AOA’s Shin Hye-jeong and Actor Ryu Ui-hyun Admitted to be Dating? Let’s Find Out the Truth!

Learn More About AOA’ Shin Hye-jeong and Actor Ryu Ui-hyun

South Korean entertainment is in an uproar with the dating news of AOA’s Hye-jeong and Actor Ryu Ui-hyun. Shin Hye-Jeong is a member of the famous Korean idol group AOA, and she has also expanded her career into acting. Hye-jeong debuted as an AOA member in 2012, with the single album “Angel’s Story.” She has been actively promoting as both an idol and an actress. Ryu Ui-hyun is a South Korean rookie actor who is most known for his role in the first season of the Korean web drama A-TEEN, and he’s set to come back for the show’s second season. Hye-jeong and Ui-Hyun reportedly have been dating for about five months.

The first time the two celebrities encountered each other was on the set of their new web drama series, called Can I Return The Heartache?. The drama aired earlier this year, from April 25 until May 2nd, 2019. The two actors played the lead roles in the drama. Since then, Hye-Jeong and Ui-hyun got to know each other through the filming of the drama and decided to date at the end of last year.

In this article, Channel-Korea will tell you all about AOA’s Shin Hye-jeong and Actor Ryu Ui-hyun. So, stay tuned!

Starred in the Same Web Drama, Shin Hye-jeong and Ryu Ui-hyun Confirmed to be Dating

AOA’s Hye-jeong and actor Ryu Ui-hyun starred as main cast in the Korean web drama Can I Return The Heartache?, which is a romantic comedy story of a young woman who is passionate about fighting for justice and a young man who has no passion in his life.

The web drama also talks about trendy online content creators, who are key figures in society nowadays. Hye-jeong played a role as a hot-tempered Mukbang BJ, or BJ Angry Unnie, a student who has cruel mouth. BJ has a friend, Jenny Lee, played by Sun Ah. She is a singer who falls in love with Art Park, who is played by Joo Won-tak.

Ryu Ui-hyun played as Shrek, who is Jangsu Salsa TV director. He lives his life without motivation. Then love blooms between BJ and Shrek.

After 5 Months, Shin Hye-Jeong and Ryu Ui-Hyun Revealed Their Relationship

AOA’s Hye-jeong and the hottest actor Ui-hyun have confirmed their dating news to the public after having been together for five months. The two decided to announce their relationship to the public fairly quickly for a celebrity couple. Usually, most Idols such as Hye-Jeong tend to be discouraged from declaring their relationships to the public. However, this celebrity couple news is different, they made a refreshing change of usual, strict rules of K-pop. Nevertheless, the news has received a warm reception from fans.

Hye-jeong’s agency, FNC Entertainment, has confirmed the rumors. The agency said that Hye-jeong and Ryu Ui-hyun met through their drama in December, and have been dating since the beginning of the year. WAZE Entertainment, Ui-hyun’s agency, has also confirmed that the two met through the drama filming last year and have been dating.

The Love Began While Shin Hye-jeong and Ryu Ui-hyun Were Filming

Hye-jeong and Ryu Ui-hyun played as a couple in the web drama Can I Return the Heartache? After getting to know each other through the drama filming, they decided to start a relationship in real life.

On April 8, news outlet Newsen claimed that the celebrity couple has been dating for five months. According to an insider,  the two started dating in December last year. They meet up confidently and have announced that they are a couple to their friends. They usually have dated at a Gangnam restaurant, a movie theater, and at the shopping mall in Hanam, Gyeonggi province of South Korea.

After the news spread widely, Hye-jeong’s agency, FNC Entertainment, responded that they would like to check the news with Hye-jeong. Ryu Ui-hyun’s agency also stated that they will respond to the news after confirming it with the actor.

Netizen’s Reactions

As the new celebrity couple, Hye-jeong and Ui-hyun overcame an age difference of 6 years and coolly admitted that they are in a relationship. Hye-jeong was born on August 10, 1993 and she is 26 years old now, while her boyfriend, Ryu Ui-hyun, was born on April 5, 1999 and he is 20 years old.

According to Ryu Ui-hyun’s agency, it’s better to reveal it honestly rather than lying. They are young and it would be nice if people can support them. Although their ages are 6 years apart, fans warmly accepted the dating news and congratulated them. Fans said that dating is not a scandal and an age gap is just a number. True love does not care if someone is older or younger, while both love each other and have respect for each other.

However, there are still some fans that harshly criticize them because of their age difference. Hye-jeong is older than Ui-hyun and he looks like a kid.