YGX Singer Anda: Profile, Facts, Marriage Rumor With Billionaire

Anda’s Music Videos And Singles Throughout Times

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As a female soloist, Anda is one of the entertainers who are quite active in releasing several singles and music videos for the comeback stage series that their respective agencies usually schedule. In this session, we will see more music videos from Anda, which are her ultimate singles!

Don’t Ask (말고) (as Andamiro) (feat. YDG)

Debuted in 2012, Anda released his debut music video entitled Don’t Ask. At that time, Anda had a debut name as Andamiro. In the debut music video, Anda already looks unique with the overall concept she has. She looks like a celebrity in the 80s with disco songs and some women who are backup dancers who accompany her performance with typical disco songs. Don’t Ask is also a collaborative project from Anda and also male singer Yang Dong-geun.

Waiting (as Andamiro) (feat. Double K)

Andamiro, as one of the female singers who had just debuted at that time, re-released their next single in 2013 with a new song called Waiting. Andamiro looks very beautiful in the early scene of the song called Waiting. She returns with her second digital single, Waiting (feat. Double K), which has shown her mysterious charm and her overflowing talent, as well as her name. This song is a new medium-tempo acoustic (bicistronic) acoustic and electronic (electronic) crossover. The sound that has not yet been tried in Korea is raising great expectations in the global K-Pop market in the future.


Anda released another comeback single titled Touch in 2015. In the released music video, the strange figure of Anda, who faces face to face between someone’s legs with her eyes closed while spreading against the background of a stylish rhythmic hip-hop sound, attracts attention. Then, while the movement of her fascinating lips as if touching her thighs arouses her dizzying imagination, the appearance of Anda in the music video unfolds like a panorama, expressing her curiosity toward her main story.


The solo female singer Anda, who released various genres and showed her charm like eight colors, is back with TAXI, a new single released after Touch, which heated up this summer with sexy choreography and music videos, is gaining anticipation as the popular American producer team Da Beat Freakz participated in the work. TAXI is a mid-tempo R & B-style song based on a hip-hop beat, expressing the desire to find her love and leave freely anywhere. In her addictive rhymes captivating her listening ears and chic vocals, Anda’s sexiness found in her previous singles can also be found with smooth grooves and unique vocals.

What You Waiting For (뭘기다리고있어) (with R.Tee)

What You Waiting For is an upbeat EDM song produced by YG Entertainment’s talented producer R.Tee. Previously, What You Waiting For was rumored to be one of BLACKPINK‘s songs before it was finally given to Anda. This is also the first song released by Anda since he entered The Black Label, a YGX Entertainment subsidiary.

Who Is Anda’s Boyfriend?

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South Korean idols get a lot of rumors about their special relationship with someone. When it comes to dating rumors, of course, this will affect their respective careers even their personal lives. The same thing happened to Anda because she was exposed to dating rumors with a billionaire from Arabia. Not dating rumors, but the arrival of the man in South Korea who is rumored to be marrying Anda.

Who is this man? Is he Anda’s boyfriend? Let’s check out for detailed information in this session below!

Anda Revealed The Truth About Her Marriage Rumor

ygx singer and profile

In 2017, South Korea was shocked by the news that an Arab aristocrat wanted to apply for a solo singer, Anda. The man is Zayed Mansour, the nephew of Sheikh Mansour, the Deputy Prime Minister of Arabia. He came to Korea by private jet on December 20, 2017. According to reports, when asked about his arrival, Zayed Mansour said, “Ask Anda.”

In 2016 there were rumors that Anda was proposed by an Arab aristocrat, although at that time, the rumors had been denied by the agency. When asked about Zayed Mansour’s arrival to South Korea, Anda’s agency at that time, Esteem Entertainment, again denied that his arrival had anything to do with Anda. “Absolutely not, we’ve confirmed it, and Mansour has absolutely nothing to do with Anda.”

Well, that was all for the information of South Korean female singer, Anda, starting from her full profile, fun facts, career journey, and her music videos. Not forgetting about her previous marriage rumor with Deputy Prime Minister Arab around 2017. It must have been shocking news to her, but she can manage her career successfully until she made her latest comeback in 2018. Let’s keep support Anda to get a chance new to promote with a new song this year!

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