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Who is Son Byong-ho?

Son Byong-ho is considered to be one of the most accomplished actors in Korea. He graduated from the Seoul Institute of the Arts, and made his debut on stage in a Japan-Korea production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream in 1992He joined one of the most prestigious theater  troupes in Korea, Mokhwa Repertory Company. There, he met the legendary playwright and director Oh Tae-seok, and received training to be the great actor  he is, today. His acting skills shone when he took the lead role in the musical Blue Saigon, in 1996. His debut on screen was in Sado Sade Impotence, in 1994.


Not only is he a charismatic actor, he’s also an outgoing person. He’s said that he is a president of five different clubs; Hiking club, Long Way (a drama) actors’ and actress’s club, Squash club, 62-64 liners club, and his fan cafe club.

Son Byong-ho’s Profile

Name: Son Byong-ho

Hangul: 손병호

Birthdate: August 25, 1962

Birthplace: South Korea

Height: 173 cm

Education: Seoul Institute of the Arts

Occupation: Actor

Agency: Family ENT

Son Byong-ho’s Family


Son Byong-ho married Choi Ji-yeon, a professional dancer who started dancing when she was four years old. Currently, she teaches dancing in a university. They met for the first time in 1993, and tied the knot after dating for eight years. The couple has now been married for 17 years, and have two cute daughters, who are in third and ninth grade. The family also raised a puppy, named Bit Na.


Son Byong-ho’s Movie and Drama Lists


Year Title Role
2017 Fork Lane Member of National Assembly
2015 The Magician Kim Gap-seo
Empire of Lust King Taejo
2014 The End of the World
The Tunnel Mr. Kim
Total Messed Family Baek Won-man
2013 Red Family Jo Myung-sik
The Hero Hospital receptionist (guest appearance)
2012 Footsteps II (short film) South Korean Commander Seok
Papa Company president Do
2011 Perfect Game Kim Eung-ryong
I Am a Dad Na Sang-man
2010 Republic of Korea 1% aka Miss Staff Sergeant Sergeant Kang Cheol-in
2009 Potato Symphony Phoenix
Fly Penguin Chairman Kwon
Thirsty, Thirsty President Pi
Insadong Scandal Korea’s top insistent person (cameo)
2008 The Good, the Bad, the Weird Seo Jae-sik
The Guard Post (cameo)
Open City Oh Yeon-soo
2007 Going by the Book Lee Seung-man
May 18 Teacher Jung
2006 Vampire Cop Ricky Tak Moon-su
Running Wild Yu Kang-jin
2005 Long and Winding Road Eldest son
2004 Spider Forest Kim Cheol-ju
R-Point Sgt. Jin Chang-rok
The President’s Barber KCIA-Chief Jang
Mokpo, Gangster’s Paradise Du-ko
A Smile
2003 Reward (short film)
The End Of The Road (short film)
2000 Ardor Rest stop owner’s husband (cameo)
Oasis Han Sang-shik
Venus Hong Jin-su
2001 Flower Island
Ciao (short film)
Indian Summer Sung Jong-hoon
1999 Phantom: The Submarine Number 562
The Picnic (short film)
1994 Sado Sade Impotence
In a Handful of Time



Year Title Role Channel
2018 Clean with Passion for Now President Yang JTBC
Room No. 9 Kim Jong-soo tvN
Switch: Change the World Old Man Bbong SBS
Grand Prince Lee Je TV Chosun
2017 I’m Not a Robot Hwang Do-won MBC
While You Were Sleeping Lawyer Ko SBS
Save Me Han Yong-min OCN
Fight For My Way Ko Hyung-sik KBS2
2016 Jang Yeong-sil Ha Yeon KBS1
2015 Cheese in the Trap tvN
Mrs. Cop Kang Tae-yoo SBS
Assembly Bae Dal-soo KBS2
2104 Secret Door Kim Sung-ik SBS
Drama Special “Climb the Sky Walls” KBS2
Inspiring Generation Choi Soo-ri
2013 Drama Festival “Unrest” Yoo Kwang-hun MBC
Blooded Palace: The War of Flowers Lee Hyeong-ik JTBC
Incarnation of Money SBS
2012 The Birth of a Family Lee Kyung-tae
The Great Seer Choe Yeong
Bridal Mask Jo Dong-ju KBS2
Hero Kim Hoon OCN
2011 Insu, The Queen Mother Han Myung-hoi jTBC
Bride of the Sun Park Tae-ho SBS
49 Days Oh Hae-won
2010 Yaksha Kang Chi-soon OCN
Giant Hong Ki-pyo SBS
2008 The Kingdom of the Winds Tak-rok KBS2
Robber Kim Ho-jin SBS
2007 Behind the White Tower Kim Hoon MBC
2006 Stranger than Paradise Nam Il-woong SBS
Great Inheritance So Dong-pa KBS2
2003 Good Person Baek Sang-ho MBC