All About Girl’s Day Minah (Instagram, Boyfriend, Songs and Makeup)

Girl’s Day Minah With No Makeup


We always see K-Pop idols perform on stage with full make up on their faces, but you can not deny that you also want to see your idols without make up, right? It’s just we are curious as to how would our idols look like without the heavy make up on their faces.

Minah ever showed her no make up face when she went to Mnet 4 Things Show and SBS Law of the Jungle back in 2015. Netizens had divided opinions regarding this since Minah looks so different without make up. Some netizens even said she is ugly and they lose some of their feelings for Minah. But on the other side, some netizens defended her too, saying a singer can not be judged by his or her looks only, but rather by their singing ability.

With or without make up, Minah never really mind netizens’ opinions. She still laughs and jokes around with her cheerfulness. But as you can see from the picture above, Minah is still as cute as ever.

Girl’s Day Minah Boyfriend and Ex-boyfriends

On July 2014, The Fact revealed Minah and soccer player Son Heungmin’s photos when they were on their dates on 16th and 17th. Later on, Girl’s Day’s agency, DreamT Entertainment, confirmed it and explained that Minah and Son Heungmin started dating after maintaining a friendship through SNS.

At first, Minah was hesitant to go public with Son Heungmin since she was afraid that it will negatively impact Girl’s Day and Son Heungmin’s activities and at that time, they were at the beginning stages of their relationship too. Fans were happy and congratulated them despite netizen’s negative comments towards Minah and Son Heungmin’s relationship.

Sadly, on October, Ilgan Sports revealed that they have broken up. The reason is because it’s difficult for them to maintain long-distance relationship since Minah was promoting in Korea and Son Heungmin was busy in Germany.

Girl’s Day Minah Instagram Official Account

Every celebrity wants to get closer to their fans and some of them are willing to share their daily activities with their fans too. Minah is a cheerful and friendly girl, so it’s not surprising that she joined Instagram to interact with her colleagues and fans. Besides, she really likes taking selcas too. So, if you want to know more about Minah, you guys can go to her instagram bbang_9933 now.

After reading all of the information above, we can conclude that Girl’s Day Minah is a pretty, cheerful, talented and outgoing girl. She is very interesting, right? Please give some support and love for this young lady~