Amber Liu of f(x): From Her Latest News to Her Friendships with Other Idols


Amber Liu, the Tomboy Insider from Girl Group f(x)

Known professionally as Amber Liu or Amber, she is currently still a part of SM Entertainment’s inactive girl group f(x) who’s very popular for her boyish looks. If you’re a fan of 2nd generation K-pop, you must have heard about her reputation as an idol who has a lot of connections. Yes, she’s undoubtedly still considered one of the insiders in the K-pop idol world. “Insider” is a modern slang used by Korean young adults which describes someone who has a lot of friends, is sociable, and is liked by everyone. Meanwhile, the opposite would be an “outsider” or a “reject.”

So, here we are going to provide you some trivia about her friendship with other idol friends you might still not know! Also, keep on reading if you’re curious about how she’s been doing lately~

Amber’s Solo Activity


f(x) originally debuted as the quirky younger sister group to phenoms Girls’ Generation (SNSD), but for whatever reason, the group hasn’t been promoting since their last comeback in 2015 with “4 Walls.” The last time that they were active as a group was on November 15th, 2015, when they performed on SBS’s Inkigayo. With the other members beginning to focus on other things, Amber also has been focusing on YouTube and her solo music.

She debuted as a solo artist in February 2015 with the release of her EP Beautiful. The title track “Shake That Brass” featured Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon and her celebrity friends as cameos in her music video. A few days prior to the release of the album, a lyric video for the B-side track “Beautiful” was released. The music video contained childhood photos of the singer as well as photos since her debut as a member of f(x). Its lyrics tell the story of the difficulties she faced as she chased after her dreams of being an entertainer and how she liked herself the way she is.

Up until now with her being a solo artist, she has released many other tracks such as “Borders”, “Crossing”, “On My Own”, “Need to Feel Needed”, “Breathe Again”, even more recently the LA-born Liu has been releasing solo work on Soundcloud in English, mixtape “Rogue Rouge”, which contains tracks produced by people in her circle, such as Common Souls, Ryan Binhammer, and Gen Neo. It’s a notable change in operation from f(x), which was entirely assembled by SM Entertainment. She has also released a music video for one track, “Closed Doors”, on YouTube, with plans to release a total of six videos.

Amber’s Friendship with Other Celebrities/Idols


If you look at Amber’s past appearances on variety shows and photo updates on her personal social media, you can tell that she has so many friends who’re mostly foreigners or English speakers, but she also really treasures everyone around her, especially her own teammates in f(x).

On her first solo single “Shake That Brass” (video above) featuring SNSD’s Taeyeon, Amber boasted loads of celebrity cameos which in fact also her friends. There are Taeyeon and Hyoyeon of SNSD, Jackson of GOT7, Park Joon-Hyung of G.O.D, Min and Jia (Ex-Miss A), Ellin (Ex-Crayon Pop), Brad of Busker Busker, Woori (Ex-Rainbow), Aron of NU’EST, Rome of C-Clown, model Irene Kim and comedian Ahn Young-Mi. Here are some other trivia about Amber’s friendship you should know!

Amber’s Friendship with Male Celebrities/Idols

  • Has the most celebrities phone numbers on her phone than the other f(x) members.
  • She is close with Super Junior’s Donghae and Heechul, BTOB’s Peniel, GOT7’s Jackson – Bambam – Mark, BIG’s Benji, all members of SHINee, DAY6 members, BTS’s Taehyung (V), Kevin Woo & Alexander (Ex-UKISS), Eric Nam and NCT of Ten.
  • Amber is a fan of BTS and that she’s been friends with all of the members for a while now. BTS even helped her celebrate her birthday on “A Song For You” in 2014!
  • Key and f(x)’s Amber (when she was still a trainee) made a pact that they would have bubble tea together, but it has not yet been fulfilled.
  • She calls NCT’s Ten her son.
  • Amber and Jackson were filmed a few times for a reality show, and they are truly like long lost twins, both non-native Korean speakers, both funny and truly honest in everything they do.
  • Amber apologized after calling Henry ‘trash’ and Jay Park a ‘delinquent’ on a show. It showed how close they are that they calling each other ‘names’ thoughtlessly.

About Amber and Henry


Henry and Amber first met at a training hall. At first, Henry thought Amber was a boy. Amber is normally close with male idols, but back in 2013, she was suspected of being too close with Henry. The suspicions began because Henry and Amber visited a Japanese store run by one of Henry’s fans in Japan. No one knows why he stopped by there other than it seems he’s close with that fan. The fan wrote up a short account saying that the two bought a couple mug set. The post sounded like she knew something was up but was holding back. She said they left the store saying that they would use the mugs well. There are also some reasons why fans assumed they were a couple:

  • Henry and Amber were spotted by fans watching a romantic movie on Henry’s birthday, just the two of them.
  • On a TV show where Amber had to draw her ideal man, she drew someone similar to Henry. When asked by the MCs if it isn’t Henry, she looked shy about it.
  • On a 2011 radio show, Noh Hong Chul asked Amber if she ever dated a foreigner. She hesitated before saying it was a secret. Normally, knowing Amber’s personality, she would’ve said no right away.
  • Amber knows all of Henry’s non-celebrity friends… Even his college friends.
  • When Henry and Amber were joking around with each other on Twitter, a friend tweeted Amber, “You guys joke around like an old married couple“. Amber replied back, “Henry doesn’t admit that I’m cooler than him“.
  • We work on music together at home“. When asked what they do after, Henry said in broken Korean, “We’ve even slept together once“. Amber said back, “Don’t say that so weirdly“.