AOA’s Shin Hye-jeong and Actor Ryu Ui-hyun Admitted to be Dating? Let’s Find Out the Truth!

Shin Hye-jeong and Ryu Ui-hyun Latest News

AOA’s Hye-jeong will return to South Korean television drama through a new KBS2 drama, Perfume. The drama will air in June, 2019. Just like Hye-jeong, after finishing the web drama Can I Return the Heartache?, Ryu Ui-hyun has returned for a second season of A-TEEN which is curently airing on Naver TV Cast vLive.

Shin Hye-jeong in ‘Perfume’ Drama

Perfume is South Korean television series which stars Shin Sung-rok, Ko Won-hee, Cha Ye-ryun, Kim Min-kyu, and Shin Hye-jeong. It is an upcoming drama that will be premiered on June 3, 2019, on KBS2. Perfume tells a story about Min Jae-hee, played by Ko Won-hee, a housewife who suddenly becomes young and beautiful again after using a perfume. Min Jae-Hee is a middle-aged woman. As a housewife, she has devoted her life to her family, but her family gets destroyed. Min Jae-hee meets Seo Yi-do, played by Shin Sung-rok, who is a successful fashion designer with a cruel personality.

Hye-jeong will act as Son Mi-yu, the former little actress who is now a fashion model with her natural beauty and acting ability. Dealing with the cruelty of the entertainment world since childhood, Son Mi-yu seems to be selfish and materialistic, but actually she supports her household. She tries to pursue the love of designer genius, Seo Yi-do.

Ryu Ui-hyun in ‘A-Teen 2’ Web Drama

A-TEEN Season 2 is a drama tells about teenage school romance. The drama is currently airing and it started on April 21, 2019, on Naver TV Cast vLive on every Thursday and Sunday. The second season of A-TEEN will focus on the lead characters’ changes in their lives as their ages will turn to 18 and 19 years old. The drama will show the conflicts and worries that they’ll have when they will have to face the biggest obstacles in their lives, the college entrance examination. It will also point out the choices they will make in the process of preparing for their examinations.

Ryu Eui-hyun acts as Cha Ki Hyun, someone who likes to joke around and is a mood booster. He’s also the boyfriend of Yeo Bo-ram, who is played by Kim Soo-hyun.

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