All About Midnight “Temptation” Park Ha-sun: Profile, Wedding, Movies, TV Shows, etc.

Drama List

Park Ha-sun

Park Ha-sun has been active in entertainment industry for 13 years. She has starred in 19 dramas. Her first appearance was on the SBS drama Love Needs a Miracle where she acted as Song Yoon-ju. A year later, she acted as Min-jeong in Just Run!.

In 2007, she appeared in 2 different dramas. She acted as So Yeong-rang in the KBS2 drama Capital Scandal, as Princess Consort Munseong of the Shin clan in the SBS drama The King and I.

In 2008, she appeared in the KBS2 drama Formidable Rivals as Seo Eun-young. She also appeared in another KBS2 drama called Hometown Legends “Curse of the Sajin Sword” as Hyang-yi.

In 2009, she appeared in 3 dramas, Romance Zero, The Accident Couple, and Can’t Stop Now. 

In 2013, she starred in 4 dramas. She acted as Baek Ji-yoon in KBS2’s Ad Genius Lee Tae-baek. She appeared as Seo In-hye in the MBC drama called Two Weeks. She appeared in a cameo role in episode 30 of Potato Star 2013QR3. She also appeared in the MBC drama festival Lee Sang That Lee Sang.

In 2014, she acted as Yoon Bo-won in the SBS drama Three Days. She also appeared in the popular drama Temptation as Na Hong-joo.

Her latest appearance on a drama was Drinking Solo, where she acted as the female lead Park Ha-na. The drama is about a relationship between a teacher and an academy student.

Year English Title Role Network
2005 Love Needs a Miracle

(사랑의 기적 필요해)

Song Yoon-ju SBS
2006 Just Run! (일단뛰어) Min-jeong KBS2
2007 Capital Scandal So Yeong-rang KBS2
The King and I Princess Consort Munseong of the Shin clan SBS
2008 Formidable Rivals Seo Eun-young KBS2
Hometown Legends
“Curse of the Sajin Sword”
Hyang-yi KBS2
2009 Romance Zero Nam Hyeon-jeong MBC Dramanet
The Accidental Couple Choi Soo-yeon KBS2
Can’t Stop Now Lee Joo-ah MBC
2010 Dong Yi Queen Inhyeon MBC
Documentary narrator MBC Life
2011 High Kick: Revenge of the Short Legged Park Ha-sun MBC
2013 Ad Genius Lee Tae-baek Baek Ji-yoon KBS2
Two Weeks Seo In-hye MBC
Potato Star 2013QR3 president of Jang Yul’s fan club
(cameo, episode 30)
Drama Festival
Lee Sang That Lee Sang
Kyung-hye MBC
2014 Three Days Yoon Bo-won SBS
Temptation Na Hong-joo SBS
2016 Drinking Solo Park Ha-na tvN


Movie List

Park Ha-sun

Park Ha-sun began her career on the big screen through a movie called APT where she acted as Jung-hong. A year later, she appeared as Ji-hye in Mom Never DiesIn 2008, she acted as Ji-in in the popular movie BA:BO.

In 2010, she appeared in two movies. She acted as So-hee in Jumunjinand she acted as In-hwa in I Came from Busan

In 2011, she acted as Jung Yeon-soo in The Last Blossom (aka The Most Beautiful Goodbye). She also appeared as Yoon-hee in a movie called Champ.

In 2012, she appeared as Dong-joo, who is a tone-deaf in a movie called Tone-deaf Clinic (aka Love Clinique).

Year English Title Role
2006 APT (아파트) Jung-hong
2007 Mom Never Dies (어머니는 죽지 않는다) Ji-hye
2008 BA:BO (바보) Ji-in
2010 Jumunjin (주문진) So-hee
I Came from Busan (영도다리) In-hwa
2011 The Last Blossom (aka The Most Beautiful Goodbye) (세상에서 가장아름다운 이별) Jung Yeon-soo
Champ (챔프) Yoon-hee
2012 Tone-deaf Clinic (aka Love Clinique) (음치 클리닉) Dong-joo
2017 Midnight Runners (청년경찰) Joo-hee


Variety Show Appearances

Park Ha-sun

Park Ha-sun was chosen as a cast member for the MBC variety show called Real Men: Female Soldier Special – Season 2. She showed her charm on that show.

Year English Title Network Notes Episode
2015 Real Men: Female Soldier Special – Season 2 (진짜 사나이) MBC Cast member