Full Profile of ‘Produce 101’ Contestant Yoon Hee-seok


Yoon Hee-seok on Produce 101

Yoon Hee-seok was one of the contestants of M-net’s survival show Produce 101 in season 2. He was a trainee under Jellyfish Entertainment. He attracted the public’s attention as VIXX’s N’s doppelganger. As we know, VIXX is a boy group under Jellyfish Entertainment.


At the audition, he showed the fruit of his practice as a 6-month trainee singing and dancing to VIXX’s “Chained Up.” He was placed in Class F because of his inexperience. Take a look at his audition performance!

But, despite his lack of experience, with his diligence and never-give-up attitude during the re-evaluation, his performance of “Pick Me” touched the trainers. He succeeded in singing and dancing to the song and moved up from class F to class B.

He had the chance to perform EXO’s “Call Me Baby” and BoA’s “Amazing Kiss” during the show.

Being in a survival show with 100 other talented contestants is never easy. Every contestant had the urge to stand out from the others. Skills, visuals, and unique character, all of these are needed to keep being on the stage. With a lack of screen time and lack of experience, sadly, Hee-seok was eliminated in the second round with his rank being number 46. After being eliminated from the show, he went back to the trainee life.

Yoon Hee-seok’s Profile

Birth Name: Yun Hee-seok

Hangul: 윤희석

Nickname: Nemo

Born: June 10, 1997

Height: 180 cm

Weight: 62 kg

Blood Type: A

Hobbies: Sleeping, exercising, and watching videos

Specialties: English

Education: Industrial Engineering at Konkuk University

Former Label: Jellyfish Entertainment

Current Label: ONO Entertainment

Genre: K-Pop

Instagram: @dilution_y

V LIVE: ONO Entertainment

Twitter: @ONOEnt_Official

Yoon Hee-seok After Produce 101

On December 15, 2017, a representative from Jellyfish Entertainment announced that Hee-seok is no longer Jellyfish’s trainee as he wanted to go back to his normal life as a student, and the company respected his decision. On February 13th of this year, Hee-seok decided to return as a trainee and signed under a new label, ONO Entertainment, where his fellow former Produce 101 contestants Jang Moon-bok and Song Hyun-woo are also currently signed.


Through his Instagram, he explained the reason why he decided to return as a trainee.

He shared how while he was focusing on his studies, he did not stop thinking about music. He said, “I decided to take a break to concentrate on my studies, but I felt more desperate to continue playing music throughout my absence.” He was given a chance to once again pursue his dream as a singer. ONO Entertainment confirmed the news and plans to support him to achieve his dream.

Hee-seok’s label mate Jang Moon-bok released his first mini-album on March 6, 2018, featuring So Ji-hyeok and him. Take a look at their first stage performance on Mnet Countdown!

Currently, Hee-seok is working hard as a trainee to improve his skills. You can see his activities on ONO Entertainment’s Twitter and V LIVE.


He also sometimes perform at Hongdae with Jang Moo-bok, Song Hyun-woo, and other fellow trainees to gain experience.

See how improved his singing and dancing is compared to when we first saw him auditioning for Produce 101? Let’s cheer and look forward to Yoon Hee-seok’s future works as a singer!