Alphabat 1st Mini Album: Attention


Newbie “Alphabat” Profiles and Dischography

After many senior boybands and girlbands in Kpop announced that they were disbanding or leaving Korean entertainment, it became the moment for many new talents to show and proved their ability to become the new idols.

One of these new talents is ALPHABAT.  Their first performance for AB City was on November 12th, 2013 when they recorded the music program Arirang: Simply Kpop. Their label is Simtong Entertainment and their preferred official, debut date was on November 14th, 2013. The day AlphaBAT did their performance on M! Countdown, AlphaBAT’s debut music video and song AB CITY was revealed on March 15th. So special!

For your information, AlphaBAT originally actually debuted in 2012 as a duo. They were Kyumin & Selin under the agency YUB Entertainment. But after leaving the agency, Kyumin left the group and Selin, now going by the stage name “I:ota”, continued as a member of AlphaBAT. From their start as a duo, Alphabat grew to a nine-member group with different labels.

Alphabat Members Profile

1. Code a.k.a Lee Sang Hun Profile

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Code or Lee Sang Hun was born on 05 July 1988. He is tbe vocalist and his specialty is dancing.

2. Beta a.k.a Ji Ha Young Profile


This cutie boy is a leader in Alphabat. Before Alphabat he was a former member of the group called HITT. But he left it. He likes kendo and dancing.

3. Fie a.k.a Lee Sanha Profile


As a rapper, Fie has a sexy smile and intense eyes. His position is rapper and his specialty is creating creative choreography.

4. Epsilon a.k.a Yeongjin Profile


Epsilon, he has a unique stage name right ? His position is vocalist. He was born on 06 August 1991.

5. Delta a.k.a Yeon soo Profile

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Delta’s position is vocalist. He likes dancing and his hobbies are playing the guitar and listening to music.

6. Heta a.k.a Seoljun Profile


Heta, whose real name is Seol Jun, is a vocalist in Alphabat. His specialty areas are singing and exercising.

7. Iota a.k.a Shin Serin Profile


Iota was born on 05 June 1994. His specialty is writing lyrics. So, it means songs for Alphabat written by Iota ?

8. Gamma a.k.a Kim Junsu Profile


Gamma known as the member of Alphabat who has a beautiful smile. His hobbies are listening to music and playing basketball. He can also play piano well.

9. Jeta a.k.a Suyeob Profile


Jeta is a maknae in Alphabat. He was born in 1995. His specialties are singing, rapping and computer.

Alphabat 1st Mini Album Attention

After we talk about members, let’s continue with their album. So here is info about their album :

Product Title: AlphaBAT Mini Album Vol. 1 – Attention
Singer Name(s): AlphaBAT
Release Date: 2014-02-26
Language: Korean
Disc Format(s): CD
Publisher : Sony Music Korean

in album we get track list, they are :

알파벳 미니앨범 1집 – Attention

01 War Head
02 딴따라
03 Always
04 AB City
05 깜짝파티
06 딴따라 (Inst.)
07 AB City (Inst.)

So here it is, the best song from Attention Album. “AB City” music video… Happy watching.