K-Drama Review: A Troublemaker Angel Must Find Love For A Ballerina in ‘Angel’s Last Mission: Love’

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An Angel Falls In Love with a Human

We are coming back again with another K-Drama review! This time, we will talk about Angel’s Last Mission: Love! Have you heard of it? Don’t worry, Channel Korea will give you the details about this drama, so stay tuned!

If you’re looking for fantasy-romance drama, Angel’s Last Mission: Love is one of the highest recommendation for you! Since the drama was about a human and an angel who was looking for a true love from a girl, their journey and love story is as interesting as you could want! Do you want to know more?


Through this article, Channel Korea has introduced you the romantic journey between a human and angel from Angel’s Last Mission: Love!

Angel’s Last Mission: Love: Review


Angel’s Last Mission: Love was a fantasy-comedy-romance K-Drama which was released in May, 2019. The story was about an angel named Kim Dan (played by Kim Myung-soo/INFINITE’s L). He used to be known as Cupid, who often did a lot of rebellious things. For his punishment, he was sent to Earth to undergo a mission, if he succeeded, he would be able to came back to Heaven.

The mission was to find true love with a girl named Lee Yun-seo (played by Shin Hye-sun), but it was quite hard because Lee Yun-seo was a girl who didn’t have much interest with love. She was the heir of her family’s ballet company after her parents died, but she dreamed of being a ballerina. She failed, due to his tragic accident which also caused her vision damage. She became blind and didn’t make it to be a ballerina.

Since she was blind after the accident, Lee Yun-seo was becoming a petulant person. But, to make a long story short, even though she was blind, she could feel the presence of Kim Dan. Even though at first their encounters didn’t go well, as time went by, Lee Yun-seo was starting to accept Kim Dan’s presence, and Kim Dan saved her on a couple of occasions.

Things became pleasant and sweet when they fell in love, yet were still complicated at the same time, because Kim Dan, who was an angel, shouldn’t have fallen in love with a human, it caused him to be a sinner.

From the brief summary about Angel’s Last Mission: Love, we’re sure that all of you would like to watch the drama, right? Especially people who really love a good fantasy series! We  highly recommend it for you, so don’t forget to add Angel’s Last Mission: Love on your K-Drama list!

Here are the general information and official poster for Angel’s Last Mission: Love!


Title: Angel’s Last Mission: Love

Genre: Fantasy, Romance

Directed by: Lee Jung-sub

Written by: Choi Yoon-kyo

Starring by: Shin Hye-sun, Kim Myung-soo, Lee Dong-gun, Kim Bo-mi, Do Ji-won

Episodes: 32

Scenes in Angel’s Last Mission: Love

Let’s take a look at some scenes in Angel’s Last Mission: Love here!






There are lots of romantic moments between Lee Yun-seo and Kim Dan, whenever and wherever they are!


One of the sweet moments is the first encounter between Lee Yun-seo and Kim Dan, when Lee Yun-seo hasn’t gotten her vision back!


One of the heart-breaking scenes was when Kim Dan found out that Lee Yun-seo had been stabbed!

Angel’s Last Mission: Love Spoiler Alert!

Right after the synopsis, people must be curious about Angel’s Last Mission: Love ends, right? Warning! This part contains spoilers, so prepare yourself!

In the last episodes of Angel’s Last Mission: Love, when Lee Yun-seo was rushed into hospital because she had been stabbed, Kim Dan was there for her, even though she was still unconscious. Previously, Lee Yun-seo was kind of writing a journal and said that she never realized that every moment might be the last in every time. During Lee Yun-seo’s unconscious time, Kim Dan made a dream for her. In her dream, they were happily living together and doing a lot of pleasant things, until Lee Yun-seo, in her dream, realized that none of it was real.

It turns out, the dream was made by Kim Dan while he was sitting next to her in her hospital room. They both realized that it was their proper last goodbye, because Kim Dan was being sent back to Heaven since he finished the mission, even though he used to be a sinner because he fell in love with a human.

Kim Dan got a chance to be always beside Lee Yun-seo and, as the ransom, no one could ever see him, including Lee Yun-seo, even though her vision had been restored. Sometimes Lee Yun-seo thought that she could feel Kim Dan’s presence, which was true since Kim Dan always followed her, wherever she went.


One day, when Lee Yun-seo was sitting in the park, she promised herself that she would live happily, but she also promised that she would think about Kim Dan every day. She didn’t know that Kim Dan was sitting next to her until he caressed her chin, and immediately Lee Yun-seo started tilting her head as if she could see him. Then she put her arms into Kim Dan’s chest and felt his heartbeat, which was the sign that Kim Dan in front of her was real.

They were hugging each other and we could hear Kim Dan’s last narrative report that their encounter was within the providence, and they would live with their miraculous love together.