12 Siblings! Here are the Details About All of Nam Bo-ra’s Siblings

Nam bo-ra big family

All About Nam Bo-ra’s siblings

Nam Bo-ra is a South Korean actress. She began rising as an actress in 2006 and has appeared in many popular South Korean dramas and movies, such as the 2011 movie “Sunny”, the 2012 MBC drama “Moon Embracing the Sun”, and the 2012 movie “Don’t Cry, Mommy”. Nam Bo-ra is not only well known for her acting but also for her family background. She shocked the public by revealing that she has 12 siblings in her family. Her family’s daily life has been broadcast on several television reality shows.

Let’s get to know more about Nam Bo-ra’s siblings.


About Nam Bo-ra’s Family


Nam Sang-don and Lee Young-mi’s family are originally from the Gumi region. The couple had a total of 13 children, including the actress Nam Bo-ra, who is the second child and the first daughter in the family.

Nam Bo-ra’s family once appeared on KBS2’s “Screening Humanity” on January 22, 2009.

The family has also several made tv appearances on MBC’s “Our Sunday Night – Chorus of Angels“ and MBC’s “Good Day”


Nam Bo-ra’s Sibling’s Profiles


Based on a 2012 article

Nam Kyung-han

Real Name = Nam Kyung-han

Age = 25

Gender = Male


Nam Ji-na

Real Name = Nam Ji-na

Age = 21

Gender = Female


Nam Jin-han

Real Name = Nam Jin-han

Age = 19

Gender =  Female


Nam Suk-woo

Real Name = Nam Suk-woo

Age = 17

Gender = Male


Nam Hui-ho

Real Name = Nam Hui-ho

Age = 16

Gender = Male


Nam Se-bin

Real Name = Nam Se-bin

Age = 15

Gender = Female


Nam Da-wit

Real Name = Nam Da-wit

Age = 14

Gender = Male


Nam Se-mi

Real Name = Nam Se-mi

Age = 12

Gender = Female


Nam So-ra

Real Name = Nam So-ra

Age = 11

Gender = Female


Nam Kyung-woo

Real Name = Nam Kyung-woo

Age = 9

Gender = Male


Nam Duk-woo

Real Name = Nam Duk-woo

Age = 6

Gender = Male


Nam Young-il

Real Name = Nam Young-il

Age = 4

Gender = Male


Nam Bo-ra’s Siblings: Compilation of Facts

  1. No Minwoo, a member of the K-pop boy-group Boyfriend, is Nam Bo-ra’s nephew.
  2. Her 7th sister was well known for her beauty, and looks like a celebrity.
  3. On her personal Instagram account, she once shared a family moment during a goodbye party dinner for her younger brother, who was going for military service.
  4. One of her brothers committed suicide on Christmas Eve, which left Nam Bo-ra depressed, but she recovered soon by daily morning prayer activity.