From “Like Ooh Ahh” to “Cry for Me,” Find Out All about TWICE’s Title Songs!

“Fancy” (2019)

Twice Fancy You

If we look back, TWICE’s concept in this comeback was very different. The concept that they used was a girl crush concept, slightly dark, and more mature. They also used a slightly retro style. The choreography was also more complicated than other songs, and because of this, they got so many praises from people.

“Fancy” is the title song from their 7th mini-album named Fancy You, and the song was released on April 22, 2019. The song got 3rd place and 4th place on Gaon Music and Billboard US World Digital Song Sales.

“Feel Special”

Twice Feel Special

After “Fancy,” TWICE released “Feel Special” on September 23, 2019. This song is the title song for their 8th mini-album with the same name. The concept that they used included more elegance, luxury, and glamour. All of the members looked very beautiful with their own auras.

This song managed to reach the top position on Soribada, Naver, Bugs, Mnet, and Genie. The music genre also has a different touch. They used 90’s music, EDM, and hip hop.

“More & More” (2020)

Twice More & More

On June 1, 2020, TWICE made their spectacular comeback by releasing their single from their 9th mini-album named “More & More.” This song has a tropical-house genre and was able to occupy the top position on the Bugs, Melon, Soribada, and Genie charts.

Even so, this song was said to be a recycled song from Zara Larrson. But, the fact is, this song is Zara Larrson’s song that has been brought and recycled.

“I Can’t Stop Me”

Twice i cant stop me

“I Can’t Stop Me” is TWICE’s song that was released on October 26, 2020. This song became the title track for their album Eyes Wide Open and managed to reach 2nd place on Billboard US World Albums and Gaon South Korean Album. “I Can’t Stop Me” is a part of synthwave and uses a retro concept with a 60’s background, such as the old train station.

“Cry for Me”

Twice Cry for me

Last but not least is “Cry For Me.” This song was released on December 18, 2020, and the song was the pre-release single from their upcoming album in 2021. This song got 1st place on Billboard World Album Digital Sales and got 12th place on RIAS Singapore. They used a dark concept and slightly look mysterious. Do you want to see them? Here is the music video!

From all the title songs above, which song do you think is their best title song? Don’t forget to write it in the comment section!