All About Battleship Island’s Actress: Lee Jung-hyun (Profile, Husband, Marriage, Movies, and Drama List)

Music Career

lee jung hyun

As a singer, she introduced the techno genre to the K-pop scene and constantly reinvented styles for each and every song. She always showed a different yet unique persona for each album, such as a mermaid, Barbie doll, tribal queen, soldier, Korean folk dancer, belly dancer, or princess of the sea.

That is because she said that she always wanted to show a different side to the public and that is the core value of her that will never become subject to compromise. “I want myself to be different in every single album or film”, she said. “I will uphold this forever, regardless of age and popularity.”

Before she released her own solo, she appeared in some music videos. She was a featured artist in Cho PD’s song “Fever”Check out the MV below.

She also made an appearance in Goofy’s music video for “The Rule of the Game”.

Her first debut song is titled “Come”It showed her unique and colorful charms but still drew people in. This song topped the Korean charts for 3 weeks. Check out her first MV here.

Her 2nd single is titled Change and also gained so much popularity and won awards for Best Song and Most Broadcast Song. See this award-winning song performance below.

Here are the full lists of her albums, including the Japanese and Chinese versions.


  • Let’s Go to My Star (1999)
  • Lee Jung Hyun II (2000)
  • Magic to Go to My Star (2001)
  • I ♡ Natural (2002)
  • Passion (2004)
  • Fantastic Girl (2006)
  • Lee Jung Hyun 007th (2010)


  • This Is Hyony (2006
  • WA-Come On- (2005)
  • Heaven-Come On- (2004)
  • Passion/Heavy World (2005)


  • Love Me 千面女孩 (2008)


  • “A Petal” (A Petal‘s OST, 1996)
  • “Heaven’ (Beautiful Days‘s OST, 2001)
  • “Senorita” (Infinite Challenge: Olympic Duet Song Festival Mini-Album, 2009)
  • “How Can I Hold Back Tears” (Iris‘s OST, 2009)
  • “V”

As a singer, she has won multiple awards, such as:

  • 1999 8th Seoul Music Awards- Best New Artist
  • 1999 14th Golden Disk Awards- Best New Artist
  • 1999 KBS Song Festival- Best New Artist
  • 1999 KMTV Music Awards- Best New Artist
  • 1999 Mnet Asian Music Awards- Best New Solo and Best Dance Performance
  • 2000 8th Seoul Music Awards- Main Prize (Bonsang)
  • 2000 SBS Music Awards- Top 10 Awards
  • 2000 KMTV Music Awards- Grand Prize (Daesang)
  • 2001 10th Seoul Music Awards- Main Prize (Bonsang)
  • 2001 KBS Song Festival- Main Prize (Bonsang)
  • 2001 SBS Music Awards- Top 10 Awards
  • 2001 KMTV Music Awards- Grand Prize (Daesang)
  • 2002 10th Korean Culture and Entertainment Awards- New Generation Artist
  • 2002 KMTV Music Awards- Artist of The Year
  • 2003 12th Seoul Music Awards- Main Prize (Bonsang)

Although she is focusing on her acting career for now, she stated that she hasn’t given up on her singing career. She said, “I’m not retired from it, but since I have been filming many different movies back-to-back, I’m not doing any prep work to release an album. But, I’m not saying I don’t sing anymore. If there’s a chance, I want to meet fans on stage.”

Her Dating Rumor

lee jung hyun dating

In 2014, a rumor surfaced on the Internet that she was dating Kim Han-min, the executive director of The Admiral: Roaring Currents (2014). She wrote on her personal Twitter that the rumor is nonsense and there is no evidence whatsoever. Additionally, she thinks of Kim Han-min as a father figure.

Ilgan Sports, an affiliate of Korea JoongAng Daily, quoted an insider from Big Stone Pictures, the production company behind Roaring Currents, who confirmed that they are indeed not in a romantic relationship and said that Kim Han-min laughed when he read the false articles.

Her agency also stated, “We have no idea how or why these reports surfaced. It’s not true at all. Their relationship is purely that of a director and an actress. There is also a huge age gap between them. We ask that media outlets that have published reports about this issue add corrections to their stories.”

Thoughts on Love and Dating

lee jung hyun

In an interview in 2013, she said, “I really want to have a boyfriend. I had my last boyfriend 3 years ago. He wasn’t an entertainer.” Though she didn’t say much about her ex-boyfriend, she said that she doesn’t care about age, nationality, or career. Instead, she is looking for a person with a strong sense of responsibility and commitment.

But, we shouldn’t hope too much for her to make her dating status public, at least until she gets married since she is a private person. “Even if I have a boyfriend, I will keep it a secret until marriage.” When being asked about her thoughts on marriage, she answered, “I always do think about it, but I’m not sure when I’ll get married. Song Joong Ki was also concerned about me, saying ‘Noona, you have to get married soon’.”