All About South Korean Actress Lee Seung-yeon

Let’s Get to Know Actress Lee Seung-yeon!

Lee Seung-yeon might not be a familiar name, but she is certainly a familiar face that has entertained in various big name studio films. She has acted in several box offices such as Miracle in Cell No.7 and Norigae alongside actors such as Ma Dong-seok and Park Shin-hye. This makes her no stranger to those who are big film fanatics. Not only that, she has dabbled in a few theater productions, making her a versatile actress.

So, let’s dive in deeper and get to know actress Lee Seung-yeon!

Lee Seung-yeon’s Profile and Career


Name : Lee Seung-yeon

Birth date : January 21, 1977

Hometown : Seoul

Occupation : Theater Actress, Movie Actress

Education : Seoul Arts High School


Lee Seung-yeon started her career in the late 90’s by first becoming a stage play actress. This is due mostly to her education as in high school she majored in theater acting specifically. Her skills shined through in various theater productions. By 1999, she started to branch out and appeared in the movie Shiri as a very minor role that was not even credited.

In 2003, she starred in her first breakout role in the short film production titled Summer in 1945. It was not a hit blockbuster, but it definitely got her name out there as in 2004, she starred in some more short film productions. Those short films proved to be very effective in helping her rise in fame as she started to star in full-length films by 2005.

Her roles in movies only skyrocketed after starring in the movie My Dear Enemy. For the first time, she was given a role that had an actual backstory and tight relationship with the leads. 2008 seemed to be the year for her as she went on to star in hits such as Potato Symphony, Lovers, and Breathless.

Throughout 2009 and 2010, Lee Seung-yeon starred in films that varied in genre, showing her capabilities to become a chameleon and transform into any role that is given to her. She went from the romantic comedy Wedding Dress to the melodrama Rolling Home with a Bull.

Her successful run continued in 2012, and she starred in not one, but two box office movies, which were Miracle in Cell No.7 and Norigae. Norigae marks the first time she was appointed a lead role. The story explores the darker side of the Korean entertainment industry such as casting practices that are borderline sexual harassment. Lee Seung-yeon stars as one of the investigators that try to find out the truth behind an actress’s suicide. She stars opposite Ma Dong-seok, one of Korea’s prolific actors, who plays a reporter.

In Miracle in Cell No.7, her role is not as significant as Norigae, but the movie in itself proved to be a box office hit. The movie tells the story of a falsely accused, mentally challenged man and his heart-wrenching life in prison with his cellmates and smuggled daughter. Lee Seung-yeon stars as one of the recurring characters, and with the movie’s success, it launched her into the spotlight.

Her career continued to be well off, and in 2016, she starred in the movie Snowy Road where she transformed into the role of Yoon-ok. The drama centers itself around the Japanese occupation and the friendship of two girls who are in opposite situations. She has also recently starred in movies such as The Running Actress and Traces which were released in 2017.


Year Title
2003 Summer in 1945
2004 Spy Girl
Low Life
2005 A Bowl of Tea
Art of Fighting
I Hazily Knew It
2006 My Boss, My Teacher
Ad-Lib Night
2007 Punch Lady
2008 Romantic Island
Potato Symphony
Lovers – Omnibus
My Dear Enemy
2009 Maybe
Wedding Dress
2010 Boy
Rolling Home with a Bull
The Man Next Door
2011 Still Strange
Spy Papa
2012 Norigae
Miracle in Cell No.7
Plump Revolution
2014 Alive
Late Spring
2016 Like for Likes
Snowy Road
Worst Woman
2017 The Running Actress