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Actor Kim Jae-won, Forever Smiling Angel!

Kim Jae-won or just Jae-won is one of a few South Korean actors who had a good start for their acting career in a short amount of time. He made his debut on the sitcom Honey Honey (2001) and rose to stardom a year later with the role of a high school senior who falls for his teacher in hit drama Romance (2002). He was a top star who was a great sensation in his time, causing a syndrome in romance thanks to his light skin and bright smile. Fans even nicknamed him ‘Killer Smile’ or ‘Smiling Angel’ because of his famous wide smile. Though he initially became popular due to his beaming smile, in recent years Kim Jae-won has cultivated an image as a tough guy after playing a role in the drama Scandal : A Shocking and Wrongful Incident (2013).

Kim Jae-won is currently signed under Will Entertainment agency alongside other artists such as Kim So Eun, Joo Sang Wook, Linzy, and others. Besides acting, he also began hosting activities such as an affairs program titled The Real Story Eye (2014), which reconstructs cases to uncover facts beneath rumors and speculation. It was also revealed that this 81-liner actor married his non-celebrity wife in 2013, and became a proud father to his first son. Who’s this lucky woman and how did they end up together? Find out more about Kim Jae-won in his information and stories below!

Full Profile of Actor Kim Jae-won

General Info of Kim Jae-won
Name : Kim Jae-won
Native Name : 김재원
Chinese Name : 金載沅
Nicknames : Smiling Angel, Killer Smile
Nationality : South Korean
Occupation : Actor, Model, MC
Agency : Khan Enterprise (past), Will Entertainment (2014 – present)
Years Active : 2001 – present
Official Website :

Personal Info of Kim Jae-won
Date of Birth : February 18, 1981
Place of Birth : Seoul, South Korea
Chinese Zodiac Sign : Rooster
Western Zodiac Sign : Aquarius
Height : 182 cm
Weight : 71 kg
Blood Type : B
Religion : Christian (Protestant)
Sibling(s) : Nuna (older sister), Dongsaeng (younger brother)
Family : Park So Yeon (spouse, m. 2013) & Son
Instagram :

Education Background of Kim Jae-won
Graduated : Seoul Gaewon Elementary School in Seoul (서울 개원초등학교 졸업)
Graduated : Sungnam Jungja Junior High School (성남 정자중학교 졸업)
Graduated : Seongnam Bundang Jung-ang Middle High School (성남 분당중앙고등학교 졸업)
Sangmyung University – Theater and Film 2001 (상명대학교 연극영화학 2001학번)
Hanyang University Graduate School of International Tourism (한양대학교 국제관광대학원 국제관광학과)

Facts and Trivia About Actor Kim Jae-won

As a gentleman who is known to be humble with a sense of courtesy, there’s no doubt that Kim Jae-won has also gone through so many hardships and struggles to become who he is today. Let’s find out everything about Kim Jae-won starting from his pre-debut days!

Kim Jae-won’s Early Life, Skills & Random Facts

  • When he was a kid, he did not like the size of barbells.
  • He used to have unfounded confidence; he felt the confidence was not due to his own accomplishments.
  • He said that he is tired of ‘martial arts’ thanks to his vigorous childhood. At one point, he did 3000 push ups a day, and also said that dancing is not in his spirit.
  • Hobbies : Watching movies, Listening to music, Exercising.
  • Specialties : Taekwondo, Kung Fu, Aikido, Wushu, Teuk Gong Moo Sool, Push-ups, Arm Wrestling.
  • He likes climbing and bought the equipment to do so, but he rarely uses them since he travels a lot. So, he only climbs whenever he has spare time.
  • Kim Jae-won said that he doesn’t read much, only about one book a week (and that’s a lot!).
  • Recently he reads a lot of health related books because he thinks that his body is not in good condition. Also, he sees many people who are sick and thinks about giving them some medical information.
  • He also reads a lot of books related to psychology to sort out his mind.
  • He said he wants to hang up a huge world map and spend his time traveling with his new family.
  • He likes to drink alcohol.
  • He quit smoking cigarette because of the smell.
  • He likes to eat broccolli.
  • He tried to be a vegetarian for a few weeks, but couldn’t resist any longer because of his love for the meat!
  • He is still friends with Dong Wook and Jin Wook after their military discharge.
  • He is interested in purchasing DVDs from short film festivals, because it helps him a lot to do a better job as an actor.
  • He likes Bollywood movies, and picked Shahrukh Khan as his favorite actor.
  • He admits that he doesn’t really know fashion, or thinks that maybe he is a fashion terrorist.

Kim Jae-won’s Career & Celebrity Image

  • At the beginning of his career, Kim Jae-won adhered to a rather feminine image because he has smooth skin and a charming smile.
  • He was nicknamed the ‘Murder/Killer Smile’ or ‘Smiling Angel’ for his famous smile.
  • He is known to be a social butterfly.
  • He was called “Luxurious actor Kim Jae-won who has the pose of a rookie” by an online community due to his humble actions caught on camera. In the photos of Kim Jae-won’s interview (2012), he seems to be carefully listening and thus making the interviewer comfortable as he puts on a warm smile and in turn makes viewers smile.
  • After an accident on the filming location of drama “Me Too, Flower!”, he underwent rehabilitation for a full recovery under Dr. Na Young Mu, who is well known as the doctor of figure skater Kim Yuna.
  • During his military service, he has said that he has been a presenter / MC about a dozen times.
  • He is the MC for a magic program Magic Control since 2017. He said that he enjoys being part of Magic Control because there are a lot of interesting parts when recording on the theme of magic.
  • He thinks that it is important to have a lot of sources (roles in acting) to become rich in expressions because one can see it from various perspectives.
  • In past interviews, he said that he did not plan to appear in entertainment programs, but he was presented with the opportunity. He acknowledged that he wanted to live his life adapting to the wind like a wind, and thinks that balance is important (as an actor and entertainer).
  • He hadn’t studied acting enough at the time of his rising popularity, so he wasn’t modest nor arrogant.
  • He used to be careless in the past because he did not want to follow the broadcasting rules just because he had to say something.
  • As an actor, he summarized the idea of a character as much as he thought about how to make a character in the drama. He worked hard to bring warmth to his audience and learned acting this way.
  • He wants to be remembered by his fans as a good actor without much modifying and antipathy, an actor who call others ‘good actors’.
  • His role in the MBC historical drama Hwajung at the time was one of the toughest characters Kim Jae-won has had to play in his 15 year career. It was his first villain role, and he never wants to play that kind of role again.

Kim Jae-won’s Achievements

  • He once released an instructional book whose goal was to introduce fans to Korean.
  • Kim Jae-won was once a Film Ambassador in a Korean TV Showcase.
  • Kim Jae-won has also been the representative of Korea to attend the Mitsuji Festival, Japan’s largest street festival held in Osaka.
  • Kim Jae-won received praise from the Deaf Community for his role as Cha Dong Joo, a deaf man, in drama Can You Hear My Heart. He was almost crowned Best Actor at the 4th Korean Drama Awards due to his performance, but he lost to Lee Min Ho who starred in City Hunter.
  • He was the conductor of the MBC Drama Awards 2012 together with Son Dam Bi.
  • He joined other 70 celebrities including Seo In Young, Kim Jong Kook, Dynamic Duo, Park Hyun Bin, U-KISS and more, to spread awareness of an ongoing campaign with a special song titled “Talk About Love” in 2014.