All About Senior Actor Shin Goo: Profile, Wife, Son, Movies, and TV Shows

senior actor Shin-gu

All About Senior Actor Shin-goo

Shin-goo is a popular South Korean senior actor. He debuted in the entertainment industry as a child actor. He won his first award as a child actor in 1939 for his acting in Man. Shin-goo has won a total of 20 awards throughout his career so far. Let’s get to know more about this amazing actor!


Shin-goo’s Full Profile

Shin-gu in Youns-Kitchen


Real Name: Shin Sun-gi

Birthday: August 13, 1936

Zodiac: Leo

Education: Sungkyunkwan University – Korean Language and Literature | Drama Center Theater Academy

Years Active: 1962 – Present



  1. Through a fan vote, he was chosen as Detective Megure for the Detective Conan real-life series.
  2. He appeared as a cast member for tvN’s Youn’s Kitchen Season 1 in Bali. Actor Park Seo-joon took over his position in season 2.
  3. During his appearance on tvN’s variety show Youn’s Kitchen Season 1 in Bali, he showed his amazing English speaking skill to the tourists who visited their restaurant.
  4. He was a cast member for tvN’s Grandpas Over Flowers for 4 years.


Who Is Shin-goo’s Wife?

Shin-goo profile

Shin-goo married Ha Jin-sook in 1974. There is not much public information related to his wife and marriage.


Who Is Shin-goo’s Son?

Shin-goo as detective megure

Shin-goo married Ha Jin-sook, and they are still together until now. However, there is no information about children.


List of Shin-goo’s Theater Performances

Shin-goo theater play

Shin-goo started to act in theater through The Cow in 1962. He participated in many works until now. Shin-goo’s last appearance was in 2014 in On Golden Pond. In addition to being an actor, he also proved to be an artistic director in 2005 through Death of a Salesman. Here is the list of Shin-goo’s plays.

Shin-gu’s Theater Performances
Year Title Role Notes
1962 The Cow
The Mud Hut
The Scenery of a Village with Willows
1966 I Want to Be Human People’s chairman
Porgy and Bess Crown
1969 A Streetcar Named Desire Stanley Kowalski
1970 The Birthday Party Stanley Webber
1971 Luv Harry
우리 여기에 있다
살짜기 옵소예
숨은 물
An Enemy of the People
1990 Equus Martin Dysart
1991 Possessed Soul Jang Seung-eop
1997 Goethe’s Faust Mephistopheles
1998 The Queen of Tears
A Feeling, Like Nirvana
2001 The Tempest Prospero
2005 Death of a Salesman N/A Artistic Director
2009 A Happy Day of Jinsa Maeng Jinsa Maeng
2010 Driving Miss Daisy Hoke Colburn
Pericles Helicanus
2013 Antigone
2013-2014 With Father, I and Hong-mae Father
2014 On Golden Pond Norman Thayer


List of Shin-goo’s Movies and Dramas

Shin-goo drama

Shin-goo’s first known appearance as a drama actor was in 1969. However, there is not much information about his first appearance as a child actor back in the days. He is still active and stars in several dramas and movies as one of the popular and most wanted senior actors. Here is the list of his movies and dramas.

Shin-gu’s Dramas
Year TV Network Drama Title Role
1969 SCB
1972 KBS The Tale of Heo-saeng
1975 KBS1 Taedong River
1976 KBS2 Another Home
1979 KBS1 물무늬
흐르지 않는 강
1980 벼랑위의 사람들
KBS2 Spring Blessing
1981 KBS1 Milky Way
Back in the Day
KBS2 Horror of Fantasy
1982 The Land of Promises
1983 KBS1 Foundation of the Kingdom Choe Yeong
KBS2 형사기동대
1984 KBS1 딸이 더 좋아
KBS2 Family
1986 여심
You’re Right
1987 KBS1 Lee Hwa
KBS2 큰 형수
1988 은혜의 땅
1989 The Region of Calm Chang Myon
꽃피는 둥지
1990 KBS1 Dawn of the Day Syngman Rhee
MBC The Rose of Betrayal Seo Young-chul
1991 KBS1 The Royal Path
KBS2 Women’s Time
Asphalt Is My Hometown
1993 KBS1 Wild Chrysanthemum
KBS2 Youth Theater
1994 Trip in May
1995 West Palace Lee Won-ik
MBC Do You Remember Love? Detective Woo
SBS Confession
1997 MBC Instinct Yoo-rim’s father
1998 KBS1 The King and the Queen Prince Yangnyeong
MBC MBC Best Theater

