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About Actor Kim Jae-won’s Wedding & Family

Not many male actors have married an ordinary girlfriend, because it is not easy to cross the distinctly different wall between the public and private life. Even though Kim Jae-won is known to be private when it comes to his personal life, it’s not a secret that he has married a non-celebrity woman named Park Seo-yeon back in June 28, 2013. The actor’s wife, who was three months pregnant at the time of their wedding ceremony, was revealed to be the daughter of the representative of a well-known and successful advertising agency that works in management of a leading modeling agency.

The couple were friends since childhood that discovered they had a lot in common. Friendship quickly turned into something more serious and they began dating in October 2012. Before they knew it, they were planning a wedding. Although he admitted that he was surprised at how quickly his thoughts turned to marriage and starting a family, he had no doubt that it was the right thing to do. “My wife is my best friend and without even trying we always seem to think in a similar way,” he said, “I need someone to rely on and I hope my wife will be just that.”

Kim Jae-won described his wife as a hardworking, kind, warm, beautiful, same age friend, “She’s not a celebrity and yet she understands what I do. She is calm and yet outgoing.” However, out of the love for his non-celebrity wife’s privacy, the bride was not in any of the pre-wedding interview photos and her face remains unknown till this day.

The wedding ceremony was held in the afternoon at Raum Wedding Hall in Yeoksam-dong, Seoul. There were 600 guests in attendance at the wedding, not including Korean and Japanese fans who went to the venue just to catch a glimpse of their favorite actor on his special day. Kim Jae-won’s celebrity guests include Ji Sung, Lee Dong Wook (who MC-ed the ceremony), Jung Joon Ho, Kim Min Jong, Park Eun Hye, Park Hyo Shin, Dynamic Duo, and more.

Not long after the wedding, there was news that the couple’s honeymoon was postponed due to Kim Jae-won’s shooting schedule for the drama Scandal. He wasn’t able to spend his first wedding night with his bride, but months later he was able to celebrate the birth of their healthy first child! The baby boy is nicknamed ‘Heaven’ which is Kim Jae-won’s favorite word. However, it was later revealed by his agency that because he is so protective of his family, Kim Jae-won didn’t even let his acquaintances know about the birth which happened in late December 2013 at first. In the end, he told them after some time.

Filmography of Actor Kim Jae-won : Movies, Dramas, Music Video Appearances


Early on in his acting career before enlisting to the army, the actor mostly played roles in the romance genre because of his flower-boy image. He became famous thanks to his attractive roles on drama Romance (2002), Wonderful Life (2005), and the movie 100 Days with Mr. Arrogant (2004). After a string of successful projects, he started his mandatory military service in March 2009 and was discharged in January 2011. Not long after, he made his acting comeback with another romance drama titled Can You Hear My Heart (2011), for which he received praise for his portrayal of a deaf man and was later given recognition at the year-end MBC Drama Awards.

In fall 2011, he signed on to star in the drama Me Too, Flower! as lead actor but was injured on the first day of filming (the moped he was riding malfunctioned and accidentally accelerated). After being diagnosed with a dislocated shoulder, bone fracture and torn ligaments and cartilage, he withdrew from the drama and was replaced by Yoon Shi Yoon. He cancelled all entertainment activities for ten months and underwent rehabilitation, eventually making a full recovery and has been continuing his acting career since. Although he is not as popular as he was before, his career in the entertainment world is considered stable for now.

Drama Series of Actor Kim Jae-won

Year Title Role Network
2001 Honey Honey Kim Jae-won SBS
You Say it’s Love, But I Think it’s Desire Han Seung Jae SBS
Wuri’s Family Han Woo Ri MBC
2002 Romance Choi Kwan Woo MBC
Rival Kang Woo Hyuk SBS
My Love Patzzi Kang Seung Joon MBC
2003 Land of Wine Seo Jun SBS
2004 Beijing My Love Na Min Kook KBS
My 19 Year Old Sister-in-Law Kang Min Jae SBS
2005 Wonderful Life Han Seung Wan MBC
2006 Great Inheritance Kang Hyun Se KBS
Hwang Jini Kim Jung Han KBS
2008 First Love Zhang Sheng / Jean Wu CCTV
2011 Can You Hear My Heart Cha Dong Joo MBC
2012 May Queen Kang San / Ryan Gass Kang MBC
2013 Scandal : A Shocking and Wrongful Incident Ha Eun Joong MBC
2015 Splendid Politics Prince Neungyang MBC
2016 Father, I’ll Take Care of You Lee Hyun Woo MBC
2018 About Her Han Kang Woo SBS

Movies of Actor Kim Jae-won

Year Title Role
2004 100 Days with Mr. Arrogant Ahn Hyung Jun
2007 Agent J Bodyguard S

Music Video Appearances of Actor Kim Jae-won

Year Song Title Artist Country
2001 “Thank her – S#1. Bus Stop” Lee Soo Young South Korea
“Thank her – S#2. Fantasy”
“Thank her – S#3. Cafe”
2002 “Silent Goodbye” Leeds
2005 “함께 있음을” Ditto & Sympathy 2 compilation
2007 “Agent J” Jolin Tsai Taiwan
2011 “초연” Kan Jong Wook South Korea
2014 “Talk about love” V.A.