List of AOA Black Albums and Songs You Have To Download

aoa black

FNC Entertainment: Sub Unit of AOA “AOA Black”

AOA Black was released by FNC Entertainment on July 26, 2013. AOA Black is the subgroup or sub unit of Korean group namely AOA (an acronym of Ace of Angels). Currently, this group consists of 3 members which are Shin Ji-Min (Guitar), Seo Yu-Na (Keyboard) and Kwon Mina (Bass). AOA has been familiar as the Korean band consisting of a band unit and dance unit. In 2013, The AOA Black made their first debut with single album “Moya” released in July 26. As sub-unit of Ace of Angels (AOA), some netizen believed that AOA Black is kind of the backbone of the group since the strongest vocalist and rapper are a part of AOA Black. That’s why, many of people especially “Elvis” (The AOA fandom name) are waiting for the AOA Black performance all the time. 

AOA Black Discography

aoa black

AOA black started their career by producing a single album “Moya”. This album was successful and went to the top of Korean music charts at that time.

AOA Black

AOA BLACK The 3rd Single Album ‘MOYA’ Tracklist

  • Moya – lyrics by Han Sungho and composition by Kim Do Hoon
  • Without You – lyrics made and composed by Kim Jaeyang
  • Moya (Instrument) – Composed by Kim Do Hoon
  • Without You (Instrument) – composed by Kim Jaeyang

In 2013 AOA wanted to show a different appearance than before. Unlike the previous album which was “Get Out”, the songs that are more ‘naughty’. AOA Black’s new songs look softer. AOA Black has released a series of teasers including MV teasers and movie and photo-member versions that make fans look very forward to their comeback. Here are some fascinating photos of AOA for Moya album:


Here the Moya MV Teasers:

As you can see in the video, the concept of the song is a more fun and upbeat one. All the members use the colorful outfits and it looks more shiny compared to the previous song. What’s your opinion about this song? Did you like AOA looking so cheerful like this?

After the “Moya” album, AOA Black has not produced anymore albums, but there are some issues with their comeback. They are planning to make a big comeback in 2016. The reason why for almost 3 years AOA Members didn’t make their comeback is because all the member are busy with their personal activities. Fortunately, AOA management says that in the middle of 2016 they will make a big comeback. Now, all the members are preparing for a comeback, recording music and practicing dances. This year’s comeback is not only to return as a dance group but they also prepare to release the song as their sub unit AOA Black. And this time AOA Black will comeback with Jimin, Choa, Yuna, Mina and Youkyung.