All About Park Seo-joon: Profile, Girlfriend, WIfe, Abs, TV Shows, and Plastic Surgery

The Sweet, Charming and Charismatic Actor, Park Seo-joon

Our favorite second male lead in many Korean dramas has recently made a splash with his leading male roles, such as in Fight for My Way where he was rumored to be dating Kim Ji-won, and What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim. Despite this, Park Seo-joon, the ever-charismatic and charming actor, has a career that is very unique compared other actors in Korea. With nearly seven years of experience under his belt, you would think that it’s about time the actor got caught in a scandal, or even enlist in the military, yet Park Seo-joon manages to surprise all of his fans and keep a clean record, while he’s at it.

When it comes to Park Seo-joon there is definitely more than meets the eye, so are you curious and ready to get to know more about Park Seo-joon?

Park Seo-joon’s Profile

Name 박서준(朴敍俊) / Park Seo-joon
Birthname 박용규 / Park Yong-gyu
Birthdate and Age December 16th 1988 (29 Years-old)
Hometown Seoul, South Korea
Family Members Mother, Father, two younger Brothers
Height 185.6cm
Weight 69kg
Blood Type AB
Education Incheon Annam High school,
Seoul Arts University (Acting Major)
Religion Atheist
Debut 2011 (Music Video for Bang Yong-guk’s I Remember)

Early Life

Born Park Yong-gyu, Park Seo-joon was born in Seoul, South Korea, but lived in Incheon with his parents and two little brothers. His brothers are 3 and 8 years younger, respectively, making him the eldest, with a huge gap between them. His interest in the entertainment industry started when he was just in middle school, right when he joined the animation club. Through the activities that the club has done, he discovered he enjoyed entertaining others and began to get used to the attention he draws from others.

His interest manifested a lot more during high school, as in his first year he followed his friends, and started attending an acting academy after school and in his free time. It’s there that he really started to develop his dreams to become an actor, and what led him to enter Seoul Arts University as an acting major.

During his time in university, Park Seo-joon started having doubts about his career path and wondered if acting was really for him. He started having a dilemma, because he was surrounded by others who are also good at acting. To combat this dilemma, he decided to enlist early, as a way to deal with the mandatory enlistment first, and in the process discover what he wanted to do in the future.

This proved to be successful, and after completing his military service, Park Seo-joon started going to castings. In those castings, the casting director usually asked actors to show other talents beside acting, thus Park Seo-joon started to take up Hapkido and boxing to gather some experience and grow himself as an actor.

Personal Relationships

There’s not much to say about Park Seo-joon’s family, aside from the things he has shown through variety shows. It’s been revealed that even though he is the oldest, his younger brothers are both taller than he is. This fact is a little surprising, as he is already 185cm tall, but it seems that his brothers are 190cm. The middle brother has also gotten married and had a child, putting the ‘youngest’ image on to Park Seo-joon, as the shortest and enjoying his single life.

Aside from his family, Park Seo-joon is also famous for his close-knit friendships with actors and idols alike, mostly his co-stars on TV series and movies. His friends include Park Hyung-shik, BTS’ V, Lee Hyun-woo, Hyolyn and Choi Woo-shik. Recently, his outing with Park Hyung-shik and V, in particular, drew headlines as he posted a picture of them together on to his social media account.

In regards to his little trio, Park Seo-joon has stated that they all try to keep up with each other’s most recent projects, even going as far as to save each others numbers by their names in their current drama projects. He also revealed that V has caught up with Fight My Way and is now probably watching Suits and What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim.