All About Korean Actor Won Ki-joon

Won Ki-joon’s Marriage

won ki joon

At the age 39, the actor decided to re-marry his non-celebrity ex-wife, in April 2013, after having divorced her in 2006.

Won Ki-joon married his current non-celebrity wife who is four years his junior at a hotel in Cheongdamdong, Gangnam on April 20th, 2013. It was revealed that the private wedding ceremony was kept quiet in consideration of his wife. Won Ki-joon had previously married his present wife back in 2006 but quietly divorced soon after.

Won Ki-joon shared, “My wife is such a dedicated person to me. I’ve never met such a devoted woman in my life. I fell in love upon seeing her faithful character. I am living each day happily.”

Won Ki-joon rose to fame with the MBC hit drama, Jumong, and is currently the DJ of the EBS radio show, Book Room, and works as a professor at the Seoul Arts Occupational Training College.

A belated congrats to Won Ki-joon!

Won Ki-joon in Everybody, Kimchi!

won ki joon

In 2014, Won Ki-joon played in the popular variety show Kimchi, Slap!. 

During the Radio Star show, actor Won Ki-joon, who has been receiving much love from viewers for the MBC drama Everybody, Kimchi!, in which he played in 2014, shared an entertaining story that occurred while filming. About the famous ‘kimchi slap’ scene that went viral after being aired. Won Ki-joon (the receiver of the slap) explained, “It was completely spoiled kimchi. Lee Hyo Chun (senior) even soaked it in a lot of kimchi juice before hitting [me with it].”

When asked if the slap was painful, the actor confessed, “The pepper flakes went into my eyes, nose, and ears, so I suffered from a headache all night long,” causing everyone to laugh. Poor Won Ki-joon!

Check out the funny Kimchi Slap below!