All About Lee Joon’s Girlfriend Jung So-min: Age, Height, Dating, and Movies

Meanwhile, Lee Joon’s agency, Prain TPC stated “Lee Joon is currently in a relationship with Jung So-min, who he met through ‘Father is Strange’. They began dating in October and are currently very supportive of each other. Lee Joon is currently getting plenty of rest so that he can do his best when he returns to the army after his break ends.”

This confirmation follows a story by TV Report claiming that the couple was spotted on a cozy date on December 29. They reportedly dined together after shopping for scarves at a department store in Pangyo, and he spent the majority of his 5 day military leave with the Twenty star. Lee Joon has been enjoying the good life the past few months with a new girlfriend, and a commendation in the military for ranking first place in basic training. It seems the military hasn’t stopped him from pursuing his relationship with Jung.

Dispatch released pictures showing the couple went on a winter date, during Lee’s break from the military. It showed they spent the break together, and were spotted in Cheongdam on 29 December 2017. The two were spotted going out in the same car. Lee also showed his affection by holding Jung’s hands, and once patted her head.

Before they officially confirmed their relationship, the couple may have been dropping hints about their romance.

On October 24 of last year, during an interview on SBS’s “One Night of TV Entertainment,” Lee Joon was asked who he hoped would visit him during his military service. The former MBLAQ’s member replied, “First of all, Jung So-min. She promised me that she would come visit no matter what.”

On the other hand, Jung So-min also mentioned Lee Joon in an interview last year about her drama “Because This Is My First Life.” Although she was discussing her onscreen romance with co-star Lee Min-ki, the actress repeatedly brought up Lee Joon during the conversation, saying that she had initially worried about being able to live up to the chemistry that she had shared with Lee Joon in “Father Is Strange.”

Additionally, when asked whether she expected to win any awards that year, she responded, “If I could receive one, I’d like the Best Couple Award [with Lee Joon].”

Congratulations to this lovely couple! Hope this could last long and continue to a marriage!

Jung So-min’s Acting Career Journey


Jung made her debut in 2010 in a supporting role on the TV series, ‘Bad Guy.’ She received a lot of attention for her acting skills in the series. She then landed a prominent role in a romantic series entitled ‘Playful Kiss.’ The series was adapted from a famous Japanese manga entitled ‘Itazura Na Kiss.’ ‘Playful Kiss’ failed to perform well on Korean television, but became quite popular overseas. Thanks to the overseas success of ‘Playful Kiss,’ her popularity crossed borders, which gave her more opportunities to grow as an actress. In 2012, she was cast in MBC’s ‘Standby,’ which was a sitcom about the lives of people working in a broadcasting company.

She then starred in the sitcom ‘Can We Get Married?’ Her role in the series was much more challenging than the ones she had taken before, and she also appeared more mature than ever. In 2013, she appeared in KBS2’s ‘Came to Me and Became a Star’ which was a single-episode drama. In 2014, she starred in the TV series ‘Big Man’, in which she was paired with Kang Ji-hwan. She played a young woman who falls head over heels in love with the protagonist.

In 2015, she appeared in two movies. She played a supporting role in ‘Twenty,’ and then appeared as the lead in horror flick ‘Alice: Boy from Wonderland.’ She also starred in a medical drama entitled ‘D-Day’ in the same year. In 2016, Jung starred opposite Lee Kwang-soo in the series ‘The Sound of Your Heart.’ The web series became a major hit in China with over 100 million views on the internet. She then appeared in another drama special entitled ‘Red Teacher.’ In 2017, she appeared in a TV series called ‘My Father is Strange’ which aired on KBS2. In this drama also, she met her current boyfriend Lee Joon, and they played a couple on the show as well. She also starred alongside Yoon Je-moon in ‘Daddy You, Daughter Me’ which was a comedy flick about body swapping. Her most recent appearance was in 2017 alongside Lee Min-ki on the tvN network’s romantic series ‘Because This is My First Life.’

On April 10, Jellyfish Entertainment responded to reports that the actress will be starring as the lead of a new tvN drama. They stated, “tvN’s new drama ‘One Hundred Million Stars Falling from the Sky’ (working title) is one of the projects she has been offered.”

If she accepts, it will mark Jung So Min’s return to the small screen after her previous lead role in tvN’s “Because This is My First Life” that ended in November 2017.

“One Hundred Million Stars Falling from the Sky” is based on the Japanese drama of the same name (“Sora Kara Furu Ichioku no Hoshi”) that aired on Fuji TV in 2002. Its cast included stars Kimura Takuya, Fukatsu Eri, Akashiya Sanma, and more. It tells the story of a man and woman’s entangled, fateful relationship, and is famous for its shocking ending.

Producing director Yoo Jae Won of “Oh My Ghostess” and “Tomorrow With You” is expected to direct this drama.

“One Hundred Million Stars Falling from the Sky” is set to air sometime during the second half of 2018.

Can’t wait for the return of this romantic comedy queen to the small screen!