Get All the Information of Go Kyung-pyo’s Partner on ‘Reply 1988’, Ryu Hye-young

Get Closer to Reply 1988 Cast Member, Ryu Hye-young

If you love Korean dramas and have seen the drama Reply 1988, of course you remember with Ryu Hye-young, who played Sung Bo-ra in that popular drama. She debuted in 2007 as an actress under CJES Entertainment. In 2012, and won her first Best Actress at the 6th Multicultural International Short Film Festival.

She became more famous when she starred in Reply 1988, along with Go Kyung-po. In fact, Go Kyung-po wants to go back to starring in a drama with Ryu Hye-young.

She is also an actress who is rarely rumored to date. She is very closed about her love life, and her fans hope that someday she will open up about her relationships.

Well, let’s get to know more about Ryu Hye-young!

Ryu Hye-young’s Full Profile

Name : Ryu Hye-young

Date of Birth : March 28, 1991

Age : 27 years old

Profession : Actress

Height : 168 cm

Weight : N/A

Blood Type : N/A

Zodiac : Aries

Education : Kaywon High School of Arts, Konkuk University (Theater)

Agency : CJES Entertainment

Instagram : @ryuniverse328

What Happened with Ryu Hye-young Height?

In addition to being a great actress, Ryu Hye-young is also very pretty and has great proportions. In fact, her fans say she’d make a great model. Although she’s only 168 cm, Hye-young’s legs still manage to steal the public’s attention when shooting. 

Now, let’s look at a photo collection of Ryu Hye-young.

Wearing an army green top and jeans, paired with brown shoes combined with gold, Hye-young looks very relaxed in this casual style. She even shows her belly, which adds a very sexy impression. Hye-young looks very beautiful and charming with this look.

Clothing like this is also suitable for those of you who want to look relaxed but still charming. Want to try? Don’t forget to add some accessories.

Hye-young looks very sexy in this minimalist outfit combined with a navy blue blazer. Hye-young deliberately shows her sloping legs, which are emphasized with her navy blue wedges. This photo immediately caught the attention of netizens because of its very sexy vibe.

Agree with this?

If you want to travel casually with friends or family, maybe you can follow Hye-young’s fashion style. She uses plain white clothes combined with jeans and silver shoes. Her simple jewelry keeps the outfit looking anything but plain. This outfit makes her look very fresh and young.

She looks so charming, right?

Relationship Between Ryu Hye-young and Go Kyung-pyo

Since starring in Reply 1988, Ryu Hye-young has had a very close relationship with Go Kyung-pyo, even though some have said they must be dating, the actors, themselves, said they’re only good friends who got comfortable with each other while working together on  Reply 1988.

In fact, they both did a photoshoots for Cosmopolitan on August 24, 2015. They made a great-looking couple in the photo, where Go Kyung-pyo displays his charismatic masculinity, while Ryu Hye-young commands attention with her chic, yet sexy gaze.

They did an interview for Cosmopolitan magazine about their actual closeness during Reply 1988. Ryu Hye-young said, “although I came out briefly in Escape, I did not have any scenes with Kyung-pyo. At the time, we said over the phone,′ It’s so nice to be in a project together. Next time, let me do a project where we we meet each other.′ But it′s so amazing now that that day has actually come.”

Go Kyung-pyo also revealed his thoughts. When asked, what kind of actor do you want to be? Hye-young said, “rather than want to be a certain type of actor, I just want to be happy.′ At the time, I was saying lots of packaged things about being an actor, so when I heard that, I was shocked. Since then, my goal is to be happy Go Kyung-pyo.”

In another interview, Go Kyung-pyo also talked about his closeness to Ryu Hye-young, who wasn’t awkward at all. He shared, “since it’s acting, there is no awkwardness, and we film like typical actors. Since he’s a friend, there are times it’s more comfortable to act. If we’re not able to sleep the night before, or our condition isn’t t good, we can tell just by looking at each other’s faces. That’s why we’re considerate towards each other when acting, and we’re happily filming.”

 They looked sincerely intimate doing the kissing scenes during Reply 188, which made their fans think they might be dating in real life, and Go Kyung-po wants to do another  drama or movie again with Ryu Hye-young.

Well, do you hope they will date?

Ryu Hye-young Acting in Reply 1988

Reply 1988 was the third drama Hye-young starred in during 2015, having previously starred in the dramas Spy and Heart to Heart. She became more famous as an actress after her successful role as Sung Bo-ra, a Seoul University student who was actively involved in demonstrations in the ’80s.

Her performance of Sung Bo-ra was criticized for her smoking scene, however, and the Korean Communication Committee reported the scene. Representatives from the Reply 1988 production team promised that in the future they would pay more attention to the scenes before they’re aired. The Communication Committee was worried that it could encourage young people to smoke.

Reply 1988 itself tells about four high schools students, Duk-sun, Jung-hwan, Sun-woo, Dong-ryong and one a go player, Taek. The five young people had been friends since childhood, and are neighbors in the present time, and still very close

Duk-sun’s family is poor and they live in a semi-basement house. Duk-sun’s someone else’s debt. Nevertheless, Duk-Sun has a bright personality and enjoys singing and dancing.  She also gets into frequent fights with her older sister, Bo-ra.

Meanwhile, Jung-hwan’s family became rich overnight. Jung-hwan is crazy about soccer. Sun-woo is a model student at school, and a good son and brother at home. Sun-woo’s mother raised Sun-woo and her younger sister on her own after their father passed away.

Dong-ryong likes dancing and hanging out with his four friends, and drops out of university because of poor grades. Taek is a known as a God known player. Since he dropped out of school, Duk-sun, Jung-hwan, Sun-woo and Dong-ryong are his only friends.

Reply 1988 got a very high rating of 18.8% in its final episode. Despite having a family genre and having little in the way of love story, this drama drew viewers attention because the storyline and the characters were very interesting.

Well, what do you think about this drama? Very exciting, right?