All About Trax’s Member Typhoon Jay

Relationship Between Jay and Super Junior’s Heechul

Jay seems to have a very close relationship with one of Super Junior’s members, Kim Hee-chul. In 2008, Jay once made a variety show program called Band of Brothers, along with Kangin, Heechul, Jungmo. They became very familiar with each other after having met at the variety show.

As we know, Kim Hee-chul is very good at shocking the guests who appear in the show with him with his idiotic and unique answers. Jay said, “I can understand Kim Hee-chul’s idiotic-ness 100% since we used to live together and used the same bed for 3-4 years during our trainee days.”

Jay said, “The extraordinary things Hee Chul demonstrates in his shows are not even 1% of his real character. Hee Chul’s extraordinary charm is plentiful and abundant. I hope that Hee Chul gets loved even more.”

Hee Chul even revealed that he almost gave up when debuting at SM Entertainment. Kim Hee-chul took the opportunity to share some interesting stories about their trainee days, he said, “Instead of an idol trainee, I was actually preparing to be TRAX’s playing vocalist. But I kept clashing with another SM official over our musical styles, and I was finished with writing an apology letter every time.”

He continued, “I got so frustrated that I gave up on TRAX’s debut and went back to my hometown in Gangwon Province. It was TRAX’s Jungmo and Jay (Typhoon), TVXQ’s Yunho, and Super Junior’s Donghae who persuaded me to come back to SM.”