Everything You Need to Know About Tunnel Main Actress Lee Yoo-young

Lee Yoo Young

The Korean Actress, Lee Yoo-young

Welcome back to Channel-Korea! Do you guys recognize who’s the pretty woman above? Yup, That’s right… In today’s article, we will talk about Korean actress Lee Yoo-oung. Young was born in Seoul on December 28, 1989. She started in entertainment industry for a small screen project in 2012 through a short movie titled A Flower Does Not Wilt, But…

In the following year, she got an offer to star in a supporting role for the mystery movie Hide and Seek. Finally, in 2014 she played a main character named Lee Min-kyung in a huge movie project called Late Spring. Surprisingly, this movie lead her to gain honor and recognition in 14th Milan International Film Festival as Best Actress. Young started to come in fame and became a rising star. Two years after, she began to be involved in her first drama production titled Yourself and Yours.

Let’s get closer to Lee Yoo-young and check out her profile below!

Full Profile

Name: Lee Yoo-young

Hangul: 이유영

Birthplace: Seoul

Birthdate: December 8, 1989

Age: 29 years old

Zodiac: Sagittarius

Height: 165 cm

Weight: 47 kg

Education: Korea National University of Arts

Profession: Actress

Agency: Pungkyung Entertainment

Movie List

-Year 2012: Short movie “A Flower Does Not Wilt, But…” as Soo Young

-Year 2013: Short movie “Men”

-Year 2013: “Hide and Seek” as waitress cafe

-Year 2014: Short movie “The Lunch Date”

-Year 2014: “Late Spring” as lee Min Kyung

-Year 2015: “The Treacherous” as Seol Jung Mae

-Year 2015: “Fatal Intuition” as Si Eun

-Year 2015: “Mr. Cowper” as In Ae

-Year 2015: Short movie “A Lonely Bird”

-Year 2015: Short Movie “In Another Place”

-Year 2016: “Yourself and Yours” as Min Jeong

-Year 2018: “Wonderful Life” as Hyeon Ji

-Year 2018: “Her Story” as Ryu Seon Yeong

-Year 2018: “Grass” (special appearance)

-Year 2018: “Bad Police” (special appearance)

Drama List

-Year 2016: “Clocking Out” as Mae Goo

-Year 2017: “Tunnel” as Shin Jae Yi

-Year 2018: “You Drive Me Crazy” as Eun Sang

-Year 2018: “Your Honor” as Song So Eun


-Year 2014: 14th Milan International Film Festival category Best Actress (Late Spring)

-Year 2015: 6th KOFRA Film Awards category Best new Actress (Late Spring)

-Year 2015: 24th Buil Film Awards category Best New Actress (Late Spring)

-Year 2015: 52nd Grand Bell Awards category Best New Actress (Late Spring)

-Year 2015: 36th Blue Dragon Film Awards category Best New Actress (The Treacherous)

-Year 2015: Korea Film Actors Association Awards category Popular Movie Star (The Treacherous)

Personal life

Yoo-young has played the lead female and partnered with actor Kim Joo-hyuk. In real life they turned out to be having a love affair and the two were confirmed dating in the same year they starred together as well. It was later revealed in an interview that Kim Joo-hyuk declared that he planned to marry Yoo-young and was really hoping that they would have a daughter in the future. But sadly, on October 30, 2017, Kim Joo-hyuk passed away in a car accident. Probably due to the shocking turn of events, understandably, currently there are no rumors saying that Lee Yoo-young started to date someone else.


Lee Yoo Young