JYP Entertainment’s Show ‘SIXTEEN’: Contestants, Final Line-Up for TWICE, the Aftermath, and More!

sixteen survival show

SIXTEEN: The Real Survival Show of Soon-to-Be Female K-Pop Idols!

Have you ever heard of SIXTEEN? In 2015, it was one of the most popular survival shows with performances showcasing a bunch of talents from various contestants. The show presented great performances, a final line-up of contestants, and had controversy surround them. Through this article, Channel Korea will reveal everything you need to know about SIXTEEN, so keep on reading!


sixteen survival show

What was SIXTEEN about? SIXTEEN was a reality-survival show focused on forming a girl group made by JYP Entertainment and Mnet. The show was aired from May 5 until July 7, 2015. Before the official airing, JYP Entertainment revealed that the show would follow 16 JYP trainees as the contestants from various countries such as South Korea, Taiwan, Japan, and even Thailand as well!

So, what was the purpose of SIXTEEN? JYP Entertainment planned to create a new girl group which was later known as TWICE, and SIXTEEN became the field for TWICE’s soon-to-be-members to show off their skills and abilities. Later on, they also got an assessment for singing, dancing, charisma, and personality. They were competing against each other to achieve a spot as a TWICE member.

Meet the Participants of SIXTEEN Here!

sixteen contestant

1. Nayeon

nayeon 'sixteen'

Name: Im Na-yeon
Nationality: Korean
Specialty: Copies choreography quickly

2. Jeongyeon

jeongyeon 'sixteen'

Name: Yoo Jeong-yeon
Nationality: Korean
Specialty: Playing mobile games

3. Momo

momo 'sixteen'

Name: Hirai Momo
Nationality: Japanese
Specialty: Doing the wave with her stomach

4. Sana

sana 'sixteen'

Name: Minatozaki Sana
Nationality: Japanese
Specialty: Calligraphy

5. Jihyo

jihyo 'sixteen'

Name: Park Ji-soo
Nationality: Korean
Specialty: Trot

6. Mina

mina 'sixteen'

Name: Myoui Mina
Nationality: Japanese
Specialty: Ballet

7. Minyoung

minyoung 'sixteen'

Name: Song Min-young
Nationality: Korean
Specialty: Playing the piano and guitar

8. Jiwon

jiwon 'sixteen'

Name: Park Ji-won
Nationality: Korean
Specialty: Singing

9. Dahyun

dahyun 'sixteen'

Name: Kim Da-hyun
Nationality: Korean
Specialty: Rap and dance

10. Chaeyoung

chaeyoung 'sixteen'

Name: Son Chae-young
Nationality: Korean
Specialty: Drawing

11. Tzuyu

tzuyu 'sixteen'

Name: Chou Tzu Yu
Nationality: Taiwanese
Specialty: Dance

12. Chaeyeon

chaeyeon 'sixteen'

Name: Lee Chae-yeon
Nationality: Korean
Specialty: Dance

13. Eunsuh

eunsuh 'sixteen'

Name: Kim Eun-suh
Nationality: Korean
Specialty: Dancing various styles

14. Somi

somi 'sixteen'

Name: Jeon So-mi
Nationality: Korean-Canadian
Specialty: Taekwondo

15. Chaeryeong

chaeryeong 'sixteen'

Name: Lee Chae-ryeong
Nationality: Korean
Specialty: Writing music

16. Natty

natty 'sixteen'

Name: Ahnatchaya Suputhipong
Nationality: Thai
Specialty: Gymnastics

SIXTEEN‘s Best Performances

sixteen show performances

Let’s take a look at SIXTEEN’s best performance choices here:

Tzuyu, Minyoung, Sana, and Dahyun made an amazing performance of “Problem” with their fancy style! The viewers also praised their stunning vocals and how they performed with such good energy!

The fierce and sexy performance from Jiwon, Momo, and Chaeyoung during “The Way You Love Me” also gave the fans such an exciting sensation! The mixture of nice vocals, powerful rap, and energetic dance completed their performance!

All of the girls performed “7/11” which was originally performed by Beyoncé. They appeared in various styles but at the same time looked as gorgeous as ever! Not to mention, they had sturdy dance skills!

Rankings and the Final Line-Up of Girl Group TWICE

sixteen survival show

After a long competition, SIXTEEN finally got the final assessment for the upcoming group TWICE! Here are the final rankings of SIXTEEN:

  1. Nayeon
  2. Jeongyeon
  3. Dahyun
  4. Mina
  5. Sana
  6. Chaeyoung
  7. Jihyo
  8. Tzuyu
  9. Chaeryeong
  10. Minyoung
  11. Somi
  12. Natty
  13. Jiwon
  14. Momo
  15. Eunsuh
  16. Chaeyeon

Nayeon, Jeongyeon, Mina, Dahyun, Sana, Chaeyoung, Jihyo became the official winners due to the home voting and final results. Meanwhile, Tzuyu and Momo were added to the line-up due to the audience’s pick and JYP’s choice as well! The 9 final contestants successfully debuted as TWICE on October 20, 2015, with the first mini-album The Story Begins!

What Happened to the Other Participants of SIXTEEN? Find the Details Here!

sixteen contestants

After the show ended, JYP Entertainment focused on the future career of TWICE. Meanwhile, what happened with the rest of the SIXTEEN contestants who didn’t debut as a TWICE member? Learn more about their careers here:


jeon somi singer

She participated in Produce 101 and made it to the 1st rank, which made her became an I.O.I member. After the group’s disbandment, Somi became a solo singer under The Black Label and debut with “Birthday.”


fromis_9's jiwon

Jiwon joined Idol School in 2017 and made it to the final line-up to debut in fromis_9 in 2018.


minyoung 'sixteen'

Minyoung left JYP Entertainment and is currently known as a YouTuber.


natty singer

Natty also participated in Idol School, but she didn’t make it. In 2020, she became a solo singer under Swing Entertainment and debuted with “Nineteen.”


eunsuh sixteen jyp trainee

She participated in Idol School, but she was eliminated.


izone's chaeyeon

Chaeyeon joined Produce 48 in 2018 and debuted as an IZ*ONE member in the same year.


itzy's chaeryeong

Chaeryeong continued her training in JYP Entertainment and finally debut as an ITZY member in 2019.

About SIXTEEN‘s Controversy

sixteen contestants

Despite the exciting euphoria of TWICE’s debut after SIXTEEN, there was controversy behind it. It was about the final members of TWICE which were initially seven but later became nine after Tzuyu and Momo were added even though they were eliminated previously. There was a theory that the final members were determined before the show even started.

Regarding the controversy, JYP Entertainment released an official statement and apology to the public: “We apologize for failing to communicate the selection process, and we’d like to explain it in detail once again.” They explained that the final members were chosen through the audience votes, but then they decided to add Tzuyu who was chosen by the viewers and Momo who was chosen by Park Jin-young (JYP Entertainment’s CEO).

tzuyu & momo 'twice'

“Tzuyu had been the most loved by viewers and was the contestant who improved the most.” Then, Park Jin-young also said, “I’ve chosen Momo, who will bring great dance skills as well as vocals.”

That is everything about SIXTEEN! We hope for a bright career for every contestant! What do you think about the SIXTEEN survival show? Add your opinion through the comments below, and don’t forget to share our article on your social media!