Full Profile of Korean Actor Shim Ji-ho: Social Media, Movies, Drama List, and Wedding

Shim Ji-ho’s Social Media

Sometimes, the best way to know people is to follow and see what they’re up to on social media. You must be really curious about what Shim Ji-ho is up to and what type of person he is. That’s easy, you can just follow his official social media accounts. Here are some of his personal social media accounts. Go check them out!

Shim Ji-ho’s Instagram

Imagine seeing updated pictures of Shim Ji-ho’s daily life at any time. Well, it’s not impossible. By following his Instagram, you can definitely get to know more about him and what he is like. On his Instagram account, he likes to share his daily life such as what food he’s going to eat and pictures of him and his costars and crew for dramas. He even shares pictures of him playing basketball- yes, he’s so tall and loves to play basketball. It’s not just a stereotype for Shim Ji-ho.


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. 점심에 부이니가 먹고 싶어해서~ 언제나 맛난 곳. . #조박집 #런치 #돼지갈비 #봉봉고메 #bonbongourmet

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Shim Ji-ho and his basketball mates.


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잠시 후. #봉봉고메 #브이라이브 시작합니다! #런치 는 지호와 함께 ㅋㅋㅋ . #vlive #bonbongourmet #lunch

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Seems like he really loves to capture his food, right? He is such a foodie!

Shim Ji-ho’s Twitter

Aside from Instagram, Shim Ji-ho also has an official Twitter account. The username of his Twitter is similar to his Instagram username. But, it’s not @pickybonbon, it’s @pickyboy_jiho. Unlike his Instagram account, his Twitter account is not too active. Yet, he only updates his Twitter account by posting from his Instagram. It’s too bad, right? But, that’s okay, at least we will still be able to get updates on his Instagram!

Shim Ji-ho’s Facebook

In Korea, Facebook is one of the most popular social media websites that is used by almost everyone. And, of course, for a famous actor like Shim Ji-ho, it is such a natural thing to have an official Facebook page. But, hey, look at this picture that he posted in 2014 on Instagram. It said that he had a Facebook page and asked his fans to follow his page. So, if you haven’t, go follow him if you can.


That is all the information and facts about our charming actor Shim Ji-ho! If you feel like you’re getting more interested in him, go follow his social media and show some support. Also, don’t forget to watch his ongoing drama called Love to the End that’s currently airing on KBS2 from Monday to Friday!