by Jimin’s agency, there are still some netizens who suspect the 1991-born idol suffers from anorexia, one of the common illnesses caused by excessive dieting.

Some netizens did not believe the statement released by FNC Entertainment. They were even more convinced that Jimin was actually suffering from anorexia.

One of the comments said, “How can she be a skull just because of exercising?”

“It seems like it’s anorexia,” said another comment.

“For a person who exercises, I don’t see any muscles on her body. She looks like an anorexic patient.”

But, many fans hope that Jimin will take good care of her body and health and left her encouraging messages on her Instagram account. Please stay healthy, Shin Ji-min!