All About Korean Actress Lee Eun-sung: Profile, Movies, and Drama List

Lee Eun-sung is a South Korean actress. Her name is quite popular in the entertainment industry. She made her acting debut in the youth drama Sharp, followed by roles in the television series Evasive Inquiry Agency (2007), and the films Dasepo Naughty Girls (2006), Milky Way Liberation Front (2007) and Take Off (2009). Lee married a rocker named Seo Tae-ji in 2013. They met when Lee appeared in the music video “Bermuda Triangle” for Seo’s eighth album in 2008, and the couple began dating in 2009. Lee is the second wife of Seo Tae-ji. Her first daughter was born on August 27, 2014.

Lee Eun-sung’s Profile

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Name: Lee Eun-Sung
Hangul: 이은성
Birthdate: August 8, 1988
Birthplace: Incheon, South Korea
High School: Inmyong Girls’ High School
Height: 168cm
Star sign: Leo
Blood type: AB
Education: Inmyong Girls’ High School
Languages: Korean and English
Religion: Protestant

Lee Eun-sung’s Movies

Year Title Role
2006 Four Horror Tales – Roommates Kim Bo-ram
Dasepo Naughty Girls Double Eyes
2007 The Old Garden Eun-gyeol
Milky Way Liberation Front Eun-sung
2008 Hellcats Kang-ae’s cosmetics staff (cameo)
The Devil’s Game Joo Eun-ah
2009 Take Off Bang Soo-yeon


Lee Eun-sung’s TV Shows

Year Title Role Network
2003 Sharp 1 Seo Jung-min KBS2
2005 Sharp 2 Seo Jung-min KBS2
2007 Que Sera Sera Han Ji-soo MBC
Evasive Inquiry Agency Yoo Eun-jae KBS2
2008 I Am Happy Park Ae-da SBS


As an actress, Lee has appeared as a model for video clip or music video several times. Through one of the projects, she met her boyfriend who would turn out become her husband, Seo Tae-ji. During the shooting of Seo’s music video, Segitiga Bermuda they met and began dating afterwards. Here you can take a look at his music video, and other videos that Lee has appeared in.

Lee Eun-sung’s Music Video Appearances

Year Song Title Artist
2004 “Footprints” T.O
2007 “Fan” Epik High
2008 “Drifting Apart” Sweet Sorrow
“Bermuda Triangle” Seo Taiji


Lee Eun-sung and Seo Tae-ji’s Marriage


Seo Taiji and Lee Eun-sung met for the first time in 2008, while they were shooting the music video for the singer’s song Bermuda [Triangle] from his 8th album. They started their relationship in late 2009, and got married to each other after 3 years of dating.

Seo Taiji announced their wedding on May 15, 2013 through his official homepage and not long after, Lee Eun-sung shared her feelings through his company’s website.

She started, “I loved his music since a long time ago, but I never thought I would meet him in person.” Lee Eun-sung continued, “When I saw him talking to peers and staff members at the music video filming site, I thought, ‘He’s an awesome person!’ Afterwards, we saw each other like it was fate, and I fell for him. Now, I love him for his unexpected normalcy and easygoing personality.”

Instead of a large event, the wedding was held privately in at Seo’s newly built home in an affluent part of Pyeongchang-dong in northern Seoul, with only family members present on June 26, 2013. The wedding was only for his family and friends as they gathered to congratulate the couple and have a small housewarming party.

I have found the big happiness from everyday life,” wrote Seo. “I feel like I’m getting mature and experiencing some good changes.”

This is Seo’s second marriage. His first, which he entered into 16 years ago, was also very secretive, and was only revealed in 2011, years after he already had gotten divorced.

“I told you I will come back soon, but since my break has been so long, I feel sorry for those who have been waiting for the new release.”

On August 27 2014, a year later after their wedding, the legendary singer expressed his feelings through a press statement. The announcement says:

“Hello, this is Seo Taiji. It is difficult to explain how filled with emotions I am by simply saying I am happy. Both the mother and the child are currently healthy.

I am thankful to the mother and our daughter. I hope to become a great father. Thank you to everyone that expressed their concerns, and I especially want to thank my patient and loving fans.”

Congratulations to this happy little family! Hope the whole family to always live happily and healthy!

Lee Eun-sung Went on Holiday with Her Husband After Giving Birth

Singer Seo Taiji and his wife, Lee Eun-sung spent their sweet holiday together in Hong Kong after the singer’s performance in 2014 MAMA.

Seo Taiji and Lee Eun-sung couple visited Hong Kong in order to make an appearance at 2014 Mnet Asian Music Awards on December 3rd and choose to take it as a short getaway.

It was the very first holiday for them since the actress had given a birth to their daughter last August. Even after their child’s birth the couple did have little time to take some rest and enjoy the happiness of the first childbirth.

On the other hand, Seo Taiji has been busy promoting his 9th album Quiet Night since last October, and had to go through his close friend Shin Hae-chul‘s sudden death. It seems that Seo Taiji decided to spend holiday with his wife, Lee Eun-sung, when deciding to take part in 2014 MAMA in Hong Kong.

One of the representatives, who were also in Hong Kong said, “Seo Taiji visited Hong Kong with his family. As far as I know, his family did not come to the event site. Seo Taiji left the concert hall as soon as he finished his stage in MAMA to go see his family.”

On the stage of the 2014 MAMA, Seo Taiji sang Sogyeokdong together with IU in a great harmony. He also sang Christmalowin and Come Back Home in front of a 10,000 person audience.

Wish the best for the couple, and more happy moments ahead!