All About Kim Hyun-joo: Profile, Relationship, Plastic Surgery, and Drama List

Korean actress Kim Hyun-joo started her career as a child. She was a model in teen magazines when she was in her third year of high school. The actress, who was born in 1977, made her official entertainment debut when she starred in the music video for Kim Hyun-chul’s “One’s Lifetime” in 1996. Kim launched her acting career a year later in the television drama The Reason I Live (1997). Despite being a newcomer, she was cast as the lead role in the film If It Snows on Christmas (1998) with Park Yong-ha, followed by Calla (1999) with Song Seung-heon. People became more aware of her name when she won award for her debut in “I Love You! I Love You!” in 1998 in the category of Best New Actress at the MBC Drama Awards. Moreover, her “I have a Lover” drama won her 8 award nominations, including an SBS Drama Award and a 9th Korea Drama Awards.

Kim has a remarkable record in acting. She has starred in many dramas, some of which are very popular and that have received high ratings; such as “Boys Over Flowers”, “Partners”, ” What Happens to My Family?”, and ” I Have a Lover”. Her life story was poured into a book which was published on December 23, 2009, featuring personal essays and photos of her needlework and knitting. She also got a chance to spent ten days in Vancouver, Whistler, and Victoria to film the documentary “ECO Canada by Kim Hyun-joo”, which aired on MBC Life. Also featured as a photo spread in Sure magazine, the shoot promoted environmental awareness by emphasizing Canada’s natural backdrops, and showing Kim’s green practices such as using fabric bags instead of plastic, and unplugging unused electrical appliances. Are you curious to know more about Gu Jun-pyo’s sister? Check this out!

Kim Hyun-joo’s Profile

Name Kim Hyun-Joo
Hangul: 김현주
Birthdate: April 24, 1978
Birthplace: South Korea
Height: 168cm
Weight: 50kg
Star sign: Taurus
Blood type: B
Family: Younger brother
Talent agency: YNK Entertainment
Twitter: @kim_hyunjoo
Education: performing art in Danguk University
Religion: Roman Catholic (with baptismal name: Teresa)

Kim Hyun-joo’s Relationship

The popularity of actress Kim Hyun-joo often means that her personal life gets exposed. One aspect of that is her love life. Back in 2009, when Kim Hyun-joo starred on her drama “Partner”, she was rumored to be in a relationship with her co star, Lee Dong-wook.

Both Kim Hyun-joo and Lee Dong-wook were acting as a pair of squabbling lawyers in a law firm for KBS2TV’s Partner. Although they have their issues, they gradually grow to have an affection for one another, and fall in love. So how did their scandal came about? It begun with them arriving late for filming sessions simultaneously one after another. The pair had a scheduled filming session at the KBS building in Yeouido island on the morning of 2nd of August and both arrived late together. On that day, both of them did not take their company’s vehicle but drove their own vehicles to the filming site, piquing the curiosity of the production crew. The following day on the 3rd, they arrived late again and everyone had to wait for them before they could start filming. In the early morning hours of the 1st of August, both Kim Hyun Joo and Lee Dong Wook disappeared suddenly from the site after they were done filming, which got many people thinking.

With regards to this, their respective management agencies denied that they were dating, “It’s true that they are now very close to each other, but they are not dating The scandal probably started because they have the same schedules and are often seen together on the filming set.” They also expressed that Kim Hyun-joo and Lee Dong-wook often hang out with the production crew and friends after filming for meals, etc.

A production staff said, “They weren’t familiar with each other before the drama. But it’s apparent to everyone that they have become much more closer in this past month on the filming set. Regardless of whether it’s true or not, rumors are already spreading on the set that they are already a couple in love. Besides, isn’t this quite normal when stars film a romantic love comedy together?“.

What do you think about the rumor? Do you ship them? Or maybe you have your own couple ship for them?