Let’s Take a Look at AOA’s Ji-min’s Appearances on the Rap Competition ‘Unpretty Rapstar’ Here!


Ji-min, The Leader and Rapper of AOA

Shin Ji-min was born on January 8, 1991, in Seongnam, Gyeonggi, South Korea. She is better known as Jimin, a South Korean singer and rapper who’s the leader and main rapper for the South Korean girl-group AOA, which debuted in 2012 under FNC Entertainment. In 2015, Jimin became a semi-finalist in the first season of the show Unpretty Rapstar. During the program, she released several successful collaborative singles, the best known of which are Good Start (with Seulong) and Puss (with Iron). She also debuted as a soloist in 2016 with the single Call You Bae (featuring Xiumin from EXO).

AOA’s Ji-min and Friends Will Join Women’s Rapper Competition on ‘Unpretty Rapstar’


The rap competition program Show Me the Money immediately became a favorite, thanks to the skills of the participants. Successful with Show Me the Money, Mnet prepared a spin-off from the event.

Mnet released a new program called Unpretty Rapstar, which was a special rap competition for female rappers. Mnet then announced the profiles of four rappers who would compete in the first female-only rap competition in Korea.

The four female contestants were AOA’s Ji-min, Jessi Lucky J, Tymee, and Cheetah. In addition to Jimin and friends, there would be four other rappers in the program which was scheduled to air on January 29, 2015.

AOA’s Ji-min received a lot of support as a unique and skilled rapper by writing her own rap part in the song Moya. Meanwhile, Jessi stole the public’s attention when she collaborated with Ailee and Sistar’s Hyorin at one of the year-end awards events.

Tymee was known for her participation in Show Me the Money 3, and for being able to adjust to 160 beats in one minute. Cheetah is a rapper who debuted as a member of the group Blacklist in 2010, and was able to show off her skills in Show Me the Money 1.

The aim of Unpretty Rapstar was to produce the first-ever all-female rap compilation album in Korea. The program aired every Thursday at 11:00 local time, for 6 weeks.

Appear at Unpretty Rapstar, Ji-min was Tears.


Ji-min surprised fans during her appearance in the first episode of Unpretty Rapstar. in tears, the AOA member recounted her struggle as a contestant for the new variety show.

As an idol, Ji-min felt judged by the other Unpretty Rapstar contestants. “It’s okay if I’m ignored because I’m an idol. I will work hard and show good results,” said Ji-min.

“I want to show that I have a passion for rap, more than anyone can imagine,” she continued.

In addition, she felt that other contestants liked to insult her and considered her low.

“I feel they insult me,” Ji-min said.

Footage of the first episode of Unpretty Rapstar also featured other contestants, who asked Ji-min if she really liked hip-hop. That made Ji-min feel uncomfortable, while the other contestants were surprised by the presence of an idoal in their midst. Sobbing, Ji-min said, “Of course I came here because I like hip-hop.” Thus, as reported by Allkpop.

Block B’s Zico Praises Ji-min for her Unique Voice and Rap Ability on ‘Unpretty Rapstar’


AOA’s Ji-min did receive a compliment from Block B’s Zico for her unique voice and rap ability. On the Mnet broadcast Unpretty Rapstar, the leader of the girl-group AOA participated in the first mission where the winners would be able to join in the song Zico produced.

Despite a having a rough start because of the other contestants looking down on Ji-min’s status as an idol, Ji-min proved her professionalism in the ‘100 second cypher challenge’, which succeeded in bringing her to first place.

Joining in her own survival show as a rapper affected her confidence, “Because this is the first time I have performed rap in a longer duration, I am really nervous.” She started with the lyrics, “Looking low on me [because of your prejudice] will be your disgrace.”

She also made a reference to AOA’s hit song, “Wearing a short skirt and a bob hair cut I walk on the beat like a cat.”

Hearing Ji-min’s rap, Zico said, “Your voice sounds like it has been given an effect,” and “There really is nothing like experience on stage. [Ji-min] is really good.”

Ji-min makes Zico Laugh With Her Diss on Mnet’s ‘Unpretty Rapstar’


On the January 5 airing of Mnet’s ‘npretty Rapstar, Ji-min dissed Zico during a solo battle mission where the rappers were asked to rap in front of Zico for a chance to be featured in his track.

During the solo battle, Ji-min went up against Kisum, Lil Cham, and Yuk Ji-dam, using her experience as an idol and her unique rapping flow. Ji-min said in her rap, “If you disregard me because I’m an idol, viewing me with rose-colored spectacles, you’re going to lose face. I’m going to undo your crossed arms and make you cry with a runny nose.”

Ji-min went on with, “You have your own fish to fry, but who are you, you, you to assess me?” The use of the phrase “Have your own fish to fry (‘Zico’ga sukjah),” can either mean that everyone has their own troubles to deal with or that Zico’s nose is suk jah (3 ft long).

After listening to her rap, Block B’s Zico let out a huge laugh, acknowledging her witty wordplay and her confidence.  Meanwhile, Ji-min overcame the prejudice that the other rappers had of her due to her idol status, and won first place during the ‘100-Second Cypher’ challenge. San E said, “She shined in the video. It was obvious that she has a lot of experience.” But for this solo rap battle, Yook Ji-dam ended up winning the opportunity to be featured in Block B’s Zico’s track.

