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South Korea is not only famous for several K-Pop boy groups or girl groups, but several musicians such as solo artists, duo groups, CO-ED groups are also one of the things that attract public interest, especially when they enter the music industry. Several music survival shows held on television stations have also succeeded in providing opportunities for people with musical talents to debut and start their careers as singers.

Being a singer is not an easy thing. Not only a melodious voice and beautiful or handsome visuals, but a singer must have an aura that can make every audience enjoy their performance. There are even some singers who feel unable to meet the demands of their occupation and stop being singers, so they continue their lives as ordinary people.

The opportunity for everyone to become famous and become a figure as a person who works in the entertainment industry is not easy. Almeng, one of the contestants on a survival show even had the opportunity to debut and have a career as a singer. Let’s check in more detail who Almeng are and what are their latest news at this time?

Full Profile

Almeng debuted under YNB Entertainment on October 20th, 2015, by having as many as two members named Choi Rin and Lee Haeyong. Before debut, Almeng was a contestant on K-Pop Star 3 and made it into the TOP 4, but they were eliminated on March 23rd, 2014.

Choi Rin

Name: Choi Rin (최린)

Place and Date of Birth: Seoul, South Korea, October 11th, 1990

Star Sign: Libra

Instagram: @almeng_choi.s

Lee Haeyong

Name: Lee Haeyong (이해용)

Place and Date of Birth: Seoul, South Korea, October 31st, 1990

Star Sign: Scorpio

Instagram: @almeng_urbanilla


Extended plays
Title Album details Peak chart positions Sales
compoSing of Love Release Date: October 21st, 2014 42
Label: YNB Entertainment
Formats: CD, digital download
1. Intro
2. Half an Hour
3. Phone in Love
4. Poor Girl feat. Loco
5. Fool Boy
6. Again
Title Year Peak chart positions Sales  Album
As lead artist
Let’s Forget (잊자…) 2014 69 Three Days OST
Phone In Love (폰인러브) 2014 78 compoSing of Love
Yes I Do 2015 73 Non-album single
Cheers To Me 2016 Non-album single


There is a mixed duo that has taken its first step into the music industry with popping characters and unique songs. They are the ones who advanced to the Top 6 by showing their original ideas and producing skills at the SBS survival audition K-Pop Star 3 in March 2013. As a real singer, Almeng held their interview with News 1 and shared information about their actual stage performances.

Lee Haeyong said, “When you sing, you say that you need a grainy voice. Even when I was doing music, I wanted to make a piece of grainy music, so I named it plain. When I wrote it in English, it was like French, so it was pretty.”

Lee Haeyong and Choi Rin, members of Almeng, were connected with performances when they were in college. It was Hae-yong who was introduced when Lin was performing as a singer alone. At that time, the two of them participated in K-Pop Star 3, and as a result, they formed a team known as the current group.

Choi Rin said, “As I stood on the stage together in K-Pop Stars, I knew that breathing fits well and that each other’s strengths are well revealed when we have two. There were no fights or major conflicts. Since the genders are different, they seem to have guarded the lines we should keep. My personality itself was a style that quietly talked about and solved the buildup when there was a problem.”

Lee Haeyong said, “If it were men, I could have gotten angry on the spot. But while I was with Rin, I didn’t have much to get angry with, but I never got angry.”

Almeng’s first mini-album compoSing of Love is an album that contains the meaning of composing and singing love. It was unraveled with Almeng’s unique perspective. The title song “Phone in Love” implicitly expresses the love method of modern people connected only with mobile phones. The double title song “Half an Hour” is a semi-hip-hop song that expresses an episode in which a woman has a love fight due to a woman who is 30 minutes late for the appointment.

“All six songs in the album are stories about love. I put the process from the beginning of love to parting in one album. There are many kinds of love, and the concentration changes over time. I thought it would be fun to make an album with a feeling of connection. In addition to ‘Phone in Love’ and ‘Half Hour,’ my solo song ‘Pool Girl’ and Choi Rin’s solo songs ‘Fool Boy’ and ‘Again’ contain a breakup story,” Lee Haeyong said.

Almeng members devoted their affection to writing, composing, and producing all the songs of this album. That is why it became their first name with more distinct colors.

Choi Rin explained, “Because it’s a male and female duet, the range of music you can try has expanded. Because you can contain songs that can reveal their position for each man and woman. Since you can sing and rap together, there are many genres and areas that you can do. I think the advantage is being able to try various ways to express yourself.”

Lee Haeyong laughed openly, saying that he was a military writer when he asked about the strengths that only Almeng has compared to other male and female duets such as Akdong musicians and two others.

“I think I’m the only one who has been to the military among the mixed duet members. I think that the genre is a little different in terms of music. Since we are a little older, can we do music that can convey empathy to people of different ages,” the only male member concluded.

Lee Haeyong and Choi Rin achieved their dream of becoming singers through this album, and a new dream also came up. “It was really fun that I participated in the work of the album myself and the results came out. When we become better and better singers, and when we are in a position to empower someone, I want to personally produce my music. It would also be good to provide an environment that can help the younger artists, I want to make songs directly. I have one more dream to make true with the album,” said Choi Rin.

“Even though the audition saw the first album and our presence in someone you know, I think it’s nice that you care more than other rookies, but there’s a more cautious part. I think you should be more humble than others,” said Lee Haeyong.