All About Korean Actress Chae Rim: Husband, Brother, TV Shows, etc

Who Is Chae Rim’s Brother?

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Chae Rim’s talent in the acting field seems to having been passed down to her younger brother, Park Yoon-jae who is two years younger, born on 14 January 1981. Park Yoon-jae has been active as an actor since 2002 under the home agency Popeye Entertainment. Park Yoon-jae is best known for starring in Korean movies and television dramas such as Indomitable Daughters-in-Law in 2011, Your Lady in 2013, and Shining Romance in 2013. Moreover, he has also received one award at the MBC Drama Awards in 2011 for the Best New Actor in a Serial Drama and was nominated for Best New Actor (TV) at the 48th Baeksang Arts Awards in 2012 and Excellence Award, Actor in a Weekend/Daily Drama at the SBS Drama Awards in 2013.

List of Chae Rim’s TV Shows

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As was explained at the beginning of this article, Chae Rim’s reputation as an actress is notable in the Korean, Chinese, and Taiwanese drama industry as she has starred in approximately thirty dramas throughout her career, which she started as Miss Haitai. In this section, Channel-Korea has compiled a list of Chae Rim’s television dramas and variety shows in South Korea, China, and Taiwan.

1994 – Warm River

1994 – Journey

1994-1998  – MBC Partner (as Su-jeong)

1996 – MBC A Daughter’s Choice

1997 – MBC Ban Buhl Ee

1998 – SBS My Mother’s Daughters (as Seo Yoon-mi)

1998 – KBS As We Live Our Lives (as Park Jeong-min)

1998 – MBC Jump

1998 – MBC Shy Lovers (as Choi Myung-hwa)

1999 – KBS Lost One’s Way / The Song Of Hope (as Shi-nae)

1999 – SBS KAIST (as Park Chae-yeong)

1999 – MBC I’m Still Loving You (as Bong Sun-hwa)

1999 – Happy Together

1999-2000 – MBC Music Camp

2000 – MBC Air Force (as Kim Jin-kyung)

2000 – MBC All About Eve (as Jin Seon-mi)

2000 – SBS Cheers for the Women (as Seo-young)

2001 – MBC Four Sisters (as Yoo-jin)

2002 – SBS We are Dating Now (as Yoon Ho-jung)

2003 – KBS Over the Green Fields (as Sung Yeon-ho)

2004 – KBS Oh! Pil Seung, Bong Soon Young (as Bong Soon-young)

2004 – SBS Banjun Drama: Suite Room

2004 – Taiwan CTS Love at the Aegean Sea (as Guan Xiao-tong)

2004 – Taiwan CTV Warriors of The Yang Clan (as Pan Yu-yan)

2004 – Hongkong ATV Taming Of The Shrew / Princess Sheng Ping (as Sheng Ping)

2006 – Lost City in Snow Heaven

2006 – China BTV Secret History of Kangxi (as He She-li)

2007 – KBS Dal-ja’s Spring (as Oh Dal-ja)

2008 – KBS Formidable Rivals (as Cha Yeong-jin)

2009 – MBC Good Job, Good Job / Cheer Up On Love (as Lee Kang-ju)

2010 – SBS Oh My Lady (as Yoon Gae-hwa)

2010 – China ZJTV Fall in Love with Anchor Beauty (as cameo)

2013 – CCTV The Lee Family Courtyard (as Mrs. Lee)

Chae Rim’s Plastic Surgery

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Just like any other South Korea celebrity, Chae Rim is also accused of having had plastic surgery. The unpleasant allegation arose when Chae Rim appeared on an episode of the KBS show Stars Falling In Love With Travel in 2013. The below pictures are the screencaps of comparisons between Chae Rim’s past and present look.

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As we can see, in those pictures Chae Rim seems to have a bloated face, like her eyes are swelling up which we believe is the result of botox injections. In relation to the rumors of plastic surgery, Sidus HQ as Chae Rim’s home agency refuted it by saying adamantly that the rumor does not make sense and she did not get plastic surgery. The reason why viewers and fans might find that Chae Rim looks different on the show is that the program was filmed in 2012, and was first shown in Japan and China, and then in Korea one year later. As for Chae Rim herself, she never stated that she would not have any, but she is only in her 30s and looks great. Well, perhaps a botox injection is not considered plastic surgery, so Chae Rim’s home agency’s claim would not be groundless, don’t you think, dear readers?

Chae Rim’s News Update 2017

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Apparently, Chae Rim is taking a break from the entertainment industry, because she is busy taking care of her baby boy who was born in December 2017. Many fans are still waiting for her comeback to Korean television dramas because she is a great actress. Hopefully, after her son is a little older, Chae Rim will return to the small screen to greet her loyal fans!