Check Out AOA’s Appearance On Mnet’s ‘Queendom’

The ‘Ace Of Angels‘ Come back Through The Celebrity Survival Show, Queendom!

Do you know the hitmaker of K-Pop songs, Miniskirt? It was performed by the girl-group that was signed under FNC Entertainment, AOA! The group consists 5 members, Jimin, Yuna, Hye-jeong, Seol-hyun and Chanmi, and is now having their comeback through girl-group survival show, Mnet’s Queendom!

In this show, AOA will perform their best songs on stage, after their latest comeback in 2018 with Bingle Bangle. Are you curious about their appearance on Mnet’s Queendom? Let’s find out more in the article, below!

About The Show

The Korean broadcasting company, Mnet has released their new survival show, titled Queendom. This program premiered at the end of August, 2019. Queendom has a concept of inviting six K-Pop girl-groups who have their latest comeback or are releasing a new song in the same date, and they became rivals on the music charts.

Actress Lee Da-hee was chosen as Queendom’s MC, and when her teaser was released, she revealed that Queendom will be having the head-to-head competition to decide the winner.

When idol was on their comeback, they tried to avoid the competition directly with another group. This show will represent another concept and this is 100% head-to-head competition to decide who will be the winner on top.” she said.

Queendom, began their filming schedule on July 29, 2019, on 08.30 PM KST at the Broadcasting Support Center, Goyang City, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea. Mnet has already confirmed the contestants who will be challenged in Queendom, such as MAMAMOO, AOA, Lovelyz, Oh My Girl, Park Bom, and (G)I-DLE.

The show airs every Thursday at 9:20 PM KST, and every contestant will release a new single as they perform every week, which will also enter the music charts. Beside releasing every contestant’s performance every week, Queendom will air for 10 weeks, until October 31, 2019, along with the final winner announcement.

Queendom‘s PD ensures that the program will not be manipulated with regard to the results of the vote. That was conveyed directly by Jo Wook-hyung PD, when having a press conference for the show on August 26, 2019.

Given the recent controversy related to fraud on the results of the voting program Produce X 101, many fans are worried that Queendom will also commit the same fraud. Responding to that, Jo Wook-hyung PD said, “We are aware of the seriousness of this problem. For the live broadcast of the final episode, supervisors will be brought in to observe the voice sent via SMS. We will also store all the data from the sound given in episodes that are not broadcast live, so we can disclose the data if needed later.

In addition, PD Jo Wook-hyung also expressed his desire to make the male version of Queendom. “If ‘Queendom’ is successful, we might also prepare the‘ Kingdom’ program.”

Meanwhile, the final ranking will be based on the criteria below, such as:

  1. There will be 3 preliminary performances and the score will be combined, with a maximum of 35.000 points
  2. Their comeback singles will be calculated in digital points from the time of the song’s release, for a maximum of 15.000 points
  3. The final comeback stage will be broadcast live, and maximum score will have 50.000 points

The contestant who wins the performance will be given a comeback show and choose the new song or other hit songs. They will also have the chance to arrange the song for the next performance, and the comeback show will be broadcast on M2 and Mnet. If there’s a contestant who gets placed 6th rank twice during the preliminary performances, they have to step down from the show

Press Conference

The girl-groups who are contestants on Queendom talked about their feelings and goals when the competition will begin. On August 26, 2019, the show held a press conference in Seoul, which was attended by production director Jo Wook-hyung PD, Lee Da-hee, as MC, Jang Sung-kyu, and the competing idol groups, such as AOA, (G) I-DLE, Lovelyz, MAMAMOO, Oh My Girl, and Park Bom.

When the interviewer asked about their resolution in terms of appearing on the show, AOA said, “We have prepared various performances with diverse styles, so we hope the viewers enjoy while watching it.” (G) I-DLE said, “It is an honor for us to be on the same stage with these senior artists through ‘Queendom.’ As the youngest artists, we aim to develop and show how we work hard.

Lovelyz promised, “Through ‘Queendom’ we will show various aspects of ourselves that we have not shown before.” MAMAMOO commented, “As we said in our previous concert, there is no such thing as “exactly the same appearance” in the MAMAMOO dictionary. Just like that, we will display a cool and great appearance on ‘Queendom’ as well. Thank you.” The MC for this program clarified that, while Wheein was unable to attend the press conference due to health issues, she would take part in the competition with the group.

