Full Profile of Korean Actor Shim Ji-ho: Social Media, Movies, Drama List, and Wedding

shim ji ho

Meet This Handsome and Charming Korean Actor, Shim Ji-ho!

If you watch Love to the End, an on-going KBS2 drama that started airing on July 23, 2018, you must be familiar with this charming and handsome man. The man we are going to talk about is none other than Shim Ji-ho!

Shim Ji-ho is a Korean actor who was born and raised in Seoul. He has starred in various dramas and movies, and his most popular dramas are You Are a Gift, Color of Women, Passionate Love, and School 2. Before he debuted as an actor, he started his career in the entertainment industry as a model.

He made his debut as an actor by starring in a drama called School 2, a popular anthology series from KBS, as Han Tae-hoon in 1999. This drama also had Lee Dong-wook and Ha Ji-won as his costars. His name as an actor began to grow in popularity when he finally made his movie debut in 2000 where he starred in the movie Striker. In 2005, he starred in the movie Green Chair. The plot-line is about a wife that is having an affair with a 19-year-old boy who is portrayed by Shim Ji-ho.

Aside from his current drama, Love to the End, where he is playing as Kang Hyun-ki, he is also well known as Yun-ho in one of his dramas in 2016 called You Are a Gift. This drama could be said to be his comeback drama because he didn’t star in any dramas or movies since 2014. People are assuming that he might have taken a break from acting due to the birth of his first son. He also took a break for a while after he starred in the movie A Frozen Flower with Jo In-sung and Song Ji-hyo in 2008 and made a comeback with his brilliant acting in Color of Women in 2011.

Shim Ji-ho’s Profile

shim ji ho

Name: Shim Ji-ho (심지호)

Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea

Birthdate: May 2, 1981

Height: 186 cm

Weight: 74 kg

Occupation: Actor

Education: Sejong University, Film Arts

Religion: Christian

Sites: V LIVE

Social Media: TwitterInstagram

Agency: 크리에이티브광 (creativeg_ent)

List of Shim Ji-ho’s Dramas, Movies, and Awards


  • A Frozen Flower (2008) – Song-ki
  • Open City (2008) – Choi Seong-su (Antenna)
  • Green Chair (2005) – Seo Hyun
  • Striker (2000) – Han Tae-soo

Drama Series

  • Love to the End (KBS2 / 2018) – Kang Hyun-ki
  • Man Who Sets the Table (MBC / 2017-2018) – Jung Min-woo / Jung Jin-woo
  • Argon (tvN / 2017) – Eom Min-ho
  • You Are a Gift (SBS / 2016) – Han Yoon-ho / Lee Woo-jin
  • Passionate Love (SBS / 2013-2014) – Hong Soo-Hyuk
  • Family (KBS2 / 2012-2013) – Cha Ji-ho
  • Color of Women (Channel A / 2011-2012) – Kang Chan-jin
  • Rules of Love (MBC / 2005) – Han Jae-min
  • Stained Glass (SBS / 2004-2005) – Shin Ji-seok
  • School 2 (KBS / 1999) – Han Tae-hoon


  • 2nd Andre Kim Best Star Award Actor Award (2004)
  • KBS acting target male youth prize (1999)

Family OST

As an actor, it must be a bit surprising to know that Shim Ji-ho is a good singer, but he is! He sang on the OST for his own romantic drama named Family, also known as Shut Up Family, which aired from Monday to Friday in KBS back in 2012. The drama also starred ex-Sistar member Dasom, Park Ji-yoon, and Park Seo-joon. A lot of fans loved the interactions between Shim Ji-ho and Park Hee-von in this drama.


By that, he proved to everyone that he is not only good at acting, but he also has a beautiful voice. In this drama, he played as Cha Ji-ho and sang the song with his romantic interest Yeol Hee-bong who was portrayed by Park Hee-von. Their couple name on the drama is BongJi which is a combination of Hee-bong and Ji-ho. Cha Ji-ho is a bachelor that works in E Cafe and meets Hee-bong, a girl that has a lovely yet funny character. It seems like the shippers of this couple loved this song a lot.

Look at how sweet they are in the song “You & I Together!” Just hearing the lyrics makes us want to fall in love, am I right?

Shim Ji-ho’s Family


Aside from his charming and gentle image that could make every girl fall in love, Shim Ji-ho is married to a beautiful wife that he dated for 3 years. His wife is not from the entertainment industry, and he also rarely shares his moments with his wife on social media so it’s a bit hard for us to provide you with information about his marriage life. But, don’t worry too much. Let’s talk about what we got about Shim Ji-ho’s love life with his wife before they married and how everything is going with his family now.

Shim Ji-ho’s Wedding

Shim Ji-ho and his wife held their wedding on July 20, 2013. They were already in a relationship from three years ago. Since his wife is not an actress, Shim Ji-ho respected his wife’s privacy by holding a private wedding in a Lotte Hotel in Seoul. The wedding was only attended by family and friends.
The wedding was also attended by the groom’s actor and actress friends, including Shim Ji-ho’s costars in Family which was still ongoing at that time on KBS2.
Various names of famous actresses and actors that came as guests to their wedding include Yun Jong-hoon, Park Hee-von, ex-Sistar member Da-som, Park Seo-joon, Choi Woo-sik, etc. Look at how happy they were in the picture, giving best wishes and hopes for the bride and the groom for their wedding. And, just like all of them, we are also hoping that both Shim Ji-ho and his wife have a blissful marriage life and are living happily ever after.

Shim Ji-ho’s Kids

After the wedding in 2013, the newlywed couple was blessed by the news of Shim Ji-ho’s wife’s pregnancy shortly after tying the knot. His wife was reported to have given birth to a baby boy in May 2014. As Shim Ji-ho respects his wife’s private life, the couple seemed to have decided to not publish their son’s name or expose their married life to the media. But, sometimes, he just can’t help but share his precious cute little son’s back figure on his Instagram account.


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신생아 때 쓰던 걸 두르더니 ‘탐험가’라며 슬리퍼를 찾아 신는 넌… ㅎㅎㅎ

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He also wrote a heartwarming message to his son in the caption of his post on Instagram, “Time flies so fast.. it’s been 888 days since this boy was born. I still have a lot missing as a dad. Thank you for loving me as a dad… I love you.” Just to see the caption he wrote with the back picture of his cute son as the picture, we can imagine how much this daddy loves his son. So sweet!