AOA’s Jimin Denies Any Bad Blood With Fellow “Unpretty Rapstar” Contestant Jessi on “Radio Star”


On the July 22 episode of MBC‘s Radio Star, the rapper addressed rumors that she’s on bad terms with rapper Jessi, who she had previously appeared with on the first season of Unpretty Rapstar. She explained that some people think she’s not friends with Jessi because of one particular incident.

She said that in one round on the show, Jessi’s team had been awarded first place and Ji-min’s had been given second place, but Jessi had argued that Ji-min’s team didn’t deserve second. Ji-min got upset when Jessi and San E then kept talking about her and her team in English, so she left the studio. But she explains, “We’re on good terms now,” she says. “We’re always contacting each other to see how the other is doing.”

The hosts get Ji-min to film a video message to Jessi. She looked at the camera, with a big, awkward smile and said, “Jessi, I miss you. I’m wondering if you’re doing okay… Bye!” The hosts all laugh at this and insisted that they must not really be on good terms, which Ji-min continued to deny while laughing at her own awkwardness.

Jessi had previously also denied the rumors that the two don’t like each other on the tvN show Taxi, and added that Ji-min is always cheering her on.

On this episode of Radio Star, Ji-min also showed off her rapping skills by firing off a rap that dissed the hosts, as well as going up against fellow guest MONSTA X‘s Jooheon in a spontaneous diss battle.

Ji-min’s Discography on Unpretty Rapstar


“T4SA” (with MC Meta and Nuck)

“Good Start” (with Lim Seul-ong)

“Puss” (with Iron)

“Unpretty Rapstar” releases Track 2 “Good Start 2015”, ft. AOA’s Ji-min and 2AM’s Seulong


With the fourth episode of Mnet‘s Unpretty Rapstar aired, Track 2 of the show’s compilation album had been released, and featured 2AM‘s Seulong and AOA‘s Ji-min.

Sharing her own interpretation of Good Start 2015, Ji-min shared a side of herself that had remained hidden as a member of AOA. Her unique rap vocals blend beautifully with the tender singing of Seulong to the mellow track.

The song is the second track produced by Verbal Jint for Unpretty Rapstar, where eight female rappers compete against one another for a chance to feature on one of the show’s compilation album. Thus far, Yuk Ji-dam has won a feature on Track 1 Up All Night, with Jessi and Cheetah winning Track 3 My Type featuring M.I.B‘s Kangnam.

Let’s check The video below!

Puss, feat. Iron


AOA’s Ji-min and Iron’s amazing collaboration in the semi-finals of the program has received great support from netizens by topping various music charts in Korea.

The song Puss, written by Ji-min specifically for her semi-final appearance on Unpretty Rapstar unexpectedly gained fans’ attention and made the song rank first in the ‘real-time’ category on various charts like Melon, Mnet, Bugs, Genie, Olleh Music, Monkey 3, Soribada, Naver Music, and Daum Music when it was first released on March 20th.

For her performance of the song Puss, Ji-min collaborated with the rapper Iron, who was known to be making her debut with ‘Blu’ at the end of March.

See the Ji-min and Iron collaboration video of Puss, below!

Netizen Reactions

Pann: The meaning of Puss’s lyrics


1. [+290, -30] How did she come up with the lyrics when she doesn’t even know English that much?

2. [+284, -33] Jimin fangirls, do you really think Jimin writes her own lyrics? Then why do you think Iron has to teach her at recordings because she can’t sing the lyrics? She couldn’t even follow the beat when recording ㅋㅋ Shielding much?

3. [+281, -63] She’s just unlikable. I hope she quits rapping because her nasal voice is really annoying

4. [+131, -3] I attended a school in the US so I understand Jessi’s reaction. The lyrics mean “you guys are whores selling your bodies and I’m the one taking care of you.” How can these lyrics fit the topic of “real me”? She’s an idol who has no solution

5. [+114, -4] As someone who’s been living in North America for 10 years with citizenship, I know that a pussy can mean a loser and a puss usually means bursting pimple. But it also means vagina. The dictionary meaning aside, in real life, people throw the word to mean vagina. Honestly, the way her face looked and how she stuck her butt towards Iron make it look like she meant it in that way. Iron’s lyrics were also “she’s a see-saw for me”, what do you expect ㅋㅋ Iron stuck his tongue out between his index finger and middle finger and it also means licking a v*gina. Cat, my ass. Stop shielding them… Look at these fans denying the reality.

6. [+94, -7] I’m a guy but I really dislike Jimin. Are you gonna call me jealous? She can’t rap and she thinks she’s a top star. She should just walk like a cat or wear a miniskirt

7. [+94, -0] They showed footage of other rappers writing lyrics but for Jimin, they only showed her recording ㅋㅋ Jessi even recorded a hook part and sent it to Gray. Jimin stans said she doesn’t have a rap teacher but she does

8. [+90, -1] Of course her company wrote the lyrics for her. How can she come up with the lyrics when she has no experience? She’s not even talented, let’s just leave her being desperate like that. She must be thinking we’re bashing her because of jealousy… How pitiful.