Angelina Danilova: Profile, Career Journey, Appearance On Variety Shows, Etc.

Angelina Danilova’s Appearance On Variety Shows and Music Videos

angelina danilova model profile

This Russian model is well-known for her multiple appearances as a guest star on variety shows and as a brand ambassador for products released in South Korea. Many know her as ‘The Prettiest K-Pop Fan’ and invite a lot of curiosity from the public. She is also often invited to several TV shows to introduce who Angelina Danilova is.

Let’s take a look at some of Angelina Danilova’s appearances as a cast member or guest star on variety shows and music videos!

Angelina Danilova In KBS2′ ‘Happy Together 4’

angelina danilova model profile

Angelina Danilova appeared as a guest star on KBS2’ ‘Happy Together: Season 4’ on several episodes that aired on March 28, 2019, and April 4, 2019. Model Angelina Danilova becomes a hot topic these days. Angelina Danilova is born in 1996, 24 years old when the broadcast aired, and is a Russian. After appearing on tvN’s ‘Babel 250’ in 2016, she started broadcasting in earnest in Korea.

angelina danilova model profile

On the other hand, Angelina Danilova appeared on the KBS2’s ‘Happy Together 4’ as a special feature of ‘I Live in Korea’ and appeared with other guest stars, such as Robert Harley, Sam Hammington, Guzal Tursunova, and others appeared and shared various stories.

angelina danilova model profile

In particular, Angelina Danilova said on the broadcasting, “I’m up to five languages, including Korean, English, Italian, and Serbian,” and said, “2018 was very difficult because I can’t pronounce Korean well,” and made the audience laugh.

angelina danilova model profile

In the recent episode, Angelina Danilova drew attention by confessing her experience of her first unexpected encounter. Angelina said, “It was a new world when I was trying to go out (in Korea) for the first time. My skin was like ice cream.” In particular, Angelina said, “It’s the coolest time to pushed my confidence level back then,” and explode her laughter by picking up her charm points.

Angelina Danilova In JTBC’s ‘Love of 7.7 Billion’

angelina danilova model profile

Angelina Danilova was present as a panelist at JTBC’s ‘Love of 7.7 Billion, ’ which was broadcast on February 10, 2020. Through her Instagram, Angelina Danilova said in a caption in the photo that she uploaded, “In the meantime, Love pf 7.7 Billion has been a very precious and meaningful experience for me. I was able to meet good people who are not only humorous and cool but also smart and intelligent.

angelina danilova model profile

In the photos that she posted, Angelina Danilova is wearing a black suit and gold point accessories with her short hair over her head.

In the last few months of filming this program, in the process of supporting and supporting each other, we feel that we have become truly familylike to each other. In particular, this program seems to be great in that it deals with several important and serious topics that people don’t talk about often in the air.”

It was a great honor for me to have the experience of discussing and expressing my opinions on various topics on the air. I was pleased to have it. It was a really meaningful experience to be able to share the perspectives of people from different countries with the viewers, talk about the cultures of different countries, and share with them,” she said.

Angelina Danilova In JTBC’s ‘Hon-Life: Satisfaction Project’

angelina danilova model profile

Angelina Danilova was present as a guest star on JTBC’s ‘Hon-Life: Satisfaction Project’ broadcast from August 31 until September 7, 2019. In this variety show, Angelina Danilova introduced viewers to her daily life in South Korea. She also learned a lot about South Korean culture and tried to make a driving license as a foreign national who settled in South Korea on one of the episodes.

In this episode, Angelina Danilova has to take several driving tests, from a written test to practice driving in a special place for the test. The model from Russia tried so hard to get the best result that she passed a driving test and was able to get her driving license because she plans to stay in South Korea for a long time.

After her practical exam, she managed to get a driving license and drove her own car in public spaces to make his transportation easier. Angelina Danilova looks happy when trying to drive a car on the streets and takes the time to upload her driving license photo to Instagram as an honor for her who has passed a quite difficult test.

Angelina Danilova In Hanhae’s EYESCREAM‘s MV

In 2016, rapper Hanhae released his latest song entitled Eyescream. Actually, this is another word for ice cream because you can see some ice cream that looks yummy in some scenes in this music video. Beside that, Angelina Danilova is also seen as a female model in the music video. She looks like a gorgeous baby doll and collides acting with Hanhae in Eyescream‘s music video, which is perfect for listening to this summer.

Angelina Danilova In Eddy Kim’s Heart Pound‘s MV

Another male soloist who has presented Angelina Danilova is Eddy Kim. One of the soloists who is famous for songs often used as K-Drama soundtracks, he released a song in 2017 with the title Heart Pound. In this music video, you can see Angelina Danilova and another model appearing with a party scene with a retro feel to Heart Pound‘s music video.

Angelina Danilova In Swings’ Usain Bolt‘s MV

In 2019, Angelina Danilova returned as a model who appeared in the music video entitled Usain Bolt. The 3:31 duration music video shows several running competitions with very South Korean models and a special appearance from DJ Soda, who was also present in the music video. With short hair and wearing yellow sportswear and black leggings, you can spot Angelina Danilova, who enlivened the music video with several other models on Usain Bolt‘s music video.

Angelina Danilova’s Modelling

angelina danilova model profile

Before leaving for South Korea to continue her career, Angelina Danilova was a student in Russia. Apart from being smart academically, Angelina Danilova is also good at languages and has perfect visuals to get a job as a model in South Korea easily.

Beside that, Angelina Danilova has also successfully signed contracts with several magazines released in South Korea, such as Maxim Korea March 2017 Issue, Tag Magazine, Jean-Charles de Castelbajac 17 FW Pictorial, December Issue of HIM, and many other companies that designate Angelina Danilova for their product advertising model.

Let’s look at some portraits of Angelina Danilova as a model for a magazine in the section below!

angelina danilova model profile
angelina danilova model profile
angelina danilova model profile
angelina danilova model profile

Maxim Korea March 2017 Issue

angelina danilova model profile

angelina danilova model profile angelina danilova model profile

Tag Magazine

angelina danilova model profile
angelina danilova model profile

Jean-Charles de Castelbajac 17 FW Pictorial

Who Is Angelina Danilova’s Boyfriend?

Angelina Danilova is very famous for her perfect visual and body goals as well. It seems that nothing is less than her if you pay attention to everything she shows on social media and when she appeared on television.

What is being asked a lot about her is whether Angelina Danilova has a boyfriend or not?

In one of the vlogs that have been published on her Youtube channel, Angelina Danilova conducts a QnA session where she will answer questions given by her followers on social media about things that might be asked about her identity and how she came to South Korea.

And the answer is Angelina Danilova says that she doesn’t have a boyfriend at that time, and she’s free from any relationship.

Well, that’s all the detailed information about Angelina Danilova, a Russian model who came to South Korea to continue her career. Even though it sounds like she has many difficulties adapting to South Korean culture, Angelina Danilova has a strong determination to learn a lot and explore new things. Let’s give a lot of support and love to Angelina Danilova so that her career can shine even more! If you liked this article, don’t forget to share it on social media, and look forward to the next interesting article.