All About Park Seo-joon: Profile, Girlfriend, WIfe, Abs, TV Shows, and Plastic Surgery

Rumors Surrounding Park Seo-joon

Park Seo-joon has definitely gained more than a few fans over the course of his successful run as an actor. This has led to a few rumors and mishaps highlighted by fans all over, who are dying to know more about the actor.

Dating and Girlfriend

As mentioned before, his realistic acting has caused some trouble for him in with relationships, as rumors swirl between co-stars. Most of these rumors did end up being false, even after resurfacing a couple times. One of those rumors being about Park Seo-joon’s relationship with Baek Jin-hee. Baek Jin-hee is his co-star in the drama Pots of Gold, and rumors of them dating swarmed around at the airing of the drama. This caused both parties to deny it at first, but after a whole year of hype dying down, it resurfaced again.

The press reported that the two have been dating for two years, meeting during the filming of the drama and continuing their relationship afterward. Both parties released statements of denial in response for the second time, which thankfully caused the rumors to die down. This is not the only instance of a dating rumor regarding Park Seo-joon, because even in his most recent drama, there were reports of him dating his co-star Park Min-young.

In the drama What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim, the two acted out various steamy scenes,  kissing and making out. This led some to believe that they had been dating since 3 years prior. The two parties are swift to deny such allegations, but Park Seo-joon took it a step further, by clarifying on an interview following the accusations.

He stated that any ‘proof’ found on his instagram is all a misunderstanding, focusing on the baseball jersey that is supposedly a link to Park Min-young’s birthday. Park Seo-joon reveals that the numbers chosen for the jersey are in reference to a New York Mets player, Noah Syndergaard, who he is a fan of.

Plastic Surgery

Between his childhood days and the present, there are certainly some differences in Park Seo-joon’s overall face. These differences sparked plastic surgery rumors, such as jaw shaving and rhinoplasty. Some even said there’s something different with his eye sockets that led them to think he fixed those parts of his face, too.

Some fans has commented that he looks very different now compared to how he was during his high school years, especially in his yearbook picture. As seen above, there are similarities in most of his features, yet the soft, contoured jaw used to be a lot harsher and angled in shape.

Park Seo-joon has denied rumors regarding plastic surgery, stating that it all came down to weight loss and dieting. Since his time spent working out and exercising increased, there’s a natural weight loss that happened around not only his body, but also his face. This can impact the amount of fat that contributes to the face shape, as well.

Park Seo-joon’s Filmography


Year Title Role
2011 Perfect Game Chil-goo
2015 The Chronicles of Evil Cha Dong-jae
The Beauty Inside Woo-jin (cameo)
2017 Midnight Runners Park Ki-joon
2018 Be with You Ji-ho (cameo)
2019 Lion The Divine Fury

TV Series

Year Title Role Network
2012 Dream High 2 Si-woo KBS2
Shut Up Family Cha Seo-joon
2013 Pots of Gold Park Hyun-tae MBC
Drama Festival “Sleeping Witch” Kim Him-chan
One Warm Word Song Min-soo SBS
2014 A Witch’s Love Yoon Dong-ha tvN
Mama older Han Geu-roo (Cameo) MBC
2015 Kill Me, Heal Me Oh Ri-on
She Was Pretty Ji Sung-joon
2016–2017 Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth Moo Myung / Kim Sun-woo KBS2
2017 Fight for My Way Go Dong-man
2018 What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim Lee Young-joon tvN

Music Videos

Year Song title Artist
2011 “I Remember” Bang Yong-guk feat. Yang Yo-seob
2014 “One Two Three Four” The One
2017 “Dream All Day” Kim Ji-soo