Up-Close with AOA’s Hyejeong: Profile, Solo Activities, Love Life, etc.


Everything You Need to Know About AOA’s Visual and Lead Dancer – Shin Hye-jeong

Shin Hye-jeong was born on August 10th, 1993, in Seoul, South Korea. She is better known by the mononym Hyejeong. She is a South Korean singer and actress. She is best known as a member of the South Korean girl group AOA.



Hyejeong’s Full Profile


Stage Name: Hyejeong (혜정)
Birth Name: Shin Hye-jeong (신혜정)
Angel Name: Hyejeong.Linus
Position: Lead Vocalist, Lead Dancer, Visual, Center
Date of Birth: August 10th, 1993
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Height: 170 cm (5’7″)
Weight: 48 kg (105 lbs)
Blood Type: A
Subunit: AOA Cream
Instagram: @dongdong810

Facts About Hyejeong

  • She was born in Seoul, South Korea.
  • She is an only child.
  • It is said that she was very shy as a child, and is still shy today, but is more open and talkative once you get to know her.
  • She became more confident after she became a cheerleader and a promotional model in high school.
  • Hyejeong’s mom signed her up for a supermodel pageant where Hyejeong succeeded up until the third preliminary round. However, during that contest she was discovered by FNC Entertainment’s casting director, so she joined the company as a trainee (in August 2010).
  • She acted in the SBS drama A Gentleman’s Dignity prior to AOA’s debut.
  • She acted in the SBS drama Cheongdam-dong Alice (as Se Kyung’s younger sister Se Jin).
  • She was one of the cast members on the first season of The Romantic & Idol, she paired up with MBLAQ’s Mir and 2PM’s Jun.K on the show.
  • She enjoys doing yoga.
  • She is good at cooking Kimchi.
  • She and Seolhyun eat the most out of all the AOA members.
  • She prefers to stay simple by wearing a hoodie and some shorts, rather than dressing up.
  • According to the other members, she has the best body and is the sexiest in the group.
  • During ‘AOA’s One Fine Day’ Hyejeong weighed herself, she said, “It says I’m 57 kg (125 lbs)” while the other members told her to not reveal their weights. She later explained: “Please edit that part out. I think my clothes were really wet. My weight came out like that. So I thought ‘What’s this?’ Even when I was chubby, I didn’t weigh that much… It’s probably not true… right?”
  • Hyejeong starred in FT Island’s “I Wish” MV.
  • Hyejeong’s ideal type: “A man who’s humorous and kind, a man who would be fun to be around. Gong Yoo sunbaenim (senior).”

Hyejeong’s Solo Discography


Soundtrack Appearances and Solo Performances

Year Title Song Duration Artist
2017 Girls’ Generation 1979 OST “Love Girl” 03:42 Solo

Hyejeong’s Acting Career


On August 8th, 2012, Hyejeong appeared in the TV series A Gentleman’s Dignity. She plays the role of Na Jong-seok’s daughter in the 3rd episode.

Hyejeong’s Complete Filmography



Year Title Role Notes
2017 Mysterious Solver Miss Kim Leading role

Television Series

Year Title Role Network Notes
2012 A Gentleman’s Dignity Na Jong-seok’s daughter SBS Cameo
Cheongdam-dong Alice Han Se-jin SBS Supporting role
2013 The Blade and Petal Dal-ki KBS2 Supporting role
2018 Good Witch Joo Ye-bin SBS Leading role
2019 Romance Is a Bonus Book Cha Eun-ho’s ex-girlfriend tvN Cameo
Can Love Be Refunded BJ Naver TV Cast Leading role
Perfume Son Mi-yu KBS2 Supporting role

Reality Programs

Year Title Role Network
2012 The Romantic & Idol Regular guest tvN
2013 Cheongdam-dong 111 tvN

Variety Shows

Year Title Role Network Note
2015 Mashup MC SBS MTV
2017 Saturday Night Live Korea Regular cast tvN Season 9

Mysterious Solver


Mysterious Solver is a social movie that focuses on everyday lives. In 12 episodes, the movie tells the story of mysterious solvers taking on personal problems that can’t be settled legally.

In the movie, Choi Min-hwan plays the youngest member of the team and a computer genius; Park Cheol-min plays eloquent Mr. Park, who helps clients with extraordinary ideas; Moon Se-yoon plays a sensitive leader Bakkaus and AOA’s Hyejeong plays bold and spicy Miss Kim.

Together with other actors, the solvers show how problems that seem trivial are actually not. Based on story flow, the solvers will also explain why they started to take on trivial problems and why we should pay close attention to such small problems.

Good Witch


Nice Witch (Korean: Chakhanmanyeojeon) is a 2018 South Korean television series starring Lee Da-hae, Ryu Soo-young, Ahn Woo-yeon, Bae Soo-bin, and Yoon Se-ah. The series aired four consecutive episodes on Saturday on SBS TV from 8:55 p.m. to 11:15 p.m. (KST) from March 3rd to May 5th, 2018.

Nice Witch tells about a housewife too nice for her own good who is married to an unemployed husband. She switches places with her selfish, opinionated twin sister, who works as a flight attendant. Although they are identical twins, they have polar opposite personalities. Aboard the plane, she meets the pilot, an abstinent bachelor, and their journey sets off.

In the drama, Hyejeong played Joo Ye-bin, the best-qualified flight attendant. Joo Ye-bin is the only person close to Cha Do-hee, but also threatens Cha Do-hee’s position as “It Girl” next with her cute and cheerful personality.

Hyejeong had previously shown her acting skills in A Gentleman’s Dignity, Cheongdam-dong Alice, and The Blade and Petal, and various charms as SNL Korea 9 cast as well. Hyejeong will present a cheerful character to her life on Nice Witch.

Can Love Be Refunded


A web drama that tells the love story between a girl (Shin Hye-jeong) who is full of justice and a guy (Ryu Eui-hyun) who has no passion for life.

The web drama deals with trendy online content creators, who are key figures in today’s society. Hyejeong’s role will be that of a mukbang (Broadcast meal) BJ with a mean mouth, BJ Angry Unnie.

Hyejeong in Romantic & Idol

2PM’s member Jun.K and AOA’s Hyejeong became the romantic couple’s in Romantic & Idol. In the seventh real date story tvN ‘The Romantic & Idol’, they presented four sets of exciting skinships that real lovers would like: whisper, arms, pillow on the beach, and seat belts. It broadcasts at 8:50 on the 23rd night. ‘The Romantic & Idol’ is the movie’s date with 8 Korean idols, including 2PM’s Junkei, MBLAQ’s Mir, JB of JJ Project, Empire Children’s Park Hyung-sik, Nam Ji-hyun of 4Minute, Rainbow’s Oh Seung-ah, AOA’s Hyejeong, and Fiesta’s Jay. It is an idol version of ‘The Romantic’. On this day, the idols will be immersed in the other party unexpectedly and confused, the ‘Midnight-Truth Room’ where only three minutes of truth will be told, and the last date with the opponents will be unfolded before the final choice. This raises expectations.
In particular, Jun.K and Hyejeong capture the eyes by expressing their feelings for each other with a natural and exciting skinship that connects Nam Ji-hyun and Park-hyung couple. On the last date, the rumors showcased all the skincare dreams of lovers, such as whispering lovingly, walking in the street with arms folded, taking pictures with arm pillows on the beach, and wearing seat belts. ‘The Romantic & Idol’ will showcase a movie-like date while eight of Korea’s best idols travel to Jeju Island for three nights and four days.
Expected by tvN’s ‘Reply to 1997’ producers such as PD Park Seong-jae, PD Shin Won-ho, and writer’s Lee Woo-jung, this film is attracting attention by the true love story of the hot idols.

Dating Rumors with EXO’s Chen

Amino Apps

EXO’s Chen and AOA’s Hyejeong are currently the subjects of dating rumors. According to a user on the One Hallyu forum, insiders have revealed that Chen and Hyejeong are dating.

“It’s Hyejeong and Chen. I heard it from the insiders. I was flustered because it was random but it’s true,” the user wrote. Reactions to the rumor have been mixed. While some fans have supported the couple, most were surprised and expressed disbelief.

SM Entertainment has not verified the information, nor has any proof surfaced about Chen and Hyejeong’s alleged liaison.

Dating News with Ryu Ui-hyun


AOA’s Hyejeong and actor Ryu Ui-hyun are confirmed to be dating! In response to the reports, Hyejeong’s agency FNC Entertainment shared through an official statement, “They got to know each other while filming for their drama in December and have been seeing each other with positive feelings since early this year.”

On April 8th, news outlet Newsen relayed words from an inside source that Hyejeong and Ryu Ui-hyun, co-stars of the web drama Is Lovesickness Refundable? (literal title), have been dating for five months.

According to the source, the two officially began their relationship in December 2018. The source continued, “The two have been freely enjoying dates at popular restaurants in the Gangnam District and a shopping complex in Hanam of Gyeonggi Province where Ryu Ui-hyun resides.”

In response, Hyejeong’s agency FNC Entertainment said, “We will respond after checking with [Hyejeong].” Ryu Ui-hyun’s agency also stated that they will confirm with the actor.

Hyejeong debuted as an AOA member in 2012 with the single album Angel’s Story, after which she has been actively promoting as both an idol member and an actress. She was recently confirmed to join KBS’s upcoming drama Perfume. Ryu Ui-hyun is a rookie actor who appeared in the popular web drama A-TEEN.