All About Park Seo-joon: Profile, Girlfriend, WIfe, Abs, TV Shows, and Plastic Surgery

Park Seo-joon’s Career: 2010 until Now

Park Seo-joon’s career grown quite a lot since he first started, but if not for the Bang Yong-guk music video he starred in, he wouldn’t be where he is today. In 2011, he took part as one of the leads in Bang Yong-guk’s I Remember video, which led him to be cast in the hit drama Dream High 2 as Shi-woo in 2012. It is a big deal to be cast as a series regular from the get-go, especially in a hit series like Dream High 2.

It’s a not surprise that by 2013-14, Park Seo-joon continued to be made part of the main cast in TV series such as Pots of Gold and One Warm Word. It wasn’t until the TV Series Witch’s Romance that he scored the leading role in a drama. In Witch’s Romance, Park Seo-joon stars as Yoon Dong-ha, a man who falls in love with a woman older than him, as they share bitter experiences with love.

Not only did Park Seo-joon score a breakout role on TV, but by 2015 he also scored a breakout role in film, as he starred as one of the leading roles in The Beauty Inside. The movie tells a story about a man who wakes up every morning with a different body, no matter age nor gender, who falls in love with a woman named Yi-soo.

Even though the leading role features various actors and actresses, Park Seo-joon stars as the male, when he meets the woman he falls in love with and tries to maintain that physical body for as long as he could. This also marks Park Seo-joon’s reunion with co-star Han Hyo-joo, who were featured together in a commercial for Shinsegae Duty Free a while ago.

From 2015 until 2017, the dramas he has been in always feature him in the leading role, and all have had high ratings. From the feel-good romantic comedy She Was Pretty, to the engaging historical drama, Hwarang, Park Seo-joon can transform into any character. Due to his increasingly busy schedule as an actor, Park Seo-joon, who had dedicated his time as an MC for KBS’ Music Bank since 2013, had to end his run by 2015 to fulfill his acting goal.

Recently he has gained more fame through the drama, What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim, where he starred as the title role. This role in particular highlights his abilities to balance the dramatic and an often over-the-top personality to bring out the comedy in a romantic comedy, yet be passionate and charismatic when he needs to convey his feelings to his romantic interest. His acting was so convincing that it led to some rumors with regard to his relationship with Park Min-young, the lead actress of the drama.

Washboard Abs

One of Park Seo-joon’s defining traits is his washboard abs, that have often been featured in most of the dramas he has starred in. Because he has hobbies such as boxing and hapkido, Park Seo-joon is known to have defined, 6-pack abs that deserve their own section when it comes to talking about his career. Here are some highlights from some of the works they’ve been in: