All About Park Joong-hoon: Profile and Facts

Who is Park Joong-hoon?

Park Joong-hoon is known as a great actor who led the Korean film industry in the late 1980s and late 1990s. The actor was born and raised in Seoul, South Korea and he debuted in 1986 with the movie Cambo and began his life as a movie star. Park Joong-hoon had an opportunity to become a movie star after he visited a movie studio in his freshman year of college. The movie company paid for his work, doing errands and cleaning after spending four months of his education in Chung-Ang University while majoring in drama and film.

For his performance as a college student in Youth Sketch of Mimi and Cheolsu (1987) Park won his very first award from Baeksang Arts Awards for the category of Best New Actor. In the same year, Park Joong-hoon was involved in a car accident after his co-worker, Kim Min-jong drove Park Joong-hoon’s car during the filming of Don Quixote on Asphalt.

Park Joong-hoon has been a huge success in many movies. Even his co-worker, Ahn Sung-ki has also won awards in the same project along with him. Park Joong-hoon was most successful in comedy films and the public has known him as a professional long time comedy actor. But in fact, during the era of democratization in South Korea, democratization itself became a huge topic which had affected the movies so much so that many serious social films were produced. Park Joong-hoon changed his comical character into someone much more suited for serious roles. However, after attaining popularity as a successful actor, Park Joong-hoon had a set back in his career after being arrested for smoking marijuana in 1994.

Let’s check out Park Joong-hoon’s full profile below if you want to get to know more about the veteran actor!

The Veteran Actor Park Joong-hoon’s Profile

Real Name : Park Joong-hoon (박중훈)

Profession : Actor

Birth : Seoul, South Korea, March 22nd, 1966

Zodiac : Aries

Height : 173 cm

Weight : 75 kg

Education :

  • Chung-Ang University, Department of Drama and Film
  • New York University major in Acting

Religion : Christian

Spouse : Yoon Soon

Children : Park Mi-hwi (Daughter), Park Bae-seung (Son), and Park So-hwi (Daughter)

Talent Agency : Wang Entertainment (왕엔터테인먼트)

Official Sites :


Park Joong-hoon made his career in the entertainment industry through his own journey that allowed him to become a professional actor. In 1985, Park Joong-hoon made his debut in his first movie Cambo and 3 years later, Park Joong-hoon successfully amazed the South Korean public with regards to his acting skills after starring in a role for Chilsu and Mansu in 1988. While taking the role for the character of Chilsu who leads his life in agony in the society of that time. A year later, Park Joong-hoon appeared as cameo in the movie, titled Ae-ran in 1989.

Park Joong-hoon starred in television drama Sarang in 1990 where the story line was based from a 1973 Venezuelan telenovela, titled La Italianita. Park Joong-hoon graduated from New York University in 1992 and got his Master Degree major in Acting after two years and a year later, Park Joong-hoon returned back to Korea and become a part of the cast for the movie Two Cops in 1993. The movie was a big success and became a hit which also brought actor Ahn Sung-ki and him to win the Best Actor Awards.

Three years later, Park Joong-hoon starred in the movie Change in 1996 using the plot of the Japanese drama Houkago. In 1997, Park Joong-hoon played the role of Sunny / “J” for Wanted where the story line is based on his original story and the entire cast play their roles in English. Hallelujah is another movie which was aired in the same year starring actor Cha Tae-hyun who is known for his style that appeals to younger fans in the entertainment industry. Cha Tae-hyun was in his 20s at the time and became Park Joong-hoon’s junior. At that point, Joon-hoon was on a roll with films and continued his pairing with Cha Tae-hyun in the movieThe Guy (2004) which once again starred both of the actors reuniting in the same project.

A year later, Park Joong-hoon starred in American Dragons in 1998 where the movie was adapted from Korean/American credits. Park Joong-hoon starred in the movie Nowhere to Hide in 1999 and performed as a tough police officer. In this point of his journey as an actor, he was led to a new bigger career move as film director Jonathan Demme, watched this film at Deauville Asian Film Festival and he got offered to play the role as an Asian villain for another movie on 2002 The Truth About Charlie based from American credits which is the remake of Stanley Donen’s Charade.

Park Joong-hoon received a lot of attention from viewers and gained fans after starring in many popular movies. In 2006, Park Joong-hoon become a cast for the movie Radio Star and played the role of a rock singer. A year later, Park Joong-hoon become the first Asian actor who presented 6 films with the event ‘Park Joong-hoon Mini Retrospective’ in Jacob Burns Film Center (JBFC) located in Pleasantville, New York. The actor, Park Joong-hoon had been honored to do a talk session with the film director Jonathan Demme and his co-star Ahn Sung-ki.

Haeundae became Park Joong-hoon’s movie that situates a tsunami as nature disaster in Busan which aired in 2009. As time goes by, Park Joong-hoon stated as a professional and veteran actor for his age. In 2013, Park Joong-hoon had finally made another big transformation from his journey started as an actor and become a film director for the movie Top Star.

Television Drama

  • 2017 – Bad Guy 2 (role as Woo Je-moon)
  • 1990 – Sarang (role as Lee Ki-woong)


  • 2013 – Top Star (Debut as a Film Director)
  • 2011 – Hanji (role as Pil-yong), Officer of the Year (role as Hwang Jae-sung)
  • 2010 – My Dear Desperado (role as Oh Dong-chul)
  • 2009 – Haeundae (role as Kim Hwi)
  • 2006 – Les Formidables (role as Ha Seong-woo), Radio Star (role as Choi Gon)
  • 2004 – Two Guys (role as Park Joong-tae), Heaven’s Soldier (role as Yi Sun-ha)
  • 2002 – Red Nameplate, The Truth About Charlie (role as Il-Sang Lee)
  • 2001 – Say Yes (role as “M”)
  • 2000 – A Masterpiece in My Life (role as Kim Yin-ki/Pierrot)
  • 1999 – Nowhere To Hide (role as Woo Deon-suk)
  • 1998 – American Dragons (role as Kim)
  • 1997 – Do The Right Thing (role as Ma Gong-bong), Hallelujah (role as Ryang Tok-wong), Wanted (role as Sunny / “J”), Karma (role as Jang Ji-hoon)
  • 1996 – Two Cops 2 (role as Kang Min-ho), Final Blow (role as Hwang Seong-chul), Change (role as An Electrical Mechanic)
  • 1995 – Gunman (role as Park Tae-seo), A Man Who Wags His Tail (role as Baek Jae-soo), Million in My Account (role as Jung Tal-soo)
  • 1994 – Rules of the Game (role as Lee Yong-de), How to Top My Wife (role as Park Bong-soo)
  • 1993 – The Young Man, Two Cops (role as Kang Min-ho)
  • 1990 – They Are Also Like Us (role as Lee Seong-chul), Lovers in Woomukbaemi (role as Bae Il-do), My Love, My Bride (role as Kim Young-min)
  • 1989 – Ae-Ran (role as Cameo), Don Quixote, My Lover
  • 1988 – Bioman, Chilsu and Mansu (role as Jang Chil-soo), Sunshine at Present
  • 1987 – Youth Sketch of Mimi and Cheolsu (role as Kim Cheol-su), Tohwa (role as Yong-i), Don Quixote on Asphalt
  • 1986 – Cambo (Debut as First Film)

Variety Show

  • 2017 – Guesthouse Daughters aired on KBS
  • 2008 – 2009 – Park Joong-hoon’s Holiday Talk Show aired on KBS

Music Videos

  • 나 그대에게 모두 드리리 (I Will Give All of You) by Zee Young-sun
  • Because We Are Two (둘이라서) by Eru

Advertisement / CF

Park Joong-hoon became a model for an advertisement OB-Lager (OB 라거) which is a beverage product of most popular beer in South Korea from 1996 to 1998.

Park Joong-hoon appeared solo on OB-Lager’s (OB 라거) first advertisement while dancing to a random song following an appearance of actor Choi Jong-won. He began to gain huge popularity in the middle of his career while switching his character to a comic style and a funny man.

Especially in 1997, actor Choi Jong-won first appeared in a commercial break One Box of Ramen and successfully caught the consumers’ attention. It was selected as the best advertisement chosen by consumers and the beginning of the OB-Lager (OB 라거) advertisement series starring the popular idol group member, G.O.D’s Park Joon-hyung.

Their appearance together in OB-Lager (OB 라거) had caught the attention of many. It was strange that G.O.D’s Park Joon-hyung’s appearance seems to be older than Park Joong-hoon but actually the eldest member of G.O.D, Park Joon-hyung, was 3 years younger than Park Joong-hoon.

Awards and Nominations

Park Joong-hoon won awards for his works especially came from his role from the movie, such as :

  • 2006 – Blue Dragon Film Awards for the category of Best Actor (with Ahn Sung-ki) for Radio Star
  • 1999 – Baeksang Arts Awards for the category of Best Actor, Korean Association of Film Critics Awards for the category of Best Actor,  Blue Dragon Film Awards for the category of Best Supporting Actor, Deauville Asian Film Festival for the category of Lotus du Meilleur Acteur (Best Actor) for Nowhere To Hide
  • 1997 – Baeksang Arts Awards for the category of Best Actor of Hallelujah
  • 1995 – Baeksang Arts Awards for the category of Most Popular Actor for Million in My Account
  • 1994 – Blue Dragon Film Awards for the category of Best Actor of Rules of the Game
  • 1993 – Grand Bell Awards for the category of Best Actor and Most Popular Actor (with Ahn Sung-ki) for Two Cops
  • 1990 – Baeksang Arts Awards for the category of Best Actor and Korean and Association of Film Critics Awards for the category of Best Actor for Lovers in WoomukbaemiAsia Pacific Film Festival for the category of Best Actor for My Love, My Bride
  • 1988 – Korean Association of Film Critics Awards for the category of Best Actor for Chilsu and Mansu
  • 1987 – Baeksang Arts Awards for the category of Best New Actor for Youth Sketch of Mimi and Cheolsu

Park Joong-hoon Transition from Movie Star to Film Director

Park Joong-hoon held an interview with media outlet, Oh My Star, on October 13, 2013 and the movie actor who turned his career as a film director shared about his journey in the film industry. Park Joong-hoon had become a film director for a movie, titled Top Starwhich had released on 2013.

Park Joong-hoon opened up that he almost went crazy after being rejected for a year. He continued, “Not because I wanted to be a director, but because I had a story I wanted to make, I made a movie,” However, he write about the process of writing his directorial debut, Top Starall by himself. Park Joong-hoon also revealed that it was difficult to write a scenario than to shoot a movie. He said, “Every morning, I felt like I was on a steep cliff. It is harder to create dramatized episodes that I have experienced directly or indirectly. I was worried that I would end up complaining about my self-consciousness.”

The director of the movie Top StarPark Joong-hoon, is posing in front of cafe in Samcheong-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul, for the interview with Oh My Star.

“If you were a novelist, you would have written, and if you did art, you would have drawn a picture, and in the second or thirties, personal accomplishment was your goal. I was not the only actor who was a hot actor, but I felt a feeling of ‘I was very uncomfortable because of me.’ It is difficult to talk to someone who is not interested in others, It was because he was a man.”

Top Star is a movie that tells a story of Tae-sik (played by Um Tae-woong) who is a talent manager for the top celebrity starring Woon Joon (played by Kim Min-joon) and he had to wait so long to made his dream came true which was taking a role in a film. There is also a drama maker in the movie starring Mina (played by So Yi-hyun) and she becomes a ‘self’ director that Park Joong-hoon talks about. But it’s not a story behind the entertainment industry, but the work that Park Joong-hoon feels about his experiences. “It’s not the ‘facts’ of the entertainment industry, but the ‘inside’ of the situation, which is in that situation,” Park Joong-hoon explained.

Actor Park Joong-hoon, who had been asked while acting to do this or that, finally became director and was put in the exact opposite position. “I was very familiar with the idea, but when I came to my senses, I was able to withstand it, and I was almost crazy,” he said. Park Joong-hoon thought that such difficulties belongs to every cast and in the end everything about the production and filming went well. He also thanked and apologized to Um Tae-woong, Kim Min-joon, and So Yi-hyun for their hard work who appeared and put a lot of effort for the filming of Top Star.

Park Joong-hoon revealed that Kim Min-joon was the first actor who proposed to appear in the film and Uhm Tae-woong was the next person who finally took the lead role and there were a lot of people behind him too. At first, Park Joong-hoon thought that there must be a lot of actors who are in the middle of their twenties wanting to take the role but after going through a consideration, Uhm Tae-wong was chosen to play the lead role for the movie since the other actor might not have a strong presence.

“The actor digs deeply into the acting, the director looks at the whole wide” – Park Joong-hoon.

However, Park Joong-hoon was afraid because he was the ‘final decision maker and manager.’ The thought of not being an actor or staff member who believes in and follows himself has made his shoulder heavier than anything else. When asked what is the reason behind his desire to be a film director, he said, “There are many people in the world who regret that they can not do what they want before they die.

Park Joong-hoon opened up about his passion for being a film director which is one achievement that he expected from his career, but he also had doubts about his talent for being a director and wondering if the risk he should take would lead him in the wrong direction. “An actor is accustomed to getting praise but the director must see the film more strictly and have a stronger mental.” Park Joong-hoon stated. He had expectations for the audience who watched his movie to appreciate his work.

Park Joong-hoon, the movie star who has turned to a film director, revealed that the key to being a professional actor is not only accustomed to hearing praise, but also in criticism in order to be a coach. He went through such difficult but meaningful steps through his career and journey to be a film director. As the time goes by, Park Joong-hoon shared that there are many new comer actors who are still in the beginning of their career in the entertainment industry and now he has directed himself to be the teacher and also coach for them. However, Park Joong-hoon said that his journey to be a film director is like a polished a bowl of clay. It’s all about the effort to made a perfect shape of it’s bowl from a dough of clay until becoming a work of art.

The film director, Park Joong-hoon ended his interview by poured all of his feelings into a wisdom words, “It’s not something that you have to play with it. But you have to work with passion to going through the difficult ways. I wonder if there is more than once in a lifetime to filmed a story to experience as a film maker. You can do it by adding a lot of meaningful story in your own mind and create it as a masterpiece.”

Park Joong-hoon’s Marriage, Wife and Children

Park Joong-hoon is married man with 3 children; 2 daughters and 1 son. He has a lovely family and a beautiful wife. Besides being a professional actor, he also takes care of his family so well and seeing his children grow up with a similar figure like their father.

Who Is Park Joong-hoon’s Wife?

Park Joong-hoon was known as a top star back in the day when he was in his younger age in his middle 20s. The actor held a marriage with a woman who’s now become officially his wife, named Yoon Soon in 1994. Park Joong-hoon’s wife, Yoon Soon, is a Korean born in Japan who are normally called a Zainichi Korean. She was born in Niigata, the capital and the most populous city of Niigata Prefecture located in the Chūbu region of Japan. His marriage made the actor’s Japanese speaking ability improve and to this day he often visits Japan with his family. Yoon Soon graduated from the Department of French Literature in Meiji University and majored in graphic communication at the Graduate School of Art and Design, New York, USA

The actor Park Joong-hoon married his wife, Yoon Soon, at the Samsung Terminal Airport Convention Center in Gangnam-gu, Seoul at 1 PM. Park Joong-hoon was 30 years old and Yoon Soon was 27 years old when they tied the knot together and become bride and groom.

Park Joong-hoon, who had no idea about marriage, shared about his feelings towards his wife and said, “I am going to marry this person.” And after the meeting of 3 or 4 times, he finally made a proposal. The two of them had a happy marriage for more than 21 years and have 3 children.

New York is a space that became a bridge between two people. “I met during my studies in August 1991.” said the actor who starred in Haeundae. Park Joong-hoon went to study in the US in January of that year. He made his debut in 1986 in Cambo and then he was named as a youth star by appearing in My Love, My Bride and Chilsu and Mansu. He graduated in June 1992 and returned to Japan in July to resume his acting career. In short, 1994 was another turning point for Park Jung-hoon when he got his new life partner being married to his wife on June 3, 1994.

In their first year of marriage, they had problems with Yoon Sook’s ability to speak Korean. Park Joong-hoon was used to speaking a majority of the time in English and Japanese but after a lot of effort, Yoon Sook finally has a good ability to speak in Korean and they managed to overcome their problem as a newlywed very well.

Who Is Park Joong-hoon’s Children?

Besides being a husband, actor and film director, Park Joong-hoon is also a father to 3 children. The actor has 2 beautiful daughters and 1 son who has a similar face as his father as the only brother among his sister.

Park Joong-hoon stated that he tried to be a good father, like a friend to his children. The picture below shows a picture of Park Joong-hoon’s daughters and son.

