All About Korean Singer Kim Bo-kyung: Profile, Height, and Songs

All About Stephanie Kim Bo-kyung

All About Stephanie from the Girl Group The Grace

Stephanie a.k.a Kim Bo-kyung is a South Korean singer and entertainer. She debuted as a member of the girl group The Grace which was formed by SM Entertainment. The group  disbanded afterwards, and she became a solo artist. She is still active as both a singer and an entertainer in the K-pop industry. Let’s get to know Stephanie a.k.a Kim Bo-kyung.


Full Profile of Kim Bo-kyung and Facts

stephanie profile


Real Name = Kim Bo-kyung

Other Name = Stephanie Kim

Birthday = San Diego, California, United States

Zodiac = Libra

Occupation = Singer, Musical Theatre Actress and Ballet Dancer

Song Genres = Kpop, R&B, Dance, Acapella

Active Years = 2005 – Present

Agency = SM Entertainment (2005 – 2016), Media Line Entertainment (2012 – 2014), Mafia Records (2014 – Present)



  1. She was a member of the girl group The Grace, who made their debut in 2005 but disbanded in 2010.
  2. She was a member of the Los Angeles Ballet.
  3. Kim Ki-bum (ex Super Junior) was her only friend in SM Entertainment during her trainee days
  4. She appeared on Mnet “Hit the Stage” in 2016 as Hyun-seung’s partner, and also had a solo stage performance to show off her dancing skills.


List of Kim Bo-kyung’s Songs and Albums

2012 – The New Beginning

The New Beginning is Kim Bo-kyung a.k.a Stephanie’s first single album as a soloist. The single album was released on October 8, 2012 in South Korea. The album consists of 3 songs including the title track, Game.

The New Beginning track list
No Track List
1 Game [Title Track]
2 Dance (nanana) feat Amber of f(x)
3 Game (dj koo clubmix)


2015 – Top Secret

Top Secret is Stephanie a.k.a Kim Bo-kyung’s first mini album. The album was released on October 13, 2015 in South Korea. The album consists of 7 songs, including the title track 위로위로 feat L.Joe from TEENTOP. The album also contained 2 songs that will be released as singles for promotion, such as Prisoner and Blackout.

Top Secret track list
No Track List
1 위로위로 (Feat. L.Joe of TEENTOP)
2 Luv Me (Feat Nada of WA$$UP)
3 Blackout
5 뻔한노래 (Feat. 파로)
6 Blackout (Full Band Ver.)
7 PRISONER (Pure Light Ver.)