All About Kim Jeong-hoon: Profile, Family, Songs, Dramas, and Latest News


Let’s Meet the Singer-Turned-Actor Kim Jeong-hoon!

Kim Jeong-hoon is a South Korean singer and actor. He first debuted as a singer in the duo UN with the single “Voice Mail” in 2000 with Choi Jung-won. They were very popular back then both in South Korea or in Japan. But, after 6 years, the duo disbanded, and he has pursued acting ever since.


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Name                : Kim Jeong-hoon (김정훈)

Also Known as   : John Hoon; Jin Zhen Xun

Birthdate           : January 20, 1980

Birthplace          : Jinju, South Korea

Height               : 179 cm

Weight              : 60 kg

Blood Type        : AB

Education         : Seoul National University (dentistry- dropped out), Chung-ang University                               (Acting)

Star Sign          : Aquarius

Hobbies            : Watching movies, playing billiards, listening to music

Favorite food    : Samgyeopsal

Favorite sport   : Swimming

Agency             : Mersenne Entertainment

Website            :

Weibo              : jeonghoonkim

Cyworld           : jeonghoon0120

Facebook         : kimjeonghoonofficial

Instagram       : kimjeonghoon0120



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Not stopping after UN disbanded, Kim Jeong-hoon also recorded solo songs and has released several albums. UN, also known as United N-Generation, released 5 albums between 2000 to 2005. The duo initially debuted in 1999, but it wasn’t until June 2000 that they made their first album public.

In an interview with International bnt, he shared insight into the reason for their disbandment. He said that it was because they were both busy with their respective solo careers, so a reunion probably isn’t in their plans.

There were rumors going around about their disbandment, including that they had a bad relationship, but Choi Jung-won said, “We didn’t really fight. There can be collisions when you are together. We didn’t talk for a short while, but then we resolved things.” Kim Jeon-hoon also responded to this by saying “There had been a lot of talk going on about how we disbanded because of our conflicting schedules. However, that wasn’t the reason. It was merely due to our contracts expiring.”

Here is a list of both Kim Jeong-hoon’s solo and duo songs.


Year Title Note
2006 Best Album Mini Album
5 Stella Lights 1st Mini Album
2007 “Sad Song” 1st Single
“Boku wa Kimi wo Aishiteru” 2nd Single
“Kimi ni Deatta Hi Kara” 3rd Single
Bokutachi Itsuka Mata… 1st Album
2008 “Sakura TEARS” 4th Single
“Kimi wo Mamoritai” 5th Single
“You’re not Alone” 6th Single
Kyo mo Atarashii Yume wo Miru 2nd Album
2009 “Blue Moon” 7th Single
“In Your Eyes” 1st Single Korea
2010 “Rainy Flash” 8th Single
“Al Dente” 9th Single
Machi 3rd Album
2011 “Present” 2nd Single Korea
2012 Voice 4th Album
My Story 1st Mini Album Korea
“Message” 10th Single
Voice 2 5th Album
Lov…ing 1st Mini Album Chinese
2013 “Futari Kinenbi” 11th Single
“Haru Koi” 12th Single
2014 LovexBest 6th Album
5091 2nd Mini Album Korea
John Hoon-Do My Best 1st Best Album
2015 “Special Day” 13th Single
2016 “Harukaze” 14th Single
“Marry Me, Marry You” 3rd Single Korea
2017 Prologue~koi o yobu uta 15th Single
Kioku no Kaori 1st Mini Album Japan
2018 “Ima~yume no yo ni kimi ga” 16th Single



Album Album Information
1 United ‘n’ Generation (2000)
2 Traveling You (2001)
3 Extreme Happiness (2002)
3.5 Sweet and Strong (2003)
4 Reunion (2004)
5 Seventy Five Centimeter (2005)
6 Goodbye & Best (2006)


UN won several music awards, and here is a list of their awards:

  • 2001 Korean Music Awards- Daesang
  • 2002 SBS Gayo Daejeon- Ballad Category
  • 2003 SBS Gayo Daejeon- Producer Award

Kim Jeong-hoon also appeared in music videos of other singers. Check out the MV’s here:

He also made an appearance on the variety show King Masked Singer as ‘The Man in the Flower’We can hear his great and soothing voice here! See the video below:


kim jeong hoon drama

Kim Jeong-hoon began acting in 2004 in dramas such as the sitcom Orange and a Man and a Woman. However, he made his first major breakthrough when he starred in the hit drama Princess Hours. That was his first door to a path of glory in the acting industry. However, on April 28, 2009, he left the public for mandatory military service. On that day, 80,000 of his fans from Japan, Korea, Turkey, and China gathered to see him off.

He returned from his service on February 28, 2011, and returned to the acting industry one again and showed all of his fans that he still has his acting and singing talents.

Here is a list of his dramas and movies.


Year Title Role Broadcast
2006 Princess Hours Prince Lee Yui MBC
Fog Street Lee Yoon-soo KBS2
2007 Witch Yoo Hee Yoo Jun-ha SBS
2008 Love Strategy Jin Zhen Hao/Kim Jung-ho Hunan TV
2011 I Need Romance Kim Sung-soo tvN
Run60 Pierro/2nd ghost TMX
2012 Dummy Mommy Lee Ja-ha SBS
2013 Love in Her Bag Do Ji-joo jTBC
2015 Missing Korea Yoo Jung-hoon KBS
Immutable Law of First Love Park Jong-goo Naver TVcast
2016 God of War, Zhao Yun Gao Ze Hunan Television
Start Again Ha Sung-jae MBC



Year Title Role
2004 DMZ Kim Ji-hun
Shut Up! Kwon Myung-seok
2011 Sunday Punch Soo-hyun
2014 Stray Dogs So Yoo-joon
2018 Pacific Rim: Uprising Lieutenant Huang


Thoughts on Dating and Marriage

kim jeong hoon

Currently, Kim Jeong-hoon is reported single. There are no current rumors about him having a girlfriend, either. But, there was a rumor in the past suggesting that he might have dated Yoon Eun-hye. Whether it was true or not at any point in time is still not clear since neither of them has spoken about the matter to this day.

But, he once admitted that he was in a relationship before. When he was asked about marriage plans and dating, he answered, “I don’t think it’s time yet since I haven’t matured. When I was in my early 20’s, I did date someone who was 10 years younger than me, as well as being in a relationship with a foreigner.”