Park Joong-hoon’s first son is Park Bae-seung who was born in 1995 and the second daughter is Park So-hwi who was born in 1997. Park Joong-hoon’s third daughter is Park Mi-hwi, who was well known as she starred in the same movie with her father in Officer Of The Year which aired on 2011 is working as a teenager model. It seems like Park So-hwi and Park Mi-hwi are twins, but there isn’t any official statement about them since Park Mi-hwi birth year is unknown.

Park Joong-hoon Who Starred In a Movie With His Youngest Daughter

Park Joong-hoon would now be named a professional detective actor in his movie Two Cops aired on 1993 following with another series in Two Cops 2 aired on 3 years later in 1996. The actor, Park Joong-hoon, who once mentioned his family in public, had his youngest daughter Park Mi-hwi starring in films apart from his son and other daughter. This fact was also confessed on his Twitter before the film company was released. “My youngest daughter actually played the role of the youngest daughter in my upcoming film.”

Park Joong-hoon and his daughter Park Mi-hwi appeared in the movie, titled Officer Of The Year aired on 2011 and the actor played the character of Hwang Jae-sung. During that time, his youngest daughter Park Mi-hwi was only 10 years old when she made the appearance with her father in the movie. Park Joong-hoon confessed that sometimes an actor wants to bring his children to the small screen. Will Smith starred with his son Jayden Smith in Finding Happiness in 2006 and his daughter Willow Smith in I Am Legend in 2007. Cha Tae-hyun also took his child out of the scenes of filming a commercial with a child during the Speed Scandal.

In the film, Park Mi-hwi does not have many acting scenes, but she still uses her name and looks just like her father with sparkling eyes and smiles. As it became known that Park Joong-hoon starred in the movie with his daughter, the audience burst into laughter at the movie theater. Here’s how Park Mi-hwi became involved in the movie. In the original scenario, Hwang Jae-sung (played by Park Joong-hoon) had a daughter, but Park Joong-hoon suggested that it would be better to have 2 caricature daughters, and that my daughter should play the role. “Since the setting of the drama is similar to the age of her daughter, Mi-hwi would be a good idea to appear in the drama,” Park Joong-hoon said. “On the soccer field, my first daughter Park So-hwi is online with a picture of her watching the game from the basketball court.

Park Joong-hoon explained if there is any intention to teach a child acting in earnest, “If you want to work in this field, you should have two principles. First, should want to be self-made and the second one is, the other must be talented. If they have talent and passion, they will not necessarily oppose their child becoming an actor.” “I once dreamed of becoming a successful actor, but now I am happy to do what I like for a long time.” the actor added. Talent and passion are the key that made him success after he has worked hard for 25 years in his acting career.

Sad News From Park Joong-hoon’s Mother

Park Joong-hoon received sad news from one of his closest family members. The actor had learned of his mother’s passing and the sad news was spread to the public on August 21, 2018. According to the agency, Park Jung-hoon’s mother, Kwon Song-ja, died of a chronic disease during the day, and the mortuary was set up at a funeral home at Seoul Sungmo Hospital in Seocho-gu, Seoul. The funeral ceremony was held on the August 23rd, 2018.

Park Joong-hoon who has received the sad news, was guarding the funeral parlor and was absent from KBS 2 Radio Show Radio of Park Joong-hoon which airs daily every 6 PM. “There is no fixed date when we will return to broadcasting again,” Park Joong-hoon agency stated.

Park Joong-hoon to Noh Hoe-chan, “The Reason For Honoring The Man Is Because…

Actor Park Joong-hoon attended a memorial ceremony for the venerable lawmaker Noh Hoe-chan at Yonsei University in Seoul yesterday afternoon. Park Joong-hoon, who has many fans, said that he stood in front of the camera as a fan.

In an interview with JTBC on the day, Park Joong-hoon said, “I have been close to Noh Hoe-chan as a voter and fan for 14 years through the introduction of an acquaintance.” “I remember most of the time I spent eating roasted rice in winter.” He added.

When asked, “Why do many mourners continue?” he said, “I pray for the repose of the deceased with one heart regardless of his political orientation.” Along with another questions, Park Joong-hoon had been asked about what would he like to share with many people as a mourner for Noh Hoe-chan, then Park Joong-hoon answered, “As a person who has not changed his life for his faith, but as a person who has sustained his losses.”