“Mr. Gong Choon-taek’s Contract Marriage”

Gong Choon-taek
Advocate Jin Hyung-man
1999 KBS2 School Shin Moon-soo
SBS Queen Seung-ri’s father
2000 KBS1 Emperor Wang Gun Wang Ryung
KBS2 반쪽이네
SBS Juliet’s Man Jang Sam’s father
Why Can’t We Stop Them Noh Goo
2002 MBC Ruler of Your Own World Go Joong-sup
SBS The Woman Baek Seon-dal
Sunrise House Han Dae-ho
Honest Living Shin Goo
You Are My World
2003 KBS2 Wife Mr. Seo
Sang Doo! Let’s Go to School Song Jong-doo
SBS Long Live Love Lee Deok-bo
2004 KBS2 Beijing My Love Chairman Hwang
Drama City “Déjà vu” Doctor
I’m Sorry, I Love You Min Hyun-seok
SBS Miss Kim’s Million Dollar Quest Kim Hwi-taek
The Land Doctor Moon
2005 KBS2 18 vs. 29 Kang Chi-soo
Sonaki (Rain Shower) Yoon Cho-si
MBC Our Attitude to Prepare Parting Ahn Pil-bong
SBS Cute or Crazy
2006 KBS1 Seoul 1945 Lyuh Woon-hyung
Pure in Heart Hong Young-gam
OCN Someday Oh Bong-soo
2007 MBC Thank You Lee Byung-gook
Kimchi Cheese Smile Shin Goo
SBS War of Money Dokgo Chul
The King and I Noh Nae-shi
2008 Family’s Honor Ha Man-ki
Amnok River Flows Lee Mi-reuk’s father
tvN War of Money: The Original Dokgo Chul
2009 MBC Queen Seondeok Eulje
2011 Heartstrings Lee Dong-jin
2011 Can’t Lose [Cameo] Go Jung-dae
2011 SBS New Tales of Gisaeng Master Joong-bong
2012 MBC Feast of the Gods [Cameo] Country Lee
2013 A Hundred Year Legacy Uhm Pyung-dal
2014 SBS God’s Gift – 14 Days Choo Byeong-woo
2016 KBS2 The Gentlemen of Wolgyesu Tailor Shop Lee Man-sool
2016 tvN Dear My Friends Kim Seok-gyun


Shin-gu’s Movies
Year Movie Title Role
1970 Goboi gangui dari
1973 Homecoming
Night Flight
The General in Red Robes
A Match
1974 Ecstasy
1975 The North Korean Communists’ Party in Japan
You Become a Star, Too
Love in the Rain
1976 Kan-nan
Miss Yeom’s Pure Heart Days
Don’t Walk but Run!
Never Forget Me Young-soo’s older brother
An Unfortunate Woman
Rocking Horse and a Girl
Blue Days
Seong Chun-hyang
Wild Forest
1981 Sarajin Geotdeureul Wihayeo
1982 Applause
Jongro Blues
1983 The Whereabouts of Eve
1984 The Companion
1988 Narrow Road
1989 My Friend, Je-je Mu Do-ah
1991 Blood and Fire 정보국장
1992 Our Twisted Hero Teacher Choi
1997 1818 (Profanity) Wang-ja
1998 Christmas in August Jung-won’s father
1999 A Great Chinese Restaurant Company president Han
2000 Love Bakery [Cameo] Gentleman Noh
The Foul King Im Dae-ho’s father
2002 2009 Lost Memories [Cameo] Takahashi
No Blood No Tears Kim Geum-bok
YMCA Baseball Team Lee Ho-chang’s father
2003 Natural City Deputy assistant commissioner
2004 A Winter Story Elder Kim
2005 A Bold Family Kim Joong-yeob
Murder, Take One Chief Yoon
2006 Righteous Ties [Cameo] Dong Chi-sung’s father
2007 Going by the Book [Cameo] Jung Do-man’s father
2008 Cherry Tomato Park Gu
Love and War: The Twelfth Man Chief judge
Modern Boy Lee Hae-myeong’s father
2009 Heaven’s Postman Choi Geun-bae
2012 [Short Film] Unlawful Love Elder Kim
2013 Justin and the Knights of Valour [Korea Voice Actor] Braulio
2014 The Con Artists Director Oh
2015 Shoot Me in the Heart
2017 Bluebeard Sung-geun’s father