Do You Know Hyeri’s Boyfriend and Her Co-star in ‘Reply 1988’? Find Out All About Ryu Jun-yeol Here!

Dating News with His Co-Star, Hyeri

Hyeri and Ryu Jun-yeol

When the news of Ryu Jun-yeol and Hyeri dating came out, it must have been a dream come true for the fans who were disappointed by the ending of the Reply 1988 series. While in the series Ryu Jun-yeol failed to win over Hyeri’s heart, it seems that in real life he succeeded to grab the youngest of Girls’ Day’s attention. It is said that after Reply 1988 finished filming they started to develop feelings for each other and eventually started dating.

Ryu Jun-yeol and Hyeri's Date

The news about their dating was first leaked by Dispatch in August, backed up by photos of their date in March and Hyeri visiting Ryu Jun-yeol’s house. In addition, Dispatch also said that they often spend time together at Ryu Jun-yeol’s apartment. Soon, both of their agencies responded by confirming their relationship as a couple indeed was true. They stated that their relationship by progressing from friends to lovers, and they wish for everyone to watch over the two warmly.

Ryu Jun-yeol and Hyeri Acceptance Speech

But, before the announcement of their dating, they actually showed many signs of their current relationship. For example, their affection when receiving the Rising Star Award on the 1st tvN10 Awards. We can see that they embraced each other tightly after hearing the announcement, held hands while walking to the stage, and also gave their acceptance speech while doing so. Indeed, they had a close relationship from before, but they definitely look too close to only be colleagues.

Another hint is that they actively support each other’s work. Hyeri was spotted attending the premiere and after-party of A Taxi Driver, while Ryu Jun-yeol came to support Girls’ Day’s comeback, together with other Reply 1988 cast members. We could also see hints of them dating by their activity on Instagram.

Ryu Jun-yeol and Hyeri

Their relationship is still continuing right now, and it seems that they are open to answering questions about their relationship. When asked about Hyeri’s opinion on his latest movie Believer in one of Newsen’s interviews, Ryu Jun-yeol shyly responded that Hyeri has yet to watch his movie and he’ll ask her feedback on his movie after she has watched it. Hyeri also received questions about Ryu Jun-yeol while promoting her latest movie, and not much different from her boyfriend, she answered shyly to the question.

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