It was a long time ago. It was an interview at a memorial hall.” Park Joong-hoon reportedly contacted former KBS announcer Lee Geum-hee in 2004 and said, “I want to meet you.” and that was the beginning of how the two became close friends.

Park Joong-hoon, who read the memorial service at the memorial service, called Noh Hoe-chan his elder brother. “I sincerely hope that you will sleep peacefully with everyone,” he said in his speech.

On July 24, 2018, Park Joong-hoon also updated his Instagram feeds by uploaded a message about his deep feelings regards to Noh Hoe-chan.

“Yesterday and today I feel very sad and tired.
I’m going to visit the store now.
Hoe-chan hyungnim, a really nice person, a respectable person.
You’re my brother.
You’re a smooth, easygoing, and flexible intellectual and a strong right-winger!
It’s very sad and painful to know that I can no longer laugh with my brother who’s always sitting deep in my heart over a glass of soju.
My big brother! I wish you a good night’s rest.
Hoe-chan hyungnim!” 
– @joong_hoon_park

Park Joong-hoon Involved In A Car Accident

In 2014, Park Joong-hoon appeared as a guest star on MBC’s A Son and Daughter and revealed his story of his first meeting in the movie Don Quixote on Asphalt with actor Kim Min-jong 27 years ago.

“Kim Min-jong was a high school student at the time and he took a shot for his condition since the filming was during the winter. I gave him a car key because he looked bad and he was in the car.” Park Joong-hoon explained.

Then Kim Min-jong replied with, “I wanted to drive by myself because I was given the key.” In the end, Kim Min-jong drove Park Joong-hoon’s car by himself and broke his car for some reason.

Park Joong-hoon responded to his statement by saying, “I really wanted to kill it when I think about it. It cost 500,000 KRW to repair the car.” Park Joong-hoon himself said that the accident was absolutely made him explode and he had to verbally abused Kim Min-jong all he could after the incident. “I finished cursing, but I met Kim Min-jong again in the next movie.” he added.

Park Joong-hoon &Dark History as Entertainer

Park Joong-hoon was arrested on charges of smoking marijuana in 1994 after filming the movie, Two CopsTen years later, at a film preview press conference, he recalled at the time that “That was a time when I felt like a loser in my life, I came to a big house (prison) after violating the law dozens of years ago.

As reported from MBC News, The movie star Park Joong-hoon, who was expected to be the future leader of the Korean film industry, was arrested in Seoul for smoking marijuana. It’s a shame that a total of 15 people, including doctors, minors, and female employees, were arrested together on charges of taking drugs.

At the same time, Park Joong-hoon won the Best Actor Award for his passionate role in cracking down on drugs for his movie Rules of the Game, but unfortunately the actor was arrested by the prosecution on charges of smoking narcotic marijuana.

Prosecutors say Park Joong-hoon has purchased 28 grams of marijuana from U.S. Mr. Leyson since August and smoked it four times with two Americans, including Mr. Rayson and NC.

Prosecutors arrested Mr. Lyson for selling and charged him with smoking in the 8th U.S. Army and handed him over to the U.S. military.

The prosecution has also arrested 11 Korean-American Kwon Song and six female bar employees, including Kim Eun-mi, for using cocaine and meth without detention for the same charges.

In particular, 4 out of 6 women who were caught taking methamphetamine pills were found to be under 17 years of age, indicating how much drug products have penetrated our society. Prosecutors have recently stepped up crackdowns on illegal airport and port searches, judging that drug products are flooding every floor for high prices.



That was all of Park Joong-hoon’s full profile that we can share for you. Besides being an actor, Park Joong-hoon is also made a lot of effort and achievement from being a professional actor who has turned to be a film director. He also didn’t forget to have a strong background in his education program as he graduated from a reputable university and finally met his wife. His work in entertainment industry was also trapped him into a dark history of his career as he was caught smoking marijuana while filming the movie and got arrested.

However, it wasn’t an excuse for him to stop his career in acting as he made a comeback starring in many upcoming movies and built his own little family after getting married with his wife and also became great father figure to his children. As time goes by, after a long dedication to his work in entertainment industry, Park Joong-hoon finally made a big step in his journey as a film director. He used to be a movie star who’s popular in his early 30s and later gained attention from the public after his appearance in many movies.

Well, let’s hope for all the best to Park Joong-hoon’s career in the future and also his personal life!