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Andrea Bang

Learn More About Korean-Canadian Actress Andrea Bang’s Full Profile, Career Journey, Relationship, Etc.

Being an immigrant is not an easy thing for everyone. There are many challenges they have to face while living in a country other than their home country. Some famous actresses and actors in Hollywood and several other countries come from abroad. Those who manage to become celebrities outside of their home country prove that they can achieve success anywhere.

One of the actresses best known for her performance as a female character named Janet Kim on CBC’s Kim’s Convenience is an immigrant from South Korea who lives in Canada with her family. The actress is Andrea Bang who was born in Canada and has now managed to find success thanks to her appearance in the sitcom that made her name popular around 2016.

In the article below, let’s take a look at more detailed information about who Andrea Bang is, her full profile, appearances on TV shows, and much more!

Full Profile of Andrea Bang

Andrea Bang

Real Name: Andrea Bang

Birth: Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada, May 2, 1989

Occupation: Writer, Actress

Active Years: 2011-Present

Education: University of British Columbia

Official Sites:

Andrea Bang’s Appearances on TV Shows

Having been successful as an actress who often appears on television, of course, Andrea Bang has already appeared in several different roles. This is also proof that Andrea Bang has excellent acting skills, and she has also been nominated for a Canadian Screen Award and Best Actress in a Comedy Series at the 5th Canadian Screen Awards.

If you are curious about what roles Andrea Bang has played, check out the session below to get to know more about her roles in TV shows!

Andrea Bang in Running With Violet

Andrea Bang

Running With Violet is a comedic web drama with several main characters such as Rebecca Davey (played as Jolene) and Marie-Claire Marcotte (played as Miranda). Running With Violet began broadcasting its premiere on the YouTube channel in February 2017 with a total of 21 episodes and 2 Seasons. This Canadian drama has also managed to generate more than 1.5 million views on YouTube.

Andrea Bang

Running With Violet has a story about Miranda who is a housewife and Jolene who is a single mother, and they both try a weekend getaway with Jolene’s daughter, Violet. Set in the fictional small town of Pictonville, Ontario, they encounter unfortunate events and must explore a dangerous crime network in order to survive. In Season 2, the story continues about two friends who are trapped in the sphere of health and beauty where they have to find illegal drugs to get big money.

Andrea Bang

In Running With Violet, Andrea Bang plays a woman named Samantha who works by selling for the beauty empire Bae Mine. Samantha is the girlfriend of Xorge who loves to go to parties. Samantha also uses certain drugs to reduce fatigue due to her stressful work.

Andrea Bang in Karaoke Mamas

Karaoke Mamas is a short film directed by Andrea Bang and written by her sister, Diana Bang, which aired in 2018. Karaoke Mamas tells the story of 3 Korean women who are 62, divorced, and starting their new lives by trying to win a karaoke contest on TV. The story starts with Sang-mi played by Eun-sook Choi who recently got divorced and moves to a new house.

Andrea Bang

Then, she realizes that her TV had been destroyed by her ex-husband. She and her friends, Ye-kyung (played by Soon-ja Hwang) and Ji-won (played by Mi-young Yoo), try to enter a karaoke competition to buy a new TV. Even though they are elderly, the three women dance with very agile movements and sing with enthusiasm.

Andrea Bang in Camp Death

Andrea Bang

Camp Death III in 2D! is a horror-comedy film originating from Canad and airing on February 15, 2019, via Amazon Prime. This film is based on the famous horror story Friday the 13th. Camp Death III in 2D! is a story about the terror of Johann van Damme who went berserk and Camp Crystal Meth which was closed for three years since the murder by Johann Van Damme at that location. Finally, Johann van Damme is detained in a mental hospital, and his condition is safe. The campsite is reopened as a rehabilitation center for crazy criminals.

Andrea Bang

Camp Crystal Meth is run by a team of very unqualified counselors, and there are a lot of stupid people in there so there are lots of ridiculous scenes and jokes. Meanwhile, Andrea Bang plays Angela Park in this film.

Andrea Bang in Adventures in Public School

Andrea Bang

Adventures in Public School is a comedic film directed by Kyle Rideout and released on April 27, 2018. Adventures in Public School tells the story of Liam (played by Daniel Doheny), a freshman pursuing his physicist’s dream in Cambridge. On exam day, and the first time he sets foot in a public school, Liam comes across Anastasia (played by Siobhan Williams), a teenager who lost a leg due to cancer, and immediately falls in love with her. In this drama, Andrea Bang only plays a minor role as a character named Autumn.

Andrea Bang in Bon Bon Fire


Andrea Bang

Bon Bon Fire is a Canadian short film in the fantasy-horror genre that was directed by Sharon Lin and was released on April 23, 2016. Bon Bon Fire tells the story of Sinclaire Suzuki (played by Andrea Bang) who fulfills the wishes of her deceased mother who is in hell to start a massacre to collect mankind’s sins in the form of candy.

Andrea Bang’s Unforgettable Appearance in Kim’s Convenience

Andrea Bang

Kim’s Convenience tells the story of a Korean family that migrates to Canada to continue a better life. Mr. Kim and Mrs. Kim finally open a mini-market called Kim’s Convenience to support their family. In this series, the accent used by Mr. Kim and Mrs. Kim sounds very Korean. However, they are fluent in communicating with their customers who mostly speak English.

Andrea Bang

In Kim’s Convenience, Andrea Bang plays one of the key roles in the sitcom as Janet Kim, a student who attends OCAD University and is also the youngest member of the Kim family. Janet Kim studies photography and is a talented artist. She feels frustrated with her parents because she does not get enough support to continue her career as an artist. Janet is also very loved and spoiled by her parents.

Andrea Bang’s Writing

Andrea Bang

Many don’t know that Andrea Bang, apart from appearing on TV series as an actress with several different roles, has also succeeded in making other works with her writing which have been released. Andrea Bang is a Canadian actress who is certainly a talented one because she is also an alumni of the University of British Columbia in 2012.

Andrea Bang

In 2011, Andrea Bang released her first writing titled Schnitzel or Spaetzle. After the release of her first writing, Andrea Bang continued her career as an actress and starred in several new roles in which she has been successful. In 2015, Andrea Bang released another writing titled Playdate and successfully made it into a short film with herself as the main character. In 2017, Andrea Bang wrote another work titled Lucy Dies, and this was also one of the nominees for the best original script at the Asians on Film festival. And, her latest work, Karaoke Mamas, was written by Andrea Bang in 2018 and successfully made her become a director as well.

Who Is Andrea Bang’s Boyfriend?

Andrea Bang

Many of these successful celebrities have started to have special relationships with someone out there. It’s not unusual to hear of celebrities dating other celebrities or non-celebs as well. What about Andrea Bang? The multitalented actress has starred in many TV shows and movies. Of course, she has met many male celebrities in several projects she has attended.

However, what about Andrea Bang’s real-life romance? Until now, the actress who has grown in popularity after appearing in Kim’s Convenience as Janet has never been involved in a dating rumor and has continued her career in the entertainment industry without any rumors about her private life. So, we can be sure that Andrea Bang is still single and does not have a boyfriend.

Well, that is all of the information about Andrea Bang’s full profile, career journey, and appearances in TV shows. Apart from being a multitalented actress, Andrea Bang has also begun to spread her wings to become a director and also a writer! Let’s keep supporting Andrea Bang so that her career will shine even more in the future!

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