Do You Know Hyeri’s Boyfriend and Her Co-star in ‘Reply 1988’? Find Out All About Ryu Jun-yeol Here!

Ryu Jun-yeol’s Roles in Movies

As said before, Ryu Jun-yeol began his career by appearing in many short movies. On the other side, he also appeared in Clazziquai Project’s music video for their song titled “Still I’m by Your Side,” which was released in 2014. Following after, Ryu Jun-yeol appeared in the Socialphobia movie, as well as the television series Reply 1988, and his name started to be known to the public.

Ryu Jun-yeol in "A Taxi Driver"

After being a hit in the drama Reply 1988, Ryu Jun-yeol seemed to shift his focus to acting in movies rather than dramas. He appeared in many movies, including One Way Trip, Canola, The Boys Who Cried Wolf, and others. Among these, the most famous are The King and A Taxi Driver, which were released the same year. His movie A Taxi Driver even hit it big by successfully selling over 10 million tickets.

He has won many awards as a result of his hard work, such as Best Star Awards in 2nd Asia Artist Awards for his role in The King, and Best New Actor in Baeksang Arts Awards along with 1st The Seoul Awards for his role in the movie A Taxi Driver. Of course, along with his success and many praises, he has also received some negative responses for his role in The King, alongside Jo In-sung and Jung Woo-sung, saying that he looks ugly compared to the two veteran actors.

Ryu Jun-yeol in "Believer"

Recently, he appeared in the blockbuster movie Believer as a member of a crime organization named Rak. While the movie itself received praise and critics, people thought Ryu Jun-yeol as one of the characters that left a very strong impression on the viewer. Even though people loved his character in the movie, he went through hardships because he had to play a lonely person, while in real life he has a bright personality. He wished that through this movie, people would be able to see his growth and improvement in acting.

Ryu Jun-yeol, Gong Hyo-jin and Jo Jong-suk

After his work in Believer, Ryu Jun-yeol is scheduled to appear in another crime-themed movie, titled Bbaengban, which tells the story of a hit-and-run investigation team within the police force. He will be acting as one of the main characters, alongside Jo Jong-suk and Gong Hyo-jin. He is also scheduled to appear in the movie Money, with Yoo Ji-tae as his co-star. Both movies are said to be released in a short while, so prepare yourself to see Ryu Jun-yeol again on the big screen!