Oh My Girl said, “Since this is our first time performing on a survival show program, we are really nervous. But as a group that takes on many different concepts, we will perform with many of our hidden concepts and charms.” Park Bom said, “I am nervous to take part in the competition program and it was fun.”

Opening Performance

For AOA’s opening performance on Queendom, the stage was filled with five members of the group, and they wore all-white outfits. The hitmakers of Good Luck, were dancing along to the song and, at the end, Seolhyun walked to the camera and made eye-contact through the lens, while smiling at the camera.

For their first performance, AOA performed their top song, Miniskirt, with having the concept of Broadway. Although performed with only five members, they left their fans and the other contestants backstage, cheering them throughout the whole performance.

Oh My Girls’ Jiho commented “They really are angels!” after a few moments of AOA’s performance with Miniskirt. They arranged the song with a classic tango rhythm, but created the whole concept and choreography to have sexy and elegant vibes.

Oh My Girls’ Mimi and Hyo-jung commented with shocked expressions, by saying, “Isn’t that a bit too sexy?”, after watching AOA’s Hyejeong do some dance moves while lying on the floor.

Right after the signature choreography in Miniskirt, where they unzipped their side skirt, Oh My Girl’s members were going crazy as the leader, Seung-hee, exclaimed, “Oh no!! They unzipped their skirts!

Then (G)I-DLE’s Yuqi commented, after AOA sang their refrain, “They are on another level! Oh my god!” and the members were cheering for AOA.

Park Bom, who was the one and only soloist that joined the competition, commented, “They are all so talented.

When the performance reached the place in the choreography which was arranged for their performance in Queendom, suddenly the music stopped and the back dancers brought chairs for each of the members, who did dance moves using the chairs. Lovelyz’s Mijoo commented, “What? What are they gonna do next?!”, with a surprised expression.

Following the reaction of Lovelyz’s Mijoo, the (G)I-DLE members were surprised by the appearance of the chairs in the middle of the performance.

After the camera filmed all the AOA members, Oh My Girl saw someone was missing during the performance, since there was only four members on the stage. MAMAMOO’s Solar also saw that one member was missing, and commented, “Someone is missing, where is she?

After the member who was missing, Chan-mi, finally did her solo performance, Oh My Girl and (G)I-DLE were shocked and screamed right after Chan-mi’s appearance on stage.

MAMAMOO commented “They must’ve practice so hard for this. Totally.”, after watching AOA’s Chan-mi solo performance on stage.

(G)-IDLE’s Yuqi had the same reaction, that AOA was really amazing with their performance, saying, “They are incredible… oh my god!

Oh My Girl’s Jiho also complimented AOA’s performance, by saying, “I got goosebumps” . Seunghee and YooA, watched AOA’s dance break without saying anything, but were clearly amazed by every move.

The dance break wasn’t the end of their performance. AOA’s Yuna continued singing the lyrics, and Oh My Girl’s Seunghee commented backstage, saying, “But are you really?”, then continued, “That’s not fair!!”, just like the performance would never end.

AOA’s preliminary performance with their signature hit song was ranked at 4th place, with a total audience of 3.726 and a self-assessment of 1.000.

Public and Fan Reactions

Queendom released the first episode on August 29, 2019. This television program features a competition between six girl-groups, MAMAMOO, AOA, Lovelyz, Oh My Girl, (G) I-DLE, and Park Bom to get the best title.

On their premiere broadcast, the production team apparently revealed the participants of Queendom to the opponents issuing Park Bom. The staff explained that the identity of the former 2NE1 member would be revealed once she appeared on stage.

Hearing that, AOA’s Jimin apparently did not accept it. “So you mean that person already knows who we are? Isn’t this unfair? Isn’t this competition?” said the member who had previously joined Unpretty Rapstar, and was approved by her teammate, Seolhyun.

Even though she did not know that the secret participant was Park Bom, Jimin’s statement had both its supporters and its critics among South Korean netizens. Some gave support because they considered the production team to be unfair, but many also sneered at Jimin.

Her father (Park Bom) is either a gangster or Moon Jae In (President of South Korea),” wrote one netizen. “A drug dealer is on TV. That in itself is already a special treatment,” continued another. “She (Jimin) doesn’t even have the ability to approach (Park Bom),” added another netizen. “The twin of Nick Fury (character in the MCU),” another one followed. “Jimin, have you studied history?” concluded another netizen.

On September 12, 2019, AOA performed a cover song on Queendom, by doing the song Egoistic, from MAMAMOO.

