Almeng: Full Profile, Facts, Discography

Stage Performance

Almeng is also a musician who has had a long career in the entertainment industry. They are also active enough to release some of the latest songs for a comeback or fill in music shows that air on tv and show their best performances for fans who can’t wait to hear every song sung.

Let’s have a look at Almeng’s stage performances since they were contestants on K-Pop Star 3 as well as their comeback stages on music television shows!

One of Almeng’s performances just before their elimination on K-Pop Star 3 showed their chemistry as a duo with outstanding vocal quality. In addition, Choi Rin, who has a short and blonde haircut, performed the rap part she sang very well. Lee Haeyong’s melodious voice quality also managed to convey a Jazz aura that was enjoyed by the judges at the event.

On October 22nd, 2014, Almeng, who had just debuted with the release of the song “Phone In Love,” showed their live performance on MBC’s Show Champion with a very hit concept at the time. With their swag and funky outfits, Choi Rin and Lee Hayong showed off their charisma and cool talents on stage by singing at a music program on South Korean tv.

On January 8th, 2015, Almeng also appeared as a guest star on KBS CoolFM and sang one of their songs, “Half an Hour,” live on the radio program. As a duo, of course, Almeng has returned to show their performance which is full of chemistry. Lee Haeyong, whose voice is very melodious with his vocals, and Choi Rin who does her rap parts well, balancing each song they present.

On one of the radio programs, Super K-Pop, Almeng was also present as an invited guest star in 2018. They are both still active as a duo and releasing several projects or just filling in drama soundtracks. Almeng sang one of the songs titled “Pillow” on the radio program. Of course, Almeng’s off-air presence can treat the longing of fans who can’t wait to see Almeng return to music events.

YouTube Channel

Not only as a singer who has to perform live to meet fans and make appearances on stage, but Almeng is also present by uploading some of the latest content on their YouTube Channel (알맹 Almeng Official). The channel has been uploading since August 19th, 2017, and has 852 subscribers who are loyal fans of Almeng.

As a duo who is still actively singing and greeting their fans, Almeng often share the latest videos with the most visible Cover Song content on their YouTube Channel. Let’s see the latest video content from Almeng on their YouTube Channel!

What do you think about the video content of Almeng that they have shared on YouTube?

Latest News

Because Almeng is actually on hiatus, they only upload a few new videos of Cover Songs, which is their current routine. There is no schedule that they have to attend and most of their activities will be uploaded on their own personal YouTube or Instagram.


On July 26тх, 2020, Choi Rin also uploaded a photo showing hер in a café or mini studio with several paintings behind her. With a face that is half covered by a mask, Choi Rin is posing taking a selfie and wearing a very simple and casual outfit. The photo uploaded by Choi Rin on hер Instagram account managed to get 102 likes and several comments, mostly sent by South Koreans to just give her support.

For Lee Haeyong himself, he rarely interacts by uploading photos or videos to his Instagram account. The last post he made was on December 5th, 2019, where Almeng had just released their latest single, “Actually Um.” In the photo, Almeng poses for a photoshoot and Lee Haeyong wrote a caption on the photo, “After changing the phone (iPhone 11 Black), I want to upload a picture…”


Almeng released the new song “Actually Um” through an online music site. Almeng’s new song was released in about an year and six months after the single “CHIC SICK” was released in May of 2018. Almeng’s single “Actually Um” is a song that sensibly expresses the situation of hesitating and hesitating like this before confessing to someone they like.

A minimalist R&B genre with an impressive repetitive piano loop and an easy and addictive chorus that goes well with the warm and comfortable winter. Lee Haeyong and Choi Rin directly wrote and composed the lyrics.

Almeng is a talented duo who received attention with SBS’ K Pop Star Season 3. At that time, they managed to enter the TOP 6 and made a public seal. During their hiatus, they posted various cover song videos on their YouTube Channel.

On May 15th, 2018, Tuelson Entertainment said, “The new song ‘Chic Sick’ will be released through various music sites today at 12:00 AM.” This new song is part of an album that expresses the heartache of falling in love even with the other’s small chic actions. The witty and distinctive lyrics of “You’re Chic and I’m Sick” double the charm of the song and put it in the title as it is, and it was built in a unique style.

“When I see the albums that I make by checking one by one from the song to the release, it is difficult, but I am proud and rather powerful. I feel like I can do anything because I can do whatever I want to do.” Composed by Lee Hae-yong and Choi Rin, a talented mixed duo who ranked in the Top 6 on SBS’ K-Pop Star 3, talented musicians with not only lyrics and composition but also producing skills.

So, those are the full profiles of Almeng and the latest news from the duo who is still active in providing their singing content via the YouTube platform. Almeng is not just a duo of singers, they even compose several songs that they have successfully released and the last one was in 2019. For now, Almeng is reportedly on hiatus but is still giving their hard work to keep appearing by uploading cover song content on their YouTube Channel. Don’t forget to continue to support Almeng so we can see their comeback as soon as possible!