AOA, themselves, appeared with the totality from the selection of stage costumes and background dancers for their appearance when entertaining fans who came. The group’s performance was closed with a charming smile from Seolhyun, who was their center.

AOA’s appearance immediately became the spotlight for South Korean netizens. Different from what is usually criticized, now Jimin and her fellow members are being flooded with new fans because of their stunning performances.

AOA is really cool today. They’ve debuted for eight years but still work hard until now. I’m almost a fan

‘Queendom made me an AOA fan.

AOA was truly extraordinary today. I signed up to become a fan.

AOA is amazing. Seolhyun made me going crazy.”

AOA won this week. They have a total cover performance like it’s their own. They say they practice every day. They are the third-best this week.

Prediction For The Upcoming Episodes

After performing with the songs, Miniskirt and Egotistic, AOA went to studio to do their interview session with the other contestants. Although it was very awkward, the MC tried to reduce some of the tension by asking the contestants a few questions.

(G)-IDLE’s Minnie spoke for her group, and explained about how they chose AOA to get the lowest rank through their performance to MAMAMOO’s Egotistic. Minnie said that they have expectations that AOA wouldl get the best performance in this episode, seeing from their performance on the previous episode.

But then, AOA’s Jimin cut into Minnie’s explanation, saying, “Ah.. So we didn’t meet their expectations?!

The contestants were laughing at Jimin’s sudden reaction to how they got the lowest rank in the episode, but the MC commented, “Try not to get too angry”, since her reaction was a sign that the rapper was about to scold another contestant during the filming.

She continued by saying that they do not actually care about the ranking. The MC then asked about AOA’s Seolhyun’s feelings about their ranking, and she said, “A lot of groups chose us as ‘above’  last week. We weren’t expecting that and we sort of expected our performance to get criticized today so.. we didn’t meet your expectation?

The visual and center of AOA, Seolhyun, suddenly commented with the same lines as her member, Jimin. The unexpected moment made Minnie stand up and bow down to AOA, just in case they were hurt by her previous comment, saying that she didn’t actually mean it.

On their individual interviews, AOA revealed that they were actually joking by giving that reaction to their hoobae, (G)-IDLE. Seolhyun also added, “We wouldn’t have said stuff like that if we were really mad.” Which was followed by her teammate, Jimin, who commented, “Yeah, I would’ve just walked out the door.

Next, Oh My Girl was the contestant who chose AOA as the girl-group who should rank above them in this episode. On AOA’s individual interview, Jimin said that she doesn’t care about the result or whether they will get the best performance or not, since she couldn’t do anything about it.

After the MC revealed that Oh My Girl chose AOA as having the best performance in this episode, Jimin and Hye-jeong clapped their hands together as they received a compliment and a different perspective from their rival in the show.

Soon after the hilarious reaction from Jimin, MC Jang Sung-kyu approached her and commented, “I thought you didn’t care about the result,” since she looked so happy over the result they received. “You seem really obsessed with your team’s ranking,” the MC said after AOA’s Jimin returned to her seat, but she responded by saying, “Nope! Not at all.

It was obvious that Jimin was very happy to receive a nice comment from their hoobae. Right after Oh My Girl’s YooA explained why they chose AOA for the highest score, Jimin was the only member who clapped her hands, and the MC quickly responded to her reaction by saying, “You are really obsessed with the ranking, aren’t you?” but Jimin denied it right away.

YooA explained that they were totally mesmerized by AOA’s performance of Egotistic and that’s why they chose the hitmaker of Excuse Me to receive the highest rank in this episode.

Latest News

On September 20, 2019, AOA’s Seolhyun was chosen to be a model for Allure Korea magazine. She did an interview during the photoshoot as the cover model. The visual and center of AOA revealed her feelings about being a contestant on Mnet’s Queendom with her members, and talked about her role in the upcoming drama, My Country.

“There was many side of AOA’s concept that we couldn’t show up through the show but we still use the opportunity to performed as a whole group with a brand new concept. Queendom is a show which gave us the chance to grow and practice together again with five members.”

Meanwhile, the upcoming drama stars Seolhyun, who will be playing as the character of Han Hee-jae, a young woman who has an intelligent and sharp-sighted personality.

AOA is one of girl-groups that debuted under FNC Entertainment. They’re famous for their great music and their sexy concept. During this show, AOA worked so hard to perform and show another side of their group, which made the audience and fans give them compliments and cheer throughout this comeback battle on Queendom. Let’s hope all the best for AOA’s career, so we can see their promotion and comeback as a